Five Resume Tips for College Students
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Five Resume Tips for College Students

Hey guys, Michael Murray here, President and
co-founder of The Student Development Company. Every year we receive applications and resumes
from hundreds of college students applying for our summer internship program. Today,
I’m going to share with you my top five resume tips to help you avoid some of the
mistakes that we see. All right, the first resume tip deals with
the length of your resumé. It’s a common question – how long should my resume be?
I’m here to tell you try to keep your resume to one page. The person reading through the
resumes isn’t going to want to take the time to look through multiple pages of your
resume. Make sure you keep your resume short and sweet, keep your résumé to one page. The second tip deals with your contact information.
Make sure you clearly state your contact information at the top of your resume. Make sure you have
a mailing address, a current phone number (usually a cell phone number) as well as a
current email address. A common mistake that we see is putting both your permanent information
where your parents live as well as your current information. There’s no reason to put down
y our parents’ address or especially your parents’ phone number, it’s only going
to cause confusion. What I suggest is right at the center top of your resume, put all
of your contact information. You’ll be all set to go. The third tip deals with make sure you put
everything in chronological order. When describing your past work experiences, for example. Start
with your most recent or current job followed by your previous jobs in order of when you
had them. Also remember to use the correct tense. Anytime you’re talking about something
that you’ve done in the past you want to make sure you put everything in past tense.
When you’re discussing a work experience that you’re currently doing you want make
sure you use the present tense. The fourth tip is to be specific. Use numbers
when appropriate. For example, if last summer you had an internship with a marketing agency
and one of your projects was to try to drive more traffic to one of the customer’s websites,
talk about that. Explain how you were able to do that. Even give the numbers. What percentages
were you able to drive more traffic to their website? The fifth tip is to avoid what I like to call
the “no shit” stuff. For example, “References available upon request.” No shit! I know
that if I want your references, you’re going to provide them for me or else you’re not
going to be considered for the job. So avoid little things like that that are really just
used to take up space. If you’re honest and you follow these tips,
you’re going to have no problem getting the attention of employers and getting the
job that you want. Again, my name is Michael Murray. I wish you nothing but the best of
luck! I’d love to hear any comments that you might have and I encourage you to check
out our website ( for more useful tips and also to check out
our information. Thanks for taking the time, have a great day!

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18 thoughts on “Five Resume Tips for College Students

  1. Great video Mike ….. you're spot-on with the "No-Shit" tactics…. potential employees should focus more on the 'wow' factor and actual performance achievements.

    My advice for individuals looking for a job is to take-advantage of the digital age, and have the URL to their LinkedIn profile on their resume. That way, if I am in fact interested in the job candidate, and I wanted to get more information on them, I can quickly do a search to detailed information about previous work experience.

  2. @restivjm111 Thanks! I've been thinking about making another video with social media tips for college students seeking a job. How to use LinkedIn like you mention but also how to avoid mistakes with Facebook, etc.

  3. @TheBatusaypogi I would absolutely not recommend putting a photo on your resume. This puts the potential employer in an awkward position because of Equal Employment laws. Employers can not use a photo when considering a candidate so I would tell you to avoid the complication all together and keep the photo off your resume. Hope that helps! Good luck in your job search!

  4. @StudentDevelopmentCo
    then, should i put personal information?(age,gender,religion and etc.)
    by the i am student and dont have a job experience yet, and im interested in working as fastfood service crew, can you give more advice 🙂

  5. @TheBatusaypogi No you shouldn't put any personal information like your age, gender, religion, political beliefs, sexual preference, etc. Again these are things an employer can not use to consider you for a job. If you are a student applying for a crew job at a fast-food restaurant you may only need to fill out an application. You certainly won't be expected to have an extensive resume. If you do need a resume, I would stick to what you've accomplished in school and any community service work.

  6. is it for inside the u.s only? cause in my country when they make a resume they always put photos and personal information, and they said it must include that, but when i search in internet and watch your vid. and it says dont include photos and personal information. . . i really confused and dont know what will tips will i listen, 🙁

  7. @TheBatusaypogi Yes I am speaking of what to do in the U.S. I am not familiar with the laws or best practices in other countries. I would suggest trying to talk with an advisor at your school or even asking the person you're applying with. I don't think it's ever a bad idea to ask for clarification. I would rather someone ask me to clarify what I want rather than just assume and send the wrong thing. Sorry I can't give you a better answer. Good luck!

  8. @xorachel63xo I believe you're referring to recommendations or references from past employers, teachers, etc. I would not suggest that you include this on your resume as they will take up too much space and I don't believe a resume should be longer than one page. If you use LinkedIn to get referrals from others you could simply include your profile link. When it comes to your resume stick to the facts. Use the interview to elaborate. You could submit a list of recommendations then.

  9. Brandon, it was our pleasure. Hopefully you picked up a tip a two that helps you land the job you're looking for. Let us know how it goes…

  10. MrRivn, it's hard to comment on what you should weed out not knowing what you've included. Could you send a list of the general sections you have included? Also, what type of job you're applying for? I would say if you are a student, you should include your contact info (of course), your education and relevant experience. Many of the résumés we see from students include irrelevant experience or a list of 'skills'. You can also do a lot with formatting to make sure it looks sharp and fits.

  11. Interesting video and great tips, very helpful! Thanks for putting this together 🙂
    For more resume tips for students & fresh grads, you can visit styleresumes . com blog!

  12. these might be stupid question, but what is a resume even for? All 5 things you listed, are already asked in the application form, so why would you need a resume?

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