First Lady Michelle Obama on Arts Education
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First Lady Michelle Obama on Arts Education

We talk about this all the time – the arts
can actually make kids better students. And we lose sight of that fact when we eliminate
these kinds of opportunities. This is the stuff that hooks kids in. And the evidence
is crystal clear. Kids who get involved in the arts, they have higher grades, they have
higher graduation rates, they have higher college enrollment rates. We could go on and
on and on and on. So arts education isn’t just a luxury that
we add on after we’ve achieved other priorities like raising test scores and getting kids
into college. We say this every time we do an event: these are not luxuries, they are
absolute necessities. It’s actually critical to achieving these initial priorities in the
first place.

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2 thoughts on “First Lady Michelle Obama on Arts Education

  1. Arts can surely improve learning outcomes. I tutored secondary and high school students, letting them listen to Brahms and Beethoven at night, and by the end of the year they improved their test scores almost by 20%.

  2. I use art to heal others. It helped me heal as a child so I see how imperative it is to expose everyone to this healing power and friend. Eventhough Mrs. Obama did not mention art, it is right along with writing, drama, song. Art in Medicine is a graduate program taught at Harvard and University of Florida. The clinical world is catching on to how healing the arts are. Thank you Mrs. Obama for you eloquence is bringing this thought out.

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