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First – EF Education First

Somewhere in the world,
you will have a first-time experience. Learn a new language Explore a new country Somewhere in the world,
you will meet new friends for the first time. Live magic moments,
that seem simple but are actually unforgettable. Somewhere in the world,
you will express yourself in a new language, and life will take a new direction. By simply communicating
you will find new ways forward, to your own future. You have so many places to go,
and we’d like to help you get there. First. EF, Education First.

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24 thoughts on “First – EF Education First

  1. I was always wanted to know for example you go to Japan to learn Japanese is the teacher gonna speak English or the language you want… I know EF site is in French and English. Personally I live in Canada and I'm good in both French and English but I have more facility with French.

  2. The teachers try to speak the "target language" only (the language you are learning). Maybe in China and Japan they use a tiny bit of English in the beginning, but for sure if you study for example Spanish the teacher will try to stick to Spanish only. It's called the "immersion method" and eventhough it may sound a bit frustrating it's the fastest way to learn! Matt @EF YouTube Team

  3. I'm sorry you didn't feel the service was good. Please give them another chance. Matt @EF YouTube Team

  4. Hello Mouafki, the best is if you can contact the EF office in your home country – where do you live? Matt @EF YouTube Team

  5. How can you guys be so awesome? EF rocks. This video gives us such a huge inspiration to never give up on our plans to know every single corner of this world. Awesome!

  6. Hola,queria saber la edad maxima para escribirse en el programa y como se abre los visados para la gente con nacionalidad ucraniana y cual es el coste?

  7. Hello Olena. There is no maximum age, you can be 120 years old and still study with EF. At some of the schools the minimum age is 16 and at other schools the minimum age is 25. For more information please see EF dot com /?mc=UA

  8. Gotta love EF! Thanks for everything. I had the summer of my life with EF in Malta 2011 🏄☀️👙🌴 I miss it so baaaad!

  9. Hi,I like your video and I am a Philosopher,Singer, Songwriter and Educator and I work to renew the Education System and to create a youth friendly society.I would like to invite you to have a look at the London Youth Express Video Channel at

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