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First Day at Slime School – New Toy School

(laughing) (gasping) – Who’s ready to get started? (mellow music) – I’m so excited for slime school. – Me too. – I wonder what we’re gonna learn today. – I’m so excited. Maybe we can make fluffy
slime, donut, ice cream, mermaid, or unicorn. – Or what if we make 100 gallons of slime? – Whoa, that’s a lot of slime. – But where’s our teacher? – I think she’s late for her first day. (farting) (laughing) – Don’t want anyone smelling that. (laughing) I think I had too much edible slime today. Oh, and I’m late for class now. Let me go. I’m here! I’m here! I’m here! No fear, your slime teacher is here. – Um, hi. – Uh, hi. (laughing) (coughing) – I’m Mrs. Cray Cray. Nice to meet you. (laughing) Nice to meet you. – Ew, what is this? – Oh, sorry, I have a
little bit of a cold. (laughing) And I kinda sneezed that out. I’ll just take that back. (laughing) (gasping) Who’s ready to get started? – Um, teacher, I think you have your nasty boogers in your teeth. – Oh.
(laughing) That happens sometimes. It’s just a little slime. (coughing) (laughing) As I was saying, I’m am your
slime teacher, Mrs. Cray Cray. – Mrs. Cray Cray? – It’s sort of short for crazy! (gasping) I like to get crazy with slime. As you can see here, this
is my beautiful tower of all my slime ingredients, and you girls are gonna
learn all about slime today. As you can see, I have
my food colors here. I have white glue and clear glue. Moving on to the second shelf, we have lots of my store-bought slimes. Now for my third shelf, I have these cute little alien slimes, and of course, who can make
slime without your mixing bowls and your spatula. Now, on this shelf, this
gets to my favorite part. I have my foam beads. I have all my different colors. Now, over here is my
large glitter additives. I have lots of sparkle. Now, on this level, take a look. These are all my little glitters. I have every color known to man. Down on this level are all my beads. Oh, so beautiful. So many beads. Beads galore. (laughing) – Whoa, you have the
best slime stuff ever. – I wanna use all of it! – Who is ready for their first test? – Test? But it’s the first day of slime school. – You can’t give us a test if
we haven’t learned anything. – Hmm, you kinda have a point. Maybe I should teach something before we actually take a test. Good idea. (laughing) Who can tell me what is
the very first ingredient, the first thing you need to make slime? Yes, Ellie. – Glue. – Ellie, you are wrong. How about you? – Is it to have a plan on which
slime you’re going to make? – You are correct! You never wanna start making a slime without some sort of plan. Even if it’s just a general idea, you wanna have some foundation. So the first thing we’re gonna
start with with our slime, an idea. Who knows what’s the next
thing you need to make slime? Yes, Nia. – Is the second one to start prepping to get your slime ready? – Oh, Nia, you are absolutely 100% wrong. – [Ellie] It’s glue. – What about you? – You put glue. – Oh, Ellie, great job. You do need glue in your slime, but that answer is wrong too. I’m sorry. The first thing you actually need is you need a bowl and a mixing utensil. – Oh, that was my second answer
instead of the other one. – [Mrs. Cray Cray] Yes, Ellie? – I know what the next thing is. – [Mrs. Cray Cray] What’s that? – Glue. – You’re right. It is glue. Glue! The next thing you’re going
to need is some funzies. And funzies are all the little fun things you can put in slime whether it’s beads, or shaving cream, or glitter. I’m just gonna call these funzies. Now, who knows what the final
ingredient is to make slime? Say it together, girls. – Activator!
– Activator! – You’re right! It is activator. Now, there are different
types of activator, but the activator I use
the most is Borax and Tide. So we have an idea, plus
a bowl and mixing utensil plus glue, plus fun, or funzies, plus one of these, and what does that equal? Slime. Now that you’ve had your lesson, I think it’s time for
you girls to take a test. – Oh, a test?
– A test? – I have confidence you
girls will do good on a test, and who doesn’t like a slime test? I mean, really? – Well, she is right because
we are at slime school to learn how to make slime. So all hands on deck to make slime. – Who do I want to go first? Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
catch a tiger by its toe. If he hollers let him go. My mother told me to pick
this one right over here, but did I make slime? And Mommy had tears. It got all over the
house, and she got mad. But she was sad, and I’m so glad. Looks like the little one’s going first. – Oh, man. – Ellie, your test in slime today will be bloop bloop, bloop bloop,
bloop bloop, bloop bloop. Do you know what slime? – Baby shark slime? – Oh, I do love baby shark. Baby shark. (clapping) Baby shark. (clapping) (laughing) Not baby shark. You are gonna me making mermaid slime for your first slime school test. – Mermaid slime! Mermaid slime! – Please pick a glue. – I will like clear. – Clear glue. Let me get the clear glue. Here is your clear glue, madame. Would you like any colors? – I will like purple and blue. – What would you like next? – Oh, I would like some glitter. – Come over here and pick your glitter. – Got it. – Woo, I really like this blue and purple. They’re gorgeous. Would you like anything
from the bead selection? – I wanna use these mermaid tails. – Oh, these mermaid tails are
perfect for mermaid slime. You have one minute exactly for this test. And begin. (upbeat music) – I’m done, Mrs. Cray Cray. – Oh, I see that you are. Let’s examine this. Hmm. I’m liking the sparkles. The color’s good. Hmm, very good sounds. Now, let me gather this up. Lots of good stretch. Oh, it comes down very nicely. Let’s see. Oo! Whoa! Oh, this slime is beautiful. Please give me a stretch. Very nice stretching. Let’s see a bubble. Oh, very nice bubble. A little sticky, but I do like this. Hmm, you chose Tide as your activator, and that’s why your slime
isn’t clear anymore. If you wanna keep your slime clear, it’s best to use Borax. But I think for your
first test at slime school this is fabulous slime. I’m gonna give you an A minus. Let’s just set this beautiful
mermaid slime to the side. And before I do that, you
guys tell us what you think of Ellie’s beautiful mermaid slime. Now, it is time for your test. Are you ready? – Yes! – I want you to make unicorn slime. – [Nia] Yes, I was hoping– – But not just any unicorn slime. I want crunchy unicorn slime. – Crunchy unicorn slime. Oh, that’s gonna be tough. – Okay, please pick your
slime type, your glue type. – I would like white glue. – White glue. Would you like a color? – Pink please. – You may come up here
and choose your additives. – Okay, I would like some of
these rainbow little beads. Some of this gold glitter please. I would like these, all these
unicorns to put in my slime. (upbeat music) – You have one minute to make your slime, and your test begins now. (upbeat music) – Whoa, that’s a lot of beads. – [Mrs. Cray Cray] And here’s
some activator for you. – Okay. Oo, let’s take it out on the table. Oo! Mrs. Cray Cray, I’m done! – Hmm, I see, and it’s a
good thing you finished. You only had two seconds left. Let’s take a look at this. Oo, I like the glitter. I’m loving the unicorns. Let’s give it a poke. Mm-hm. Let me give it a little stretch. Hmm. I’m liking the stretch. Let me give it a extra stretch. Oo, very beautiful. But let me see if it’s crunchy. (slime crunching) I am hearing crunching in this slime. Hmm. I like the glitter finish. Things in there. Let’s see you stretch it. Mm, big stretch. Oh, we did have a break in our stretching. Smooth stretching. What do you guys think
of Nia’s unicorn slime? Is it unicorn enough? One thing I would have added to this to make it super crunchy
munchie is some beads. You needed to add fish bowl
beads to make it super crunchy. I’m gonna give you a A minus as well. – [Nia] No! – You would of had an A plus if I had some fish bowl crunching beads in here. Do you like Nia’s slime, or
do you like Ellie’s slime? You both did a very good
job on your test today, but I think it’s time for
some extra credit bonus work. Who’s ready to earn bonus points? – I am!
– I am! – Each of you must make a
slime using only your hands. Meaning, you get no bowl, no spoon. You must make the slime
right there on the table. – [Nia] But how do we get glue? – And you two will be
making it at the same time. – Whoa!
– Whoa! – That’s really hard.
– That’s really hard. – To begin, I’m gonna
be taking these slimes. – No! My precious! – I’m sorry. (gasps) Here is Nia’s hands-only slime selections, and here is Ellie’s funzies. I will now pour the glue. Once I do this, you have one
minute to take this test. – [Nia] Okay. – And remember, this bonus
could give you an A plus plus. (yelling) I’m gonna pour some glue here. (upbeat music) And I’m gonna pour some glue here. Begin making your slime. (upbeat music) Okay, Ellie, it looks like
you have all your ingredients, and you have so many sparkles. And Nia, wow. You’re looks like a blue lagoon. I have Borax in here. It looks like water soup, but it’s not. (laughs) Don’t wanna eat this. So I’m gonna put some
Borax in yours first, and then in yours. (upbeat music) – [Nia] Whoa, this is so cool. – While she mixes that,
it’s time for yours. Begin mixing. (upbeat music) Three, two, one! Slime up. Slime up. Hmm, it’s time to do a inspection. Let me tell you a secret. Come here. Come closer. Come on, closer. The best way to test if the
table’s clean is like this. (laughing) Now it’s time to test your slimes. Let’s start with Ellie’s. Hmm, there’s some very
good glitter in here. It’s nice and bouncy. Doesn’t stick to the hands. Let’s give it a mega stretch. Whoa! – Whoa! – Now, your last test, Ellie, part of your test
is I need to see a bubble. That was a very nice bubble. You did two bubbles in a row. The first one popped,
but it was really big. The second one was smaller, but it stayed. Very good job. Now it’s your turn. Oh, this slime is pretty unique. Those crunchy beads. This looks just like a mermaid tail. I have a little cast off from the beads. A little messy, but that’s fine. Let me see. Does it stretch? Let me give it a super stretch. Whoa, let me snake it. Let me snake it. Snaking. Oh, it’s giving me a slow snake. Good snakey. Very fluffy. It’s time for you to make– – A bubble. (upbeat music) (screams) That’s a mega bubble, and two of them. I liked both of these, but I think I’m going to award the extra two points to Nia! – Thank you. Thank you all! Thank you! – You had perfect slime as well. It’s just she had bigger bubbles, but lucky for you, this
wasn’t a bubble challenge. This was a no bowl, no
spoon, hands-only challenge, and you did excellent. You get two points too! – Yay! – That’s it for toy school. I want you to go home for homework and make sure, I need you to
make a double fluffy slime and a super water clear slime and bring them in for the next class. Class dismissed! Happy sliming! Make sure you guys subscribe
to Nia and Ellie toy show and leave a comment on
which slime you like best. Bye guys!

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