Explora Tutorial for Educators – Using Google Classroom and Google
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Explora Tutorial for Educators – Using Google Classroom and Google

If you are a G Suite Apps for Education user,
you already know that Google Classroom allows
you to create classes, distribute assignments and communicate with your students ― all in
one place. Explora, EBSCOhost, and EBSCO
Discovery Service are now compatible with Google Classroom, making it easier than ever
for you to share authoritative articles and
multimedia content with your students. In this tutorial, we’ll use Explora to show you
how you can find, save and distribute school
library resources to your students using Google Classroom and Google Drive. Let’s begin by conducting a search from the
Explora home page. Enter your keywords in the
search box, then click Search to generate a list of results. Select the article you wish to share to Google
Classroom and click the HTML Full Text or PDF
Full Text link. Now click the green Google Classroom Share
icon in the Tools Menu on your right. Assuming
you are already logged in to your Google account, Google Classroom will launch in a
separate browser window. Choose the class to which you intend to assign
the article. Choose Create assignment. Then
click the Go button. Enter a Title, Instructions, Due Date and Topic
for the assigned reading. Then click the Assign
button. A confirmation window will appear. Click View to
see the assignment in Google Classroom. You can also save articles directly to Google
Drive and link to them from Google Classroom at
a later time. From the PDF Full Text screen, click the Google Drive icon in the Tools Menu. If you have not yet saved EBSCO resources to
Google Drive, you will be prompted to allow
ebsco.com to view and manage the files in your Google Drive. Click the Allow button to proceed. A panel will appear to confirm that your article
has been saved to Google Drive. Click OK to
close the Google Drive panel. Your articles are saved to Google Drive in an
“EBSCO” folder. To view the complete online Help system, click
the Help link at the top right of your screen.

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