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We don’t marry because you are Korean or you are Black or…you are whatever Like 950 almost 10. And he hasn’t come back home. So then, I am like… OK. What is this? Wait, wait. Hey. Dasomi Dasomi Give it to Yuri Why do I have to yell at you and tell you 10 times? Today, this morning, we woke up really early. for the interview for my permanent residency We woke up like around 620 We got here about 730ish We had McDonalds Breakfast. We just did the interview. Hopefully, I will get my green card in about… 3-4 weeks. I will be the legal resident here. I think the interview went well. Right? Yeah. He asked me James’ birthday I kinda messed it up. All this time, you never knew. / I knew your birthday, but Just… for some reason… yeah. I just found out you never knew when my birthday is James birthday is April 16th, but Yuri’s birthday is February 26th. So, I said like, Oh it’s April 26th. For some reason, I don’t know why I said it. But, yeah… I’m like… No, no, no, no. 16th. Yeah…but, well.. Other than that, everything went well. James remembered the city that I was born. I was impressed by it actually. I was born there, but I moved from the city to Seoul when I was 4 So… I kinda told James about it, but But, I am just really,,, I was surprised that he remembered it. Help…. Help… We love eating Bacon with lettuce. You guys should try it. You should try like Yuri. So… what you should do is.. On top of lettuce, you put rice and bacon And then, you wrap it and eat. (bow wow bow wow) This baby is a trooper I don’t know if I should talk about this But, I am really frustrated, so.. yeah I think I need to let it out. After James came home from work Usually every wednesday, he goes out and he rides bicycle with a group. Today, he went out. Usually he comes back home right after riding Takes about like 2 to 3 hours to come back. Today, it was like, three hours after he left. so, I called him and he said he is gonna go to a get-together stuff like after riding never done it and he said he wanted to… you know.. basically meet people who always wearing helmets and sunglasses so, I said, ok. I mean it’s better for him to socialize and network But, he said he’s not gonna stay there for long. He’s gonna come back like… pretty soon. And, I asked him if he is going to eat And he said, probably not. but he will see. So, I thought he is gonna let me know if he wants to stay there for long But, he didn’t call me nothing. He didn’t text me. I was busy putting the kids down. Giving them a bath, brushing their teeth and everything. And, I put them down and lied with the kids for some time And then… And I checked the time It was like 9:45, 9:50, almost 10. And he hasn’t come back home. So, then, I am like… “OK. What is this…?” He didn’t even text me, nothing. And, I called him. And he said he is on his way. And he will be home in about 20 minutes. It’s 10 now. It’s 10 o’clock. OK. I am not really angry at him. I think I am a little bit frustrated. by the fact that he can pretty much do whatever he wants And, I am not having any break from the kids. I am not the best mom, I am not the best housewife, whatever I feel like I am always, constantly with them. And, I can’t basically make my own choice. like James does.. James comes back from work. And then, he doesn’t need to think twice He will just go out. and pursue his hobby But, not me! I don’t know. Maybe, James might think differently. I feel like if I want to do something. I probably need to think twice. The kids always basically need me… You know what I mean? Honey… I forgot. Don’t be mad. Hey, it’s networking. Networking is good. I know. Networking is good. You didn’t text me nothing. I forgot. I didn’t forget. The place didn’t have like.. network connection. You should have come out and text me or something. So… James just told me that he had a dream or something What kind of dream was it? You saw the face of the boy or I was pregnant? I was pregnant? The food that I made Today, we came to Pho restaurant. I ordered Pho Tai. And then, James put so much spice in it. He order Vietnamese ramen? I don’t know what that is. Shrimp and Pork, right? How is it?/ (nod) I don’t know. I am still not used to my bangs. I will just grow my bangs out. It’s too much Huh? Something here.. No, no. Come and eat real food. I don’t just watch vides, but I see people’s comments. Right? / Uh-huh. And I have seen comments on the children that are very negative, and…

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