Fight inside Spring school caught on camera
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Fight inside Spring school caught on camera

now to the violence caught on camera inside a school and spring a fight involving a student and two others including a former student now we’re hearing from one teen who says he was involved in the fight channel twos Roseanne Aragon is live in spring with the latest now on this Roseanne that’s right that fight has gone viral on social media all over Spring ISD tonight we’re hearing from both sides who say it was the other side that started it and parents are now questioning security measures at Spring High School this could have been way worse for for anybody’s kid a fight being shared going viral all over social media what appears to be two people hitting a student in a hallway Trey Guillory says the person being hit was her 17 year old brother I was sad I was sad that it happened to him I I just didn’t understand you know how she says her brother was being bullied by a girl at school and it was that girl’s brother and another man who beat him up but she’s worried that the two people who beat him up on Monday should have never gotten inside this has to be addressed the district stating a male student was assaulted by a former student who was on campus with another non student without permission but tonight we’re hearing from eighteen-year-old Trayvon Thomas who says it was him in the fight I have to do what I have to do he says it was his pregnant 16 year old sister that was being bullied by that boy saying on Friday he slapped her in the face after her friend wouldn’t share a cookie with him she then slapped him back and both called their siblings for backup Thomas says he overheard what the boy was saying to the girl I’ll slap you again so I told my sister to call my mom and he says his parents also alerted school officials but he says no discipline happened that Friday instead he claims all through the weekend the boy kept calling he’s gonna make me kill myself he slapped me every day Monday their mother got a call saying her son had beat up a student the students family is now pressing charges on Thomas for assault he’s been real cooperative with with everyone and he’s not trying to avoid any of the consequence his mother and sister both say he was just trying to protect her and they wish the school took care of it earlier now both families say they are worried for the students safety saying they’ve received threats and Gil Ruiz family has filed charges against Thomas for assault reporting live in spring Rosie and Aragon KPRC Channel 2 News

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