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FIRST Day Back at School ! Elsa and Anna toddlers -Barbie Teacher -Tic Tac Toy XOXO Surprise Toys

where’s Chelsea she’s supposed to be
here seems we have to walk to school why don’t you send an alarm today I’ll see
it’s the holidays no I guess school it’s a new year
I can’t wait that’s why I set the alarm I’m gonna get out of bed and get ready
right away look I’m gonna make my bed first
look we even set up all the pencil cases over here it’s perfect
no just first yeah okay to our wardrobe put my pillow right here perfect now I
obviously put my dress out last night because it’s so beautiful it’s my
favorite dress oh go put it on now I have to look very
nice for the first day and it’ll look ami what are you wearing today I learned
this beautiful green dress what are you wearing I don’t know I haven’t seen I
have to open the Wardrobe but I need to look really pretty on my first day of
school give me some new kids will be there okay
so you open my wardrobe I guess I just have to pick something now look at this
skirt these pants what about this dress that’s too wedding
me not too fancy yes they’re your mommy’s mommy okay his
Pumpkin suit no thats for halloween oh I’ve a good idea one with this cute
dress that’s perfect oh yeah now to non-fancy
and it’s just perfect I’m going to go to the bathroom and put it on and I’m gonna
go brush my hair now where’s my hairbrush the bus leaves at half past
seven we have to put our things our backpacks okay I’ll take my brush
my hair okay this is my pencil case your pencil case
let me put it this in my bag please do I have a pencil yeah are you
sure let me check Oh see you I have my pencil that was
close I know our books okay I almost forgot the books all right this one do I
need a plug this American Girl one is yours
okay this chemistry one is yours okay you find it just just be ready oh wait I
found it I found it they done to the table I’m sorry okay now see we can’t be
late on her first day. come on get let’s go move
troubles zipping it up out there Oh everything’s going wrong today I bet
Chelsea is already sitting there just waiting I know why are we always so late wake up it’s the first day
of school it’s good no very excited for you to so the bus leaves at half 7:00
it’s looking across seven now so you need to get up and enjoy I have to go
big dress yeah breakfast is on the table okay okay
what else do I need I need my bag I put all my things in my bag my history book
at everything oh I brought my green pen I have to put
everything in yes.calm down I’m sure everyone is having
a stressful morning as it is the first day back to school don’t worry I
actually do wonder how Jasmine’s billing hmm
Jasleen Jasmine are you getting dressed tired
I bet she’s already on the bus I need to put all these things in here come on
down okay look it’s gonna be fine all the waiting downstairs to walk you to
the bus so okay so it’s okay calculator inside I
completely forgot about it let me put it on you can all understand the bus leaves
in five minutes come on school bus what what school
school morning what what Jasmine it’s the first day of school come on wake up
look it’s fine bus leaves in five minutes you still five minutes
I’ve made your lunch so all you need to do is pack your bag okay I’ll be waiting
downstairs to walk you to the bus hurry up
yeah I’m just now I need to pack my bags so I brought my dog over here come on
come on books these schoolbooks you’re gonna put that one on the floor I need
that one I need this one as well I need all of these composition books and my
math book physics book I’m glad I got my pencil case my pencil case now I gotta
just bring all these okay I’m coming mom composition come on come
on okay Oh finally we’re at the bus stop all right mommies wait what if I forgot
something don’t worry girls you haven’t forgotten anything now okay okay so we
didn’t forget anything get on the bus
good morning mr. school bus bus driver good morning did you have a good haulers yeah we had
a great holiday we’re very excited to get back on the bus that’s great
do you have your bus ticket yeah we have our bus ticket okay hop aboard the bus
oh that’s weird where’s Josie maybe they’re coming yeah
let’s just get on the bus anyway okay come on girls we’re gonna have to get to
the next stop next where’s Josie she’s supposed to be here she’s supposed to be
here she has to be here here she goes Oh whew the bus is here hello bus driver
hello Josie I’m so happy that I didn’t miss the bus yeah who we are – we
thought Josie wasn’t gonna be here how was your summer holidays it was so good
that’s good ours was great too okay girls I’m gonna close the door we’re
getting to the next stop the wheels on the bus go around
down round round and round the wheels on the bus go round and round
oh wait seed yeah I know I haven’t seen her in ages boy second bus driver she’ll
be here yeah dros I really have to go there are other kids that eating on the
bus yes she’ll be here I know she will yes I know she’ll be here always on time
all right girls her mom probably is bringing her in the car we have to go okay I’m stopping sorry mr. poster oh I
get in the bus yes all right Jasmine you can get in Oh phew thank you so much oh thank you so much girls first on the
boat driver to stop for you okay I’m coming in thank you oh great I didn’t
miss the bus I literally thought I was gonna have to cycle to school on my
first date well it’d have been awful well you’re here now
so let’s let’s go to school totally yes we can leaving girls
I brought money more booze and you can all use them you know I brought my
special sharpie that were so expensive that mommy bought me I love them so much
All Right girls so there is building we’re commencing on this road so you
have to be careful it’s gonna be a little bit bumpy I think the bus may be broken I don’t
know let me check what’s what happened since this is a bumpy road all the rocks
got stuck in our tire we might have to walk to school what we have to died we
can’t we just can’t what sort of pushy girls okay we only push it a bit and still won’t
work I guess we’ll walk in the school girls or maybe run so we don’t be late
don’t worry girls I will walk you to school just follow me
I thought if I caught the bus that I’d be on time I really did not expect to
walk to school my first day oh this is taking ages don’t worry girls we’re
nearly there okay we use ever crossing here so you
have to be careful the cars are coming this road is pretty funky and there’s
very busy so you’ve got we have to wait for the cars to come so first we we went
to school and then I have literally chased the bucket that was much chasing
me it was so yeah I had to get the onto the
bus and then I finally got onto the bus front yeah
I’m gonna sit right over here meet you I’m gonna say Chelsea your guys are so
late nice to see you too Chris good morning class my name is miss Kelly nice
to meet you all to meet you miss Kelly I am very excited
about teaching this class this year miss Suzie has told me great things about you
you sound like a lovely bunch of kids so we are going to be doing as you can see
I’ve got some posters up on the wall welcome back math some letters some
fruits and vegetables but I’m very fun teacher so we are not gonna be doing
work straightaway I’m gonna pass out these very cool toys that I got for my
friends Abby and Maya from Tic Tac toy and you’re gonna open them and work
together to match them all up let me just go get them here we go guys these
are the awesome xoxo friends you have you’re adorable
xoxo friends and hugs and there’s different accessories and they have
swappable wings and there’s cute little toes and animals they’re very very cute I know
yeah they look so cool so what we’re going to do is we’re gonna divide the
class into a group of four and three because we haven’t ah an uneven number
that’s four and three everybody seven good you’re very bright now and you
girls can all go into group of four and the three of you can go in the group of
three all right children so now you’re going to open up your xoxo friends so
you may realize that they are numbered so you have one at two and then you guys
have four inflates and I’m gonna open number three for myself let’s start okay
open it like that yeah they’re super easy to open up for love back then
me and Jasmine can open this one and you and Cho so you can open the other one
okay and I think we got the surprise for it
that’s awesome girls okay now we got the most adorable teddy bear I’ve ever seen
it’s purple with the little white bow tie and a crown she is the cutest sue
our teddy bear I have ever seen Wow girls I told you xoxo friends are
absolutely the cutest that’s awesome I’m gonna go check out on how the other
group are doing everybody I’m obviously the master of these xoxo s so well I’m
gonna open the surprises and you can open the top layers to I’m gonna open
this blind bag itself okay I wanted that one they’re super awesome oh my gosh yeah we got the rare that
kitty cat ever what’s her name she’s gorgeous and her head that matches
my jumper so obviously I have amazing fashion sense what’s her name I mean oh
it’s so cute I got this super cool black wings let’s
put them on her oh she’s so cute oh you you guys guess what we can
you mix that much their wings that’s super awesome I’ll put these wings on our bear that
one they look so cool they’re a door look what I got it’s a cute little bag children it made a great first
impression and an awesome job with it xoxo surprises thank you Miss Kelly I
love the first day of school even though I almost miss the bus and even if the
bus broke down and we have to walk we still had the best day of school ever
yay here’s some more fun videos don’t forget subscribe it’s free

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