First Day of School as an Exchange Student in Spain
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First Day of School as an Exchange Student in Spain

My camera… I left my camera in the room and my cousin is still sleeping. I’m gonna do this Okay, so I’m finally on my camera. It’s now 7:00 in the morning. I woke up like 15 minutes ago. We’re leaving at 7:45, and I had like a little setup for what I’m gonna wear and stuff so I’m gonna show it. I have my socks there, my jeans there, my shirt there, my jewelry here, earrings here, watch here, makeup here water here, to do my hair stuff here, my bag ready, shoes ready I’ve like a weird feeling I thought I’d be shitting myself in the morning. I feel fine like if anybody doesn’t know This is a Spanish school And I am not fluent in Spanish whatsoever. I feel like I’ve been scared for so long that I’ve prepared myself for the actual day, so I’m good I’m gonna get dressed, put on all my jewelry Okay, so I did my makeup This my outfit of the day, I’m gonna go eat quickly Oh my… Okay It’s currently 2:15 p.m. I have such mixed feelings. I love it, at the same time, I am terrified of it It’s so weird like If anyone from Ireland watches this, like, the schools are so different, I could write a book about the things that are different in this school I couldn’t film in school because it’s a private school and no phones are allowed. I am so Tired Okay, so it is currently 4 p.m. Exactly 4 p.m. It’s like 4:01 and We’re gonna go, like, buy books for me and stuff in the city centre So I’m not really gonna vlog that because this vlog isn’t really about me going shopping for books It’s about how my first day went and stuff so, I’m just gonna quickly talk about it for a couple minutes I want to show my timetable, it’s kind of cool Basically one difference is in Ireland We have nine subjects and two breaks and here we have six subjects and one break But the subjects are longer like in Ireland their subjects is 40 minutes each and here it’s 55 minutes each. When we were in class we had to write our timetable because we don’t get a sheet we had to copy it from the board I thought that I wasn’t gonna have enough time because I don’t know how fast people write things down here So in order to write this down really quickly I just took out my notebook and did it really messily because I was like when I get home I can just rewrite it nicely. So excuse how ugly this looks, but I just did this because I wanted to do it quickly so This is my timetable My writing is absolutely awful You don’t know how much I was rushing this. I was so scared because I was like if I don’t get my timetable down Who am I gonna ask? But that was only in the very beginning of the class when I didn’t feel comfortable speaking to anyone. After that… Like by the end of the day, I can… I already have some people that I don’t mind asking stuff, so excuse my awful writing, but tomorrow On jueves, I have maths, economics, religion, Spanish literature Geography and history… double geography and history. And then Friday I have maths, Latin, English, economics, art and then Wow, I forgot to finish the word this is literature so I wanted to quickly talk about my day I… Basically when we walked into the school, and I was freaking out um Technically, like in the morning when we were getting ready for school I was scared but for some reason like I didn’t feel scared like I don’t know how to explain it like I was scared of feeling scared But I didn’t actually feel scared yet And then it’s… it takes quite a couple of time in the car to get to the school So the closer we got, the more scared I got and I was like shit like I’m… I’m beginning to become scared So when we got to the school I finally started having… like this sounds weird, but basically, quick story thing. I am not afraid of… I mean I’m afraid of heights But I’m not afraid of airplanes at all like nothing to do with airplanes that I’m afraid of. I freaking love airplanes But before any single flight I have, I get these pains in my stomach like butterflies But it feels more like period which sounds weird but. Basically it’s like butterflies, but it’s in the bottom of my stomach I don’t know how to explain, basically if you’re a girl and you’ve had your period it feels like your period to me That’s what I get when I’m like super nervous. As we got closer to the school, I started getting like butterflies I guess. As we got into the school when I was saying hi to Claudia’s friends, not scary at all Because I’ve done it before. The principal started calling out like class names And, as he called out a class the teacher and the class, would follow the teacher and go to class. And I was like… I knew that That was the point that I had to like Move away. I had to like go on my own because before I’d be with my cousin Claudia… Claudia I don’t know why I call her Claudia, but I knew that that was the point that I had to go my own so I literally… my eyes were like tearing up like I wasn’t that scared… I don’t know how to explain it. It’s like I don’t feel scared but my body does I don’t know how to explain that but I was so scared but for some reason this atmosphere in the classes is so different that I did not feel awkward This is like… sorry Ireland But the classes… the atmosphere… like, I’ve been in the same class with the people for three years But it just, you don’t feel comfortable in the classes. These classes I’ve been in one day and I don’t mind speaking in it as long as it’s not in Spanish which is a problem because it’s a Spanish school, but That is my summary of the day, I don’t Think there’s something else to say oh, I was happy as hell when I was leaving. Basically This is the end of my vlog because the rest is shopping And it doesn’t even have anything to do with the first day school So that was my first day of school. Anna if you watch this in the future Please make sure you learn better Spanish. Today You spoke no Spanish at all. Peace, much love, have a nice first day of school or any day of school, peace out

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100 thoughts on “First Day of School as an Exchange Student in Spain

  1. I know it’s kind of late, but would you guys like to see a video about the differences between Spanish schools and Irish schools?? 💕

  2. i have a host sister.. she is from america and she came here in europe for 10 months. She is leaving us in 14 days wich is so sad… i want to do exchange but im to young

  3. I am already scared 😟 thinking how my first day in college is gonna be like!! I already have butterflies 😭

  4. I was watching videos of exchange students so I clicked on your video but suddenly I listened to DNA and I saw your phone lock
    I really didn't expect this
    I have a question: Did you find ARMY when you were there??

  5. i forgot you were irish and got scared when you said something like "if youre from ireland" cos most people i watch arent irish hahaha i love your channel so much and just you being only slightly older than me and irish gives me someone thatt i can properly relate to so thanks for existing ahahha

  6. I know what you mean about the airplane! I fly all the time and love it but there is just that feeling of almost throwing up.

  7. Wait, so is it only possible do an exchange program if my school has a collaboration with other schools abroad??

  8. we spanish people are very welcoming people, thinking about it, the people of the Mediterranean are not as cold as the people of the north, there are many, many differences.

  9. Are you able to use your phone in school in Ireland? Because I’m not aloud lol last year we where but someone kept posting pics and vids of our principals and teachers 😡 😂

  10. I'm a Spanish girl that studied 4 months in Ireland and I understand everything you said. Everything is way too different, incredibly different tho.

  11. I’m from Spain and I’ve studied in private school since I was 3 and it’s weird to hear that a private school do not wear uniform

  12. it’s interesting to watch their reactions cause in my school we just got a girl from Canada and she is so social, if I was the one in exchange I would be so nervous lol

  13. So, im from uruguay but im fluent in english and spanish language, and id love to be an exchange student loool

  14. Las escuelas y el sistema educativo aquí es una 💩 a no ser que pagues medio riñón para ir a una escuela privada que tenga un sistema diferente. Preferiría ir a cualquier otro país de Europa al Instituto antes que aquí pero que se le va a hacer😂

  15. i’m hoping to go to japan on exchange in university and I’m always watching these videos to prepare myself, even though exchange is ages away. I love how you have Seokjin as your phone lock screen – glad you give our man justice

  16. Una pregunta: (te lo digo en español porque mi inglés no es muy bueno):
    Estas en la escuela presentacion? Yo voy a esa y esta port toda España y también en Ireland. Me han dicho de hacer un intercambio igual que has hecho tu i puede que sea la misma cadena de escuelas.

  17. Is your surname Polish? Because I’m half polish, half Spanish live in Spain but I also know English, kinda confusing but yeah lol 😂 a lot of Spanish people say that America has easier schools so it can be a little hard at the begging but you’re going to do very well! Wishing you luck! 🤧✨

  18. The same thing happened to me and my twin, we've now been here for 2 years and going to school still gives us butterflies 🙈❤️

  19. You are great army and great students ,love your life style ,you have a beautiful american accent ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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