Experimenting (Literally) in College
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Experimenting (Literally) in College

– Oh, my god. This picture of me from college
just popped up on my feed. – You’re a widdle baby. – Oh, I wish I could
go back to college. It was a crazy time for me. – College is perfect for
experimenting and trying new things. – Mm-hmm, new sex stuff. – [GASPS] For me, it
was drugs and alcohol. – Yeah. – How about you Klaus? – I conducted many
experiments which defied the laws of God and man. – Oh, wow. Cool. Yeah, I mean, hey, that’s
what college is for, right? – Totally. College is when I realized
I like both men and women. – Me too! – Me too. Man, woman, it matters not. They are all sacks of flesh,
interchangeable like children’s plastic building blocks. – Exactly. Oh, my god, I mean, the
stories that I could tell. – Oh, I have so many stories. – The tomes of madness I have
writ could feel 100 libraries. – Totally. Now, for me, college was the
first time I had an orgy. – [GASPS] – Just young people exploring
each other’s bodies– it was beautiful. – Oh. – One time I was at
a party with my bros, and we were going crazy on
this formaldehyde drink. – Oh, formaldehyde, yeah, that’s
vodka and absinthe, right? – It’s a substance
used to embalm bodies. – I haven’t had that. – One of my classmates
passed out at a party, and I did a prank on him
by removing his brain and hiding it in
the dean’s office. – Dude. – Ho-ho! Ho-ho! – Aha! Ha-ha-ha. – Is he OK? – Yeah, he’s fine. He made an app that
tells you all the places you can find avocado toast. – Toaster? I use that all the time. – Child’s play! I am the only person
who dared to [INAUDIBLE] as a mad scientist. They no nothing of the power
I wield over life and death! – Still, it would be nice to
have the money from that app, right. – Mm. – Yeah. – Do you guys ever wish you
did college differently? – Sometimes. But mistakes are such a part of
the learning process, you know? That’s how you grow. – Yeah, that’s true. I mean, I cheated on my
first boyfriend in college. – Jess! – I know. But I have never
cheated on anyone again. – Oh, yeah. I sewed the head of a Great
Dane to the body of a man, and now the dog/man terrorizes
villagers in the Swiss Alps. – You didn’t – Do I regret it? No. Did I learn from it? After four to five
more tries, yeah. Now I have a loyal beast
man to do my bidding. – You better do your bidding
soon because we’re not getting any younger. – Tell me about it. – God, I know. If I party now like I did in
college, I’d feel it for days. – Oh, to desecrate a cemetery
like I did in my 20s. [DISTANT SCREAMING] – You know what? At least we still have
the memories, right? College, what a
time to be alive. – Hey, you said it. And it’s almost happy hour. – [GASPS] – You guys coming? – Why don’t get a start now? – [GASPS] – Oh! – [CHUCKLING] – Klaus, you little sneak. – Oh! – A couple of beers
in the backpack, that’s a total college move. – I love it. Ooh, what is it? – It’s my own personal
concoction, a powerful elixir that will put you
in a catatonic state so I may harvest your
organs and body parts to create a creature most foul. [CHUCKLES] – Jeez, talk about a hangover. – Well, you had me at catatonic. [LAUGHTER] – Ooh. [EVIL LAUGHTER]

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100 thoughts on “Experimenting (Literally) in College

  1. That was fantastic! The actor playing as the mad scientist was brilliant, and our two regulars were great as usual.

    Very funny work! I think the only thing missing is an end scene with the Man-Animal servant the mad scientist made coming in, and getting hit on by Grant in a drunken stupor.

  2. im quite sure at 1:45 he says "I am the only person who dared the vile pursuit as a mad scientist" or sth like that

  3. Shouldn't the evil scientist had laughed while looking directly in the camera? We were the helpless audience watching him catch more victims.

  4. Grant: "You had me at catatonic!"
    Everyone else: shakes head
    Jess: "Oh Grant!"
    Grant: Smiles and shrugs "That's me!"
    Audience: Laughs
    Sitcom music plays
    World: Ends

  5. Can we get more whimsical adult characters like these?
    The grown woman who thinks she's a fairy/mermaid or a man way too in touch with zombies.
    Coping is getting real out here.

  6. As was said on Dragon*ConTV back in… 2005 or so… "Remember kids, mad scientists don't create weapons of mass destruction. Mad engineers do." TMYK

  7. Ok what's with this pansexualality shit like I understand if your gay or so o and you like being that it's fine by me but do you have to say your preferences whenever your on a video I mean at first I was like ok he might be gay or something but it doesn't matter, people can be what they want to be and now I just think he some kinda creepy freak and he wants to tell everyone his sexual preferences I have nothing against what gender or genders someone likes I mean I wouldn't like it either if I constantly have to hear if someones straight too

  8. 2:04 when you run your 4 year old brother with a lawn mower after he runs into your leg with his toy car

  9. Avery Monsen My father loved your book! Unfortunately I can't show him this great role of yours cuz he is died in March… Great book though

  10. if they were dead, thats probably someones heaven, possibly a shared one if getting along with an abundance mentality was already perfected among their populace sensibilities.

  11. Hold on. Is Grant bi? This whole time, I thought he was gay. I don't mean to be rude, I'm genuinely confused.

  12. OMG I can't remember the last time I laughed out loud at a CH skit. Well done! I love how the actor for the mad scientist gave like 120% to the role. Amazing!

  13. I'm sorry but is that an actual laptop/netbook or just a really really big clutch? Because I'm lookin at it and….Man that looks like a clutch to me

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