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100 thoughts on “FiRST DAY of SCHOOL! | Back to School 2018

  1. How was your first day back to school? Comment below! Also, don’t forget to follow Rylan’s Instagram HERE ➡️ http://www.instagram.com/rylanoliviamcknight. 💋's -Mindy

  2. “Don’t follow Rylan’s instagram stories. It is sooo BORING!” 😂 And she interrogates he neighbor about the snake! 😂 Paisley is so hilarious! Totally makes my day! Yep, another McKnight celebrity rising up. Can’t believe they’re all growing up so fast! God bless❣️

  3. I love all of the video of first day of school and I really love all of you so much and I love your YouTube channel so much too love Linda

  4. why dont you let daxton grow his hair out then he can get braids or u can just cut his hair to a normal size and unlock his waves thorugh brushing and washing his hair it looks really nice

  5. Dax does coding, and is in 5th grade at age 9??!!! I wonder if he has aspergers syndrome, becasue he's a genius 😱 Also i hope this doesn't sound rude, but why do dax and paisley talk like they're somewhat tounge tied? I noticed that they speak differently from their family members. Is it a cultural thing?

  6. I think paisley’s being a little mean when she said “don’t follow rylan’s instagram because it’s boring”, I mean don’t you think that it’s a little mean to say that to your big sister

  7. OMG samee Kamri i missed the first WEEK of MIDDLE SCHOOL and i was out of the system and i was soo confused my first day!

  8. When the twins first filmed in the vlog was it there first day of school or is it the first day of college with out parents and I am saying this because in the twins first day of college vlog they were wearing different outfits

  9. Love you guys so much and BTW Paisley is so cute!!! Who new Daxton was in 5th grade time has flew so fast❤️You guys so inspirational to me and I love would love to meet you some Day💓💓💓

  10. Wait a second… Daxton is in 5th grade with is middle school? Where I live Elementary school is from kindergarten to grade six. Then middle school is from grade 7- grade 9, and high school is from grade 10- grade 12.

  11. 3:04 Lmao At Gatwick Airport a few weeks ago some people kept flying drones over the site causing all flights to be delayed. They couldn't catch the drones. I'm creasing right now.

  12. my absolute favorite part was the end with paisley and your neighbor also the end when paisley told us not to follow rylan's instagram

  13. It is a beautiful thing when you see wonderful parents and the positive influence that they have on their children. Only if every child out there had this experience…can you imagine what our future will be.

  14. RYLAN looks like she should be in FLIPPIN’ high school!!!😂😂😂😂She’s so beautiful and mature!
    I love all you guys 🥰

  15. Lol… that’s exactly how my daughter act on the first day of eighth grade 🤣😂😭🥰🥰🥰

  16. I love the entire family. They're fun genuine, and loving. I think the dad and mom is super cool they get involved with everybody.💓😊

  17. bailey-carrying the camera and a bag of books AND her backpack.

    brooklyn-carries phone and waterbottle.

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