FeedbackPanda: A Teacher’s point of view
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FeedbackPanda: A Teacher’s point of view

Before I started using FeedbackPanda I
spent a ton of time writing feedback. I would finish my classes for the day and
just have a lot of work to do and I was finding it really difficult to focus on
my son. FeedbackPanda has saved me so much time.
I can now finish my feedback between classes and by the time I’m done
teaching I’m done my work for the day. I love that I can create my own template
but I can also browse hundreds of templates created by other teachers and
once I’m happy with my template I can then customize it to each individual
student. FeedbackPanda even allows me to keep track of important information
about my students and my courses so I can remember my students birthdays their
favorite colors but I can also keep track of which props I use or which
incentives or rewards I like to use for each course and that makes prep time so
much faster. I was a little worried that FeedbackPanda
was going to be difficult to use but I quickly discovered that it’s really easy
to use and whenever I have questions I just can message the developers directly
through the app. I think that FeedbackPanda is an excellent time-saving tool and its really allowed me to focus on the things that are important. I feel like it has allowed me to be a better Teacher and a better Mom.

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