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National Geographic explorers are
scientists, conservationists, adventurers, and storytellers! (students) Hi Paul! (explorer) Hello everybody! How are you? Our Explorer classroom
program brings experts from the frontlines of exploration… (explorer) just below us is where the volcano just blasted itself open …to the front of your classroom. I’m always looking for real-world connections for the students. This was
the perfect vehicle that. All Explorer Classroom sessions are free, less than an hour, and easy to join. Register online to
interact live with explorers around the world. (explorers) I’m calling in from Puno, Peru. Zambia. Guatemala. Northern Kenya. Southern Jordan Mozambique. Log into the field without leaving the building. (explorer) Pretty cool, huh? (explorer) it’s so exciting. I love it! join the conversation (student) how long would it take me to pilot a submarine? (explorer) I bet every single one of you
could pilot this submarine. It’s like playing a video game in real life. (student) how
many animals do you have there? (explorers) hinged tortoises. spiny katydids. a chameleon. (explorer) great question! and bring exploration to life in your classroom. (Sylvia Earle) Continue asking
your questions and finding answers that you can share with others… learn more today

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