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Field Education – Boston College School of Social Work

Casa Esperanza is a bilingual, bicultural
program. We provide treatment to individuals who are struggling with
substance abuse disorder. We provide individual therapy case management, we
also have a primary care clinic. Casa Esperanza has had a long history with
Boston College in the School of Social Work and providing a placement for first
and second year students to do their practicum. We’re at Casa Esperanza 24
hours a week, so that’s basically 9:00 to 5:00 Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and
then attending classes Thursday and Friday. The work here definitely feeds
into our learning in the classroom. I think they definitely inform one another
figuring out okay I’m learning about this concept but you don’t really
understand the concept until maybe you’re able to experience it firsthand.
My relationship with Melissa started in the interview process. On my first day
she was able to kind of walk me through the agency and give me a tour. With the
time commitment it definitely means doing a lot of your homework on the
weekends sometimes you know when you get done with field and by the time you get
home you’re just kind of exhausted from a day’s work. It feels challenging but I think it can also feel really rewarding. My supervisor is a social justice warrior with clients and she’s been a tremendous person for
me to see implement values of social work. Being in a clinical placement where
we’re actually working with people struggling with addiction has really
changed I think my contribution in the classroom. I actually and more connected
to the subject matter in a profound way. It’s really like having a full-time job
three days a week and then shifting to being in an academic space. On good weeks
they complement each other perfectly and you really you’re in flow and you
get sort of why it’s set up this way and then there will be more challenging
weeks where it’s really hard to go from one to the other. I try my very best to
give them exposure to all the different things that they’re going to be doing
because they are gonna go from 24 to 40 hours a week and want to give them the
exposure of how to do an assessment, how to see someone in therapy, how to manage
their time and my door is always open because I do believe that there are
times that you can’t wait a whole week to talk to your supervisor
especially when you’re working with high risk clients.

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