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Finlay Pringle on Fridays for Future | Twinkl

Ok, of course, of course. I’m always happy to talk about sharks. Well, it’s because I’m fighting for my own
future here. At the end of the day, It’s your generation that’s messed this all
up so I’ve got to now sort it out. (That really answered my question) (Laughter) (What is Fridays for Future?) That is a movement which was started by Greta
Thunberg. It’s a climate strike movement. We are 100% non-violent and we are a democratic movement. (Who is Greta Thunberg?) Well Greta, when she was fifteen, in August, started school striking. And now 1.5 million people all over the world
now strike. She says things as it is, really. She’s really good with not being afraid of
anyone really. If you look at the speeches she has made to
politicians you can tell that she is not afraid. And she’s such an inspirational person. I, myself, my first climate strike was on the 14th December and I’ve been striking every week ever since including holidays for one hour. Most of the time it’s in my own village of
Ullapool, but if we’re away we’ve done them in Edinburgh, we’ve done them in Glasgow, we’re going to do one in Rutland Waters, we’ve done one in Strasbourg, we’ve done one in Lausanne, and we’ve done one in Vancouver. (Tell me about the first day?) People pretty much ignored us was basically what we got. Everyone was ignoring us, turning their heads
away, but now we’ve got people coming down and seeing
us and beeping their horns like ten times. So, the support has grown a lot. (What sorts of things do you put on your signs?) My personal one is, “THERE’S NO PLANET B”, which, it literally says- it’s very simple: There is no planet B. We can’t go to Mars, we can’t go anywhere
else. We’ve got one Earth and if we trash it, well, then we’re done.

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  1. Fehlt am Ende der Menschheit wirklich die Intelligenz, mit SCIENTISTS FOR FUTURE II zusammen zu arbeiten, die als Einzige alles retten können? Is humanity really lacking the intelligence to cooperate with SCIENTISTS FOR FUTURE II , the only ones who can save everything?

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