Find Inspiration: Valley Catholic Middle School Open House
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Find Inspiration: Valley Catholic Middle School Open House

It’s a great school. You know you’re
getting the best education you can get. It’s like a really fun and helpful
community. It has so many wonderful aspects about it. I think what sets Valley Catholic apart
is this community. The students that we have here are phenomenal. They’re
phenomenal students and people. I find that any sort of real world experience
that you can give them, if they can answer the question why am I learning
this, it can just feed that fire and they can get excited about anything. My favorite teacher would probably be well I like all the teachers here. The
people, the staff, they always want to be around you and help you with whatever
they can. Our whole curriculum is honors-based and
so if a student knows what they want to do, they can start getting involved in
activities and learning at the middle school level that will help them in high
school and in college and in their career. I want to be a doctor when I grow
up because it’s like helping other people. I kind of want to follow in Elon
Musk’s footsteps. He’s a great inspiration for me.

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