First Day Of High School And Senior Year
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First Day Of High School And Senior Year

– You wanna go over in the
flowers like we normally do? – Yeah (jazz music) – My shoes are soaked. (dog barking) – [Asa] Last first day. – Yup. – Your shirt’s soft! – [Asa] Senior year. – It’s for all the ladies. – Really? – Yeah, it’s not, all right Dad, love you. – [Asa] Have a good day. Your hair’s looking pretty fly. – Abbie have a good day
don’t wake up too early. (heavy beat music) – What’s up guys welcome to the vlog. It’s gonna be an emotional morning. He made it to his senior year
so we’re doing a good job. – Okay, Isaiah’s off to school
it’s time to get Abigail up. Yeah you heard me, get her up,
because she’s not awake yet. Girl wakes up early every
day during the summer, first day of school, nope,
not happening, teenagers. – Let’s see if the big
freshman can get up. – [Priscilla] Hey, hey
girlfriend, you gotta get up. All right, we’re gonna get
her up, get her in the shower, get her ready for her
first day of high school. – [Asa] Breakfast of champions, it’s okay. Everything’s gonna be in the
car, that doesn’t matter. It’s not gonna bother you, I promise. Cheerios and bananas, Abbie’s new go-to – Yup. – [Asa] Newish. Oh man, you got low
country boil for lunch? Shrimp and taters and sausage and gosh. You ready? Are you ready? Good morning, Abbie’s here. It’s gonna be an exciting year Ab. You look super cute, your lunch
bag and backpack and shoes, and shorts and shirt, all are new-new. You even got your new
cup with your name on it. – [Teacher] Good morning – [Asa] Good morning, say hi – Good morning, Abbie Good morning, Abbie – [Asa] Say hi. – What’s up, pretty girl? Let’s get started with our day. Come on, let’s roll. You gonna tell daddy bye? – [Asa] Bye, love you have a good day! – Say thumb’s up, dude. – Whelp, kid’s are off to school. First day of school! It’s gonna be a busy year. – We gotta timings right – Yeah, everything’s no
problem, just a little bit little bit of an
adjustment to our schedule. – Yup – No big deal, Abbie’s
school is actually closer, it’s just not as, it’s not as
close as we thought, I guess? Yeah, and then the whole
routine in the morning is different cause of
the bathroom situation. You know the setup is
different and all that. – Still up– – I’m just gonna get up,
like, if Isaiah gets up I’m just gonna get up at seven. – That’s what I did today. – Yeah, ill just get up at seven– – Yeah. – Get my coffee and roll
out, we’ll be good to go. – Yeah. – Priscilla and I ran some
errands after we dropped Abbie off, went and got some lunch. We’re sitting at lunch and
I’m looking at my phone like, reading e-mails and stuff, and my eyes just start closing,
and I’m just exhausted. And Priscilla’s like, I
feel like the whole summer has caught up with me. – Like, right this moment! Like, I just can’t function anymore. People are always like, how
do you all do what you do? And at this moment, I’m
like, I have no idea. – Apparently we can’t, we’re exhausted. – I feel like we’re on a– – It’s so weird. – Bend, binge – Bender, binge – Bender, whatever I don’t know – Binge working, or a
bender of adrenaline. You wanna just pull over
and, like, take a little power nap on the side of the road? – Something. – [Asa] You okay? – Yeah. – [Asa] You gonna take the
struggle bus and go pick up Ab? – Yeah. – [Asa] Okay, I gotta finish the vlog – Okay. Just waiting on our girl,
see how her first day was! I’m excited for her, there she is, look! Hi! – [Teacher] Hi, how are you doing? – [Priscilla] Good, how are you? You had a good day Ab, can you say hi? Say hi, are you so tired? It’s tough going back to
school, I know even for me, whew, I’m so washed out, there we go. I’m just, I’m feeling drained,
so I know she must be. So let’s see how the afternoon goes, we’ll see you guys I hope. Okay, girlfriend, are you ready, you have therapy today too, okay? We’re just getting right back
into the swing of things. So for the first month,
we’re gonna just have therapy one day a week, with Brandy. Brandy’s little girl starts
kindergarten this year so she’s easing her into
an aftercare program. So yeah, we’re gonna
start with one day a week and then after the
month is up, we’ll go to two days a week, possibly, so. We’re just gonna ease her right into it, but she looks pretty tired. Are you so tired? Huh? You riding on the struggle
bus with Mom and Dad? – Easing back into therapies,
especially with this school year and stuff like
that starting up again and then, and Brandy’s
actually kind of easing back into everything in general just because we were in California, and with
the summer time and all that. So we’re gonna go a little easy today, we’ve already had some behaviors, had a Abbie attacked Brandy
and ‘Scilla, just out of anger and frustration, I think in general. You know, lots of demands put on her today at school and then here,
so I think we’ll do– – [Brandy] Say thanks– – We’re gonna do some
probing basically, right? New house, new environment– – [Brandy] Yeah. – I mean, things like trash
can in different locations, and laundry baskets in
different spots and you guys saw before, in a previous
vlog, how the silverware, she was putting them all upside down, because the drawer is
in a different location in relation to the dishwasher, so. Kind of probe some things and– – [Brandy] Do you mind taking a sip? – If you’re not familiar
with probing, basically we ask her to do things
without, you know, things that not put too hard of demands
on her, but try to get her to do things and see what
areas she needs help with and that kind of thing, and
that tells us what we need to work on and what
areas we need to work on. We were talking about
the pool earlier, Brandy, and getting one of the
skills getting her to get out out of the pool onto land. – Yes. – [Asa] I think we’ll skip that one today, because of the behaviors earlier. – Yes, I agree. – [Asa] So, don’t want to
reinforce that, at all. – Yeah, right, don’t
want to reinforce that and she would likely get mad and attack whoever was in the pool with her. – [Asa] Right. – Let’s look for the match. Stand back, do you see? Yeah, good match! (heavy beat music) Hi-five! – Is it 1920 up in here? Why are you doing notes
on a piece of paper? – She’s so fast at this,
it takes me forever to do it in Catalyst. – [Asa] Ohh. – Cause it automatically
will flip to, like, another target– – [Asa] Gotcha. – And that’s not the target
that I want to work on. – So you guys have seen
Brandy before on her phone during therapy, she’s using
an app called Catalyst, which we’ve talked about
before, but Abbie’s too fast for the app,
too fast for technology. – She is too fast, and I
also, if I were to do that she would have probably
eaten a bunch of those chips, ’cause I would’ve been
looking at the phone. Trying to do that instead of blocking her from eating a bag of chips. That’s a fun, crinkly one. Do you think we can put this one away? Where does that one go? – [Asa] She’s really stimmy today. – She is, I’m not even,
I’ll report data afterwards because I’d rather not miss an
opportunity with her, today. – It’s not something I
really even considered was Abbie’s, having to
learn where new things are, where things are in general
and, like, how that affects like, putting away
groceries and everything. – Oh yeah. – Yeah, she’s like
struggling with the groceries like, what goes where,
because she forgot there was even a pantry here because
it looks totally different. All these different
aspects, not just, like, oh my couch is in a different
spot, you know, like, every single aspect of
our life has changed. – I feel your pain. (laughing) – Well she’s gonna finish
out her therapy session. A good first day at school,
I expected some behaviors, I expected some issues with having therapy and first day of school in the same day, and kind of getting back
into the swing of things, and while a lot of us are
like, ah yes, routine! Abigail already has a routine. She has her summer routine– – [Priscilla] Yeah. – Her own routine, and now
we’re disrupting that routine so it’s gonna take some,
it’s gonna take some time for her to get used to it,
but like I’ve said before she’s a tough cookie, she can take it, she’ll deal with it, she’ll overcome and everything will be good, but yeah. Isaiah will be home in a little bit, Crazy Nanny is here right
now, so Priscilla and I have gotta run a couple
errands and we will see you guys tomorrow, thanks for hanging out! – Bye! – Love you guys, bye. (beep) – Hey. – Hi! – You know what, did you
guys know that we could go live on YouNow, did you know that? – I did. – Did you know that? (laughing) – Of course you didn’t – They probably don’t – You don’t know that,
you may not know that. We go live on YouNow, unfiltered. – Yeah, it’s pretty laid back. – No editing. – Mmhmmm. – Priscilla says things. (laughing) – They’re good things, they’re funny. – We also have fun. (snap) It gets weird, I’m telling you, like– – This is terrible. – Sometimes it’s, you
look like an ugly dude. – Right? Like– – I mean, I’m not super pretty right now. You should join us on YouNow. Link is down below in
the video description. – Come join us!

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100 thoughts on “First Day Of High School And Senior Year

  1. You sending Isiah off made me feel so emotional! When I started watching you he was only about 15 and now he’s all grown up!

  2. My mom heard me (binge) watching ur videos and today she finally asked me about them I explained that Abby has non verbal autism and that y'all are a family vlog channel she says y'all sound very patient with her we talk about it some more then she asked how YouTuber's make money and I explained the subscribers and likes work and she asked me to help set her up after church so she can subscribe and like y'alls videos to held donate money I really love y'alls channel I'd love to meet y'all if you ever come to upstate S.C. ❤ much love from Macon

  3. Oh Abbie. So happy for you! Asa, priscilla, id love to see an update on her use of her ipad to communicate. Hows that going? Also id love to see in a video the purse and wallet you choose for her! Congrats to isaiah on making senior year! Woohoo!! Also I never skip Ads because i know it helps support you guys! People it doesnt take much to not skip ads. Just dont and support this incredible family!!!

  4. Still love that kitchen floor. Goodness. Is that tile, tile? Linoleum? Can't be…WHAT IS IT???? Also, fresh cut flowers will be at their best if you add a teaspoon or two of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of bleach to the water. Changing the water every couple days is best and they do better in room temp water, not cold tap. I might have teared up watching Cill watch Isaiah leave for school…my son is 39! Watch out…It's quicker than you think! 💛

  5. The two of you must just be so so proud of what an AMAZING son you have raised. His manners and compassion and kindness are a rare quality these days.

  6. I love your channel…from robertville new-brunswick Canada…I'm a behavioral interventionist for kids up to preschool and I'm amazed with Abby seeing all her improvements…wow love you guys xoxxo
    Ps. I love seeing with the therapy sessions it gives me so ideas to apply in my work 😊❤❤❤ thanks

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  12. My sons senior year too…1st day was so emotional. I get it and he's my only 😣😢 Yall have done a great job MOM AND DAD! Hope Abbie and Isaiah have a great year!

  13. I Have had a rough two days. I had to put my first dog down the other day. He was 10 years old. My little brother who has autism absolutely loves this dog even though he can be meaner than anything. He is on respite this weekend and he comes home tomorrow. I don’t know how I am going to tell him. 😭

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    My "nephew" has Asperger's. The school/break transition has always been a hard one for him. It was much worse when he was younger. Any time he was transitioning from school to break or break to school, even just Spring or Winter break, there were big behavior issues. It's gotten much better as he's grown, matured, and learned to self-regulate better (and gotten proper help!). He's starting his last year of school, too! 🎓

  19. Seeing Isaiah leave for first day of senior year made me cry! That last year absolutely flies by! It will seem like tomorrow when he starts college. Heck, it will seem like tomorrow when he graduates from college. Oh no, I'm bawling now!

  20. Recently at a children’s program (I am a child) at church a boy who is higher on the spectrum, was stepping on peoples shoes, chairs, and being loud. I realized what was happening and tried to stay calm and comfort him and not lash out but it was hard and I can’t imagine how you do that all day everyday

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  22. I have a question! Is JSA only for kids on the severe end of the spectrum? Or are there those that are on the mild or higher end who go there as well for therapies and stuff?

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    I had it bad last year. It was almost a whole week. I literally could barely get up….your not alone.

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