First Day Back to Toy School for Addy and Maya
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First Day Back to Toy School for Addy and Maya

– [Little Girl Voice] Tick Tack Toy! (dreamy harp) (snoring) (alarm clock) – I think it’s time for school. Maya, wake up, it’s the
first day of school. – Let’s get dressed, Addy. – [Addy] Alright! – Okay, getting ready for the
first day here at Toy School! I have my toy prize jar all set up. I’ve got my pointer, my gum ball machine. Let’s see what else do I need to get ready before the students
arrive for the first day! – Maya aren’t you excited
for the first day of school? – Yeah kind of, but sad
that summer is over. – I’m excited for the first day of school. – Yeah. – I want to see which teachers we have. – Yeah. (Soft music plays) – I’ll put all of our learning toys out. Oh, this is gonna be a fun year. Can’t forget the candy treats. The wow candy makes those
students think really well! And I think the students
Orbeez bins are ready to go. It looks like the students
will be here any minute. I can’t wait! (Door opens) Hello! Welcome to Toy School,
come on in students. Find your desk with your
name on it, and have a seat. Just put your backpack
on your desks for now and we’ll go through school
supplies in just a moment. – We’re in the front row Addy. – I know this is cool. – So my name is Miss Lucy, but you can call me Miss Lucy for short. – That doesn’t make any sense. – No. – So I am an expert at names. I get all of my students
name down like this! So we’re gonna go around the
room and everyone’s gonna tell me their names and I’ll
repeat them back to you when we’re done. So lets start right
here, what is your name? – Addy. – [Miss Lucy] Addy, nice to meet you! And your name? – Maya. – [Miss Lucy] Maya, nice to meet you! Okay, I’m really good at this. So we have Sophie and Amelia. – [Addy & Maya] No! – No? Okay wait a minute, um, let’s see. Jennifer and Stella? – [Addy & Maya] No. – You’re bad at this. – [Miss Lucy] Oh no, I’m
really good with names. Okay hang on, remind me again? – Addy. What was your name? – Maya. – Addy and Maya! Okay, let me do this again. I’m gonna get the whole class. We have Julie, – No! – [Miss Lucy] And Sophia! – [Addy & Maya] No! – [Miss Lucy] What? Okay, well I’ll just have
to look at your name tags. Let’s keep these moved away. – [Addy] Hey, that’s cheating. – [Miss Lucy] Oh okay,
that’ll work just fine. Addy and Maya. Okay, so lets get started. Why don’t we get started
with Mary over here? Mary, why don’t you go ahead
and open your backpack up. – My name’s not Mary! – [Miss Lucy] It’s not Mary? – No. Look at my name. – [Miss Lucy] Oh let me see here. Um, oh yes okay, Maya. Here’s what we’re going to do. You know, it’s really
important when you start school to make sure you have
all the right supplies, so that we learn so much! So we’re gonna to do a quick supply check and make sure we did all
of our school shopping. So, lets see. I’d like you to go ahead and pull out, I believe each student had to
buy two marshmallow sticks, so go ahead and get those out. – [Addy] Alright, I
got my two marshmallow. – [Miss Lucy] Two
marshmallow sticks, perfect. So I believe you had to
each bring one Beanie Boos, so go ahead and get those Beanie Boos out. These are so vital for learning. Perfect Beanie Boos. I believe one can of
play dough each please. I’m hoping there’s some good ones. Oh pink! That’s what my favorite
color is of Play-Doh. Next item on our super
important school supply list was Flarp I believe. You know kind of that,
um Puddy, slimy stuff? – [Maya] Yeah. – [Miss Lucy] This makes good noise. I love Flarp, great. We’re gonna be learning
like crazy this year. Now lets see, we also, let me think here. A pack of gumballs each. One pack of gumballs. Oh perfect. We’ll put those down. Awesome wow you guys did
a great job with your summer school supply shopping, I can tell. Hmm, yes! The next item on our
school supply list were Lego Ninjago Surprise Bags. Oh yes perfect, those are a must have. Three cans of bath paint. Three things of bath paint. Make sure you got those. Those are crucial to
our learning this year. Awesome. And last item, I believe we had Shopkins color wonder packets. Perfect, this is perfect. I think you guys all did a great job with your school supplies. Awesome school supply shopping. – Don’t we need pencils and
papers, glue, like that too? – Pencils? Paper? Glue? Well why would we need such
silly things like at school? So I am just going to collect
these school supplies now. You may take your backpacks
and put them on the hook in the back of the room, please. Oh what a cute Beanie Boo. Oh, I’m gonna have fun with these. Flarp and Play dough, wow! (music plays) Gumballs and Jelly beans. We have all the necessary supplies for learning so much this year. Now since I’m sure a few of you were little slackers this summer, we’re gonna start today with a timed test, because I need to assess your knowledge, and know what level you are
going to be at this year. – Uh oh, I didn’t practice
my math facts Addy. – I didn’t either Maya,
this isn’t gonna be pretty. – Alright here are your
supplies for the timed test. – What? Orbeez? – [Miss Lucy] And here are yours. – What type of timed test is this? – Oh why Jennifer! I need to test your toy
knowledge and toy hunting skills, of course! – My name’s Maya. – [Miss Lucy] Oh, why of course Anna. – I think this lady’s crazy. – Yeah. – Okay so for the first
portion of the assessment is checking your toy knowledge. Now remember at this school
we do not raise our hands. We only shout out answers. So, I’d like you to shout out when you can tell me what toy this is. – [Addy] Hello Kitty. – [Miss Lucy] Oh wonderful. It sounds like Mary knows her toys. – [Maya] It’s not Mary! – [Miss Lucy] Jamie, you didn’t
know this was Hello Kitty? – Yes I did – [Miss Lucy] Oh, but you
didn’t shout out the answer. You to shout out the answer here, okay? Now it’s time for our toy hunting skills. I am going to time you, and I am only going to
give you thirty seconds for you to hunt a Hello Kitty
figure from your Orbeez bin. So let’s see who can pass this test. You may begin! (Soft, upbeat music) – [Miss Lucy] Time’s ticking! – Hello Kitty! – [Miss Lucy] Oh, wonderful job Julie! She found her Hello Kitty character. – My name’s not Julie! – [Miss Lucy] But, it looks
like poor Emily over here is having trouble. – [Maya] My name is not Emily! – [Miss Lucy] Time is up! I’m afraid that little Emily Anne here, did not pass the first test. We’re going to continue
on to the second part of our assessment, again,
please do not raise your hand. Shout out the answer, if you can tell me what type of toy this is. – [Addy & Maya] Minon! – [Miss Lucy] Oh awesome! You both know your toy
and character knowledge. Now we’re gonna move onto
the timed test portion. I’m going to give you 45
seconds to hunt down a minion in your Orbeez. And time begins, Now! – [Addy & Maya] Found it! – [Miss Lucy] What? Were you two cheating? – [Addy & Maya] No. – Are we sure? – [Addy & Maya] Yeah. – So we have an adorable
pirate Minon here. I love the pirate Minon. Oh, and this one is from the, like he’s a royal guard in
Britain at the palace. Super Cool! Alright, you both passed
that part of the exam. Time for part number three! – [Addy & Maya] Yay. – And what type of toy is this? – [Addy & Maya] Tsum Tsum! – Tsum Tsum is correct. And you are going to have 45
seconds to find a Tsum Tsum. Go! (Soft music) – [Addy] Found… oh no. – [Miss Lucy] Nice try! That was a chubby puppy though. – I found it! – [Miss Lucy] Oh we did. What kind of tsum tsum did you find? – One from Alice in Wonderland. – [Miss Lucy] You sure did. It’s a Cheshire cat, how adorable. Alright how are we doing over here? – Good. – [Miss Lucy] Five, four, three, two, one. – [Miss Lucy] Five, four, three, two, one. (buzzer noise) I’m so sorry Violet,
but you ran out of time. – [Maya] My name’s not Violet! – [Miss Lucy] Yes it is. – No, look at my name. – [Miss Lucy] Alright,
well Violet I’m afraid you failed that one, but luckily there is a round number four. – (whispering) I wonder why
she doesn’t know our names. – I don’t know either. – And what character or toy is this? – [Addy & Maya] Shopkin! – [Miss Lucy] A Shopkin, you’re correct! You are going to have one minute, because I know Shopkins are hard to find, they’re so small. Go! – Found it. – [Miss Lucy] What? Were you cheating? – No. – [Miss Lucy] Alright it
looks like Emily found one! Let’s see if Samantha can. – My name’s not Emily! – [Miss Lucy] Oh, I think it is! Let’s see if she’s finding it Linda. Where is it? – My name’s not Linda. – [Miss Lucy] Dig, dig, dig, dig! Shopkins, time’s ticking. You have 15 seconds! – [Addy & Miss Lucy]
Four, three, two, one. (buzzer noise) – Wow I think you’re
having a little bit trouble with the toy hunting skill. You probably slacked
this summer, didn’t you? Did you not practice your
toy hunting this summer? I can tell. Alright, last round. Please shout out the answer. What toy is this? – [Addy & Maya] Shimmer and Shine. – [Miss Lucy] Shimmer
and Shine’s Tiny Genies. Start the hunt now! – Found it. – [Miss Lucy] What? You are finding these way too quickly. – [Maya] Found it! – [Miss Lucy] Whoa, awesome job. High-fives all around – [Addy] High five, high five. – High five, high five, high five. – Do we get to keep
the toys that we found? – Why of course, this
is toy school after all. Every toy we play with
you get to take home. – Wow, this is the best school ever! – Since you all did wonderful
on your first assessment, I think we each should get a surprise toy! Would you like to pick one Sandra? And over here you can pick one too. Oh what did we get? – [Maya] These are Mash’em Hatchems. – [Miss Lucy] That’s right,
you can crack in half to a squishy surprise. (Pops open) – Push down and see what’s inside. (Popping) – Whoa, what is it? What is going on? Take the top off. What do you think is happening? – [Addy] It’s blowing up one. – Look at it, it’s a
small little dinosaur. – Can I try squishing it? – Sure. – Oh my, that’s squishy. – I want to try, I want
to try, let me squish it! Whoa, this is so cool! Alright let me see the LOL
doll now, I want to see it. What’s inside? Oh it’s a series two. I love toys! This is my favorite part of school. – You have to pull here and
then you take that layer off. – Oh wow, and now we have
like a pink wrapper on it? – Uh huh. – What happens now? – [Maya] I opened one of those before. – A sticker. – Bathe her to reveal a surprise? It changes colors? Wow! Wow, what’s inside? – I’m gonna see what this is. What is it? Aw, it’s a little, they’re shoes. – [Miss Lucy] Wow, what itty bitty shoes. – I wonder what’s in this one now. This has to be the doll. – [Maya] Wow, I like its hair. – You could use it as a key chain! Let’s see what’s in the last package. A little hat for it. Wow, I think these LOL dolls are so cute. – You’ve been working so hard all morning. I’m sure we’re just famished! So I think it’s time for a snack now. So why don’t you go ahead
and bring your snacks that you brought, and we’ll
all take a bite to eat. Oh wait, hold on. Are those, are those carrots you brought? – Yeah. – Oh, I’m afraid I’m gonna
have to take these away. – Our mom wants us to eat healthy. – Carrots aren’t allowed at school. You know why, girls? – What? – We need to eat food that’s
gonna give us real brain power, so we can work hard and play
hard and concentrate today. – That does give us brain power! – [Miss Lucy] No, carrots,
fruits, vegetables, are not allowed. We only have candy at
this school for snacks, so I will let you have
a candy necklace today, but please, make sure in the future, you only bring sugar for snack time. – Alright, that’s awesome. – [Miss Lucy] Alright, it is! And the nice thing about these
is they could last all day. You can have a fashion accessory and a snack at the same time. (laughing) – Maya, I think this
year’s gonna be awesome. Who though school would be so fun? – Yeah, I think it’s awesome. (upbeat music) – Boy, that was a delicious snack. I’m saving some of mine for later. But it is time to move on. And I’m afraid to say, we do
need to have a couple more assessments today, which are,
you know, fancy word for test. So, the next test is really important. You need to be super
focused and concentrated. Can you handle that? – [Addy] Um, maybe not with candy. – I think the fun’s about to end. – Me too. – Yes, it is time to test
those Play-Doh skills. Yes, we are going to be opening this Play-Doh kitchen creations,
and I need to see your best Play-Doh work so I can
judge your Play-Doh skills. So, we have to really focus,
and I’m going to see who can make awesome, yummy looking,
delicious food for me out of Play-Doh. – I can, I can, I can! – I hope so! Alright, best of luck kids. I will give you half and hour. You may begin. – Yay. – I’m making pancakes. (upbeat music) – I’m making a waffle. (upbeat music) (shaking toy) – Attention, boys and girls! It is much too quiet in here and I feel like we can’t concentrate. Please be louder. Back to work. – [Addy] Why louder? – Because we need to concentrate
while we’re doing our Play-Doh skills, and quiet is
not good for concentration! Silly, silly Amelia. – My name’s not Amelia. (soft, upbeat music) Instead of pepperoni
pizza, a pepperoni pancake. – I’m making a pancake. – Alright, time is up. It is time to check out
our finished products. What do we have here Suzy? – I have instead, my
name’s not Suzy though. – Oh, okay, what is it Mary? – My name’s not Mary! – Oh okay, just show me what you have. – I have a waffle. And then this is pepperoni. A pepperoni waffle instead
of a pepperoni pizza. – I love it! Now let’s scoot over here,
and let’s see what Ali made! What is this? – Pancake! – [Miss Lucy] Pancakes? They look delicious. Wow, I can tell you girls have
been practicing your Play-Doh skills all summer long. You know what I think? – [Addy] What? – I think it’s time for a surprise toy! Alright, have a pick girls. – I want this. – Alright! – I got a Hatchimals collectable. (gasps) Glitter’s on the Hatchimals. (pop noise) Awh, it’s glittery! It’s an adorable rhino. I wonder what the next one is. (pop noise) I have another glittery one. It’s a platypus, like
they have in Australia. – [Maya] Wow, those are super cool Addy. I wanna open mine now. – [Addy] Okay. – I got Palace Pets, Addy. Let’s open it. – Uh huh. – Yay! I got this one, I never got it! – Aw, he’s so cute. – [Maya] It looks like his name is Pounce. – Maya, we’re going to get to
take home so many fun toys. – Yes, free toys is a perk
for this school for sure. Now unfortunately, we do have
to do one more timed test before the end of the day. Do you girls think you can handle that? – [Addy & Maya] Uh huh. – [Miss Lucy] Yeah, are you sure? – [Addy & Maya] Uh huh. – Okay, perfect. So for this timed test,
you are only going to have one minute, and we’re going
to see how many Surprizamals you can each open. And, you get to keep them of course! (cheering) I’m going to tell you when to start. And you can open as many as you can. On your mark, get set, go! On your mark, get set, go! – [Maya] Remember, it’s not a race. – [Miss Lucy] Oh, it is a timed test. Time is ticking. Oh, Addy’s already got one. Oh, we have a cute little puppy dog. – [Maya] I got this! – [Miss Lucy] Wow, Kelly got
a little dolphin, how cute. Woop, thank you! Quick, quick, quick, time’s ticking! Oh, a yellow teddy
bear, wow nice one Jane. Oh what did Alisha get? – [Maya] My name’s not Alisha. – [Miss Lucy] Oh, a hedgehog! This is probably my favorite one ever. I’ve never seen a hedgehog. Is this a hedge? I think it is. How cute. Alright, more than half way done. Oh wow, this one is adorable too. Nice job, Dorothy. 15 seconds, quick, quick, quick! – I got a zebra! – [Miss Lucy] Five, four, three, two, one. – [Miss Lucy] Five, four, three, two, one. Drop it, drop it, too late, time’s up! Alright freeze, how many did we all get? – One, two, three, four, five. – [Miss Lucy] Five, and
how many did you get Susan? Three? – My name’s not Susan. – Wow, she got five cute ones over here. Which one is your favorite Matilda? – [Addy] I like this
one, this one, this one, this one, this one. – Oh, I kind of agree. Let’s go over here, and
you got three cute little cuddly ones. Which one was your favorite? – [Maya] This one, this one, this one. – [Miss Lucy] Wow, we all
think alike, don’t we? Wow, you girls worked super
hard on all of our tests and assessments today. And guess what? The day’s almost over. It is time to get our homework, so if you get out your
planner in your desk please. I will go over the homework with you. We do have three homework
assignments for tonight. – [Addy] What? Bummer, Maya, I thought
this was a fun school. – [Maya] Me too, I don’t like homework. – Assignment number one is
going to involve your new toy. So, I’m going to give
you each one new toy, Anne, you’re going to get
a Lego Friends play set. Here you go. And, let’s see. Amanda is going to get a
Disney princess Rapunzel toy. Now listen carefully! You have to spend at least 20 minutes You have to spend at least 20 minutes playing with your new toy. I know that’s a lot, but
it’s really important to do your homework. Can you handle that? – [Addy] Yeah. – [Miss Lucy] What about you, Julie? Can you do that? – Yeah. – [Miss Lucy] Perfect. Okay, ready for task number two? – [Addy] Yeah. – Make sure you’re writing
this in your planner. Task number two, you must, and I repeat, must, watch YouTube tonight. Now, I would suggest watching
Tic Tac Toy, it’s in my favorite channels, personally. And again, you must watch
20 minutes of YouTube. You can use your iPad, you can use the TV. Whatever device you choose. Can we handle that? – [Addy & Maya] Yeah. – [Miss Lucy] Okay, perfect. Last task, homework
assignment number three. You need to eat at least
two pieces of candy. Okay? One’s not gonna cut it, it has to be two. Can you do it? – [Addy] Yeah, that sounds awesome. – [Miss Lucy] Alright,
I know it’s a lot to ask and it’s gonna take a lot of time, but it is very important
that you do your homework, so please make sure you get it done. I will check your work tomorrow. Please bring your candy wrappers, please bring your YouTube video log, and I want to see some videos with you playing with your new toy, okay? – [Addy] Okay. Maya, this is the best homework ever. – I know, I can’t wait to open my toy. – Alright, time to pack up
and head home so you can get started on homework. Alright, make sure that you
don’t forget any of your toys. Your blot and bag toys,
your new toys for homework, your candy necklaces, your
Play-Doh toys you made. You have a lot to take home today. – Boy maya, this is gonna be
the best school year ever. (door unlatches) – [Miss Lucy] Have you
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