First Day of School in Japan [Student Vlog 01]
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First Day of School in Japan [Student Vlog 01]

– first day of school – That’s a lot of slurping! Let’s do this… Hey, what’s up? It’s the day! You ready for your first day of school? Heh heh…. NO! I’m kind of nervous! Did you bring an apple for the teacher? Maybe I should bring them a bok choy instead! All I have is vegetables… Wish me luck! Good luck! Heh, alright, bye bye! G’morning everyone! I’m Loretta (Channel: KemushiChan)! Welcome to my channel and my first Japan school day vlog type of thing! Today is my real first day as a grad student in Japan! So, I can’t really film on campus all that much So I’m going to try and show you as much as I can and tell you about my classes and about how the day went, and tonight I am really excited because I get to see my friend Kristina! I haven’t seen her in a while So that’s my first day of school today and you guys are going to help me get over my nerves and get ready to go! It’s 12:30…I normally walk there it takes about an hour to walk so I leave by 3 so we have a little over 2 hours… to get ready and dressed. Hello, Sun! Welcome to my apartment :). So the class I’m going to tonight is called “Soshiki Management Tokuron” So like, “Theory of Business Management” I guess? Which is general but good for the major… and then.. OK, that’s my Friday. I have one class on Friday so that’s good… OMG this looks so bad.. Sorry, anyway! It should be basic but I’m still kind of nervous. So I moved angles because I can’t deal with the sunlight and I can’t do the sunglasses thing So, we have a couple more hours… but in the meantime I wanted to tell you guys I don’t know if you ever say on YouTUbe, there was a team of guys called “Mr. Jones” They had a channel called “Mister Jones” about “what does it take to become famous in Japan”? The whole “Big in Japan” team just sent a message saying they just launched their crowdfunding campaign and they’re getting ready to put their movie out maybe even to put in theaters! So it’s a documentary that actually looks really cool I’ve met people who say they’re making a documentary but if you actually watch the trailer (link below) it actually really made me want to see it but if you want to see the documentary and help out check that out in the link below and give them a shout out I really want to see this movie. Here’s the new plant I bought with Emma!

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100 thoughts on “First Day of School in Japan [Student Vlog 01]

  1. IT"S DECIDED! I'm going to continue to School Vlogs in Japan! Episode two is ready here!:

  2. I'm really curious how long it took you to learn Japanese. I want to become an English teacher in the future (I'm 15 right now) so I want to learn Japanese to make different friends and not to seem rude by constantly speaking english

  3. I just love everything about the vlog! The quality, editing, angles, background music, it's amazing. What camera do you use and how often do you vlog like this? I wanna do something like this but I feel like it takes too much time out of my time with friends and can't seem to find the balance. Please help 😅😢

  4. I´m going to Rikkyo for 6 months in september the uni is in Ikebukuro. My friend is going to Meiji for 6 months which is near my school. Which school did you go to?

  5. can someone tell me if this is the correct translation for "built by the sea"
    海 によって造られる

  6. Hi! I saw that your first day was in April, and I was hoping if you could explain to me how the ‘semesters’ in Japan work, and I don’t even know if they’re called that! I know it’s split differently around the world (like in the USA we start in August). Thank you in advance!

  7. I was thinking about studying abroad in some places like japan and china. Gahhh you have me so excited!!😍😍😍😍

  8. Hello Dear
    I want to come shibuya,tokyo.
    i am Also Applying for a Language school in Shibuya,tokyo.
    Is Shibuya,tokyo is Affordable For students in Daily routine?
    Suggest Me Dear !!

  9. Me: nObOdy can persuade me to fricken learn Japanese and go to japan

    Youtube: puts this is my recommended

    Me: falls in love with your channel and you make me want to learn japanese

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