Every Wizarding School Around the World Explained
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Every Wizarding School Around the World Explained

I’ve made videos on the two biggest, and most expanded wizard schools in the Harry Potter series hogwarts, and the american wizarding school, Illvermorney, which ill link both in the description ut unknown wizarding schools.

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100 thoughts on “Every Wizarding School Around the World Explained

  1. but…

    Japan is Asian and the champions league is European, only European clubs can play in the champions league

  2. I read those books a couple times growing up. I don't remember half of this information being in there. Where is all of this?

  3. Uagadou dream invites have visions of a little red character similar to sonic the hedgehog, repeating the words 'shoe mi de wei'.

  4. 02:10 I wish Jo Rowling interested a bit more about japanese mystycism….
    The work of Onmyodo. The use of shikigami, bounding spirits.


  5. Australian Aborigines don't need wands. They do magic by pointing bones and it actually works. And an Australian school wouldn't get past the first transmogrification lesson when the students twigged that they could change water and mice into beer and pretzels..

  6. The Asian community probably doesn't want to deal with the beaurocratic systems of the west. They probably have much more powerful family and clan magic.

    So suck it J. K!

  7. I must say Rowling has an amazing brain constructing interesting stories inside the full fleged running story must be a work of a great brain and so wonderfully conceptulised

  8. Plot twist- Harry Potter is the real thing and wizards and witches are so pure. We don't know about it because we are muggles but one wizard/witch betrails all wizards and tells JK Rowling about schools. Now JK is trying to make us belive it is real thing.

  9. I would imagine an Australian school where the most important part of the school's curriculum would be "balanced" magic. Because the aboriginals were masters in terra forming and maintaining balance in their surroundings and living in harmony with their fragile ecosystem

  10. I'm officially making any school in the potter expanded universe (and everything related to said schools) non-canon. I doubt anyone will disagree with me on this one.

  11. Everyone's saying in the comments that hogwarts is boring

    l dont think so
    i mean come on none of the other schools have houses except for Ilvermorny
    and i wanna be in slytherin
    or ravenclaw
    my point is
    hogwarts is still amazing

  12. 1 is in Russia name Koldovstoretz
    the remaining 3 might be in: China (or Mongolia), Middle East, and the last one in south east asia in Indonesia..

  13. JK Rowling should make another school in South East Asia. I mean, there should be something to explain the existence of Aswang, Manananggal, and albularyos in the Philippines. 😂

  14. ma ho u to ko ro is how you say mahoutokoro. Seriously tho why is it called mahoutokoro it literately just means magic place.
    oh yeah if you ask a Japanese person where tayohashi is 70% of the people will probably not know because it's in the country side in aichi. My grandparents live in shinshiro which is really close to toyohashi and my cousin lives in toyohashi.

  15. Is there any school in india cause in a scene of goblet of fire we can see the indian flag
    I am indian soo you know

  16. Rowling: All magic came from Africa

    Internet: Rolls eyes of course it did, where else would it come from? (sarcasm)

  17. Lmao forreal??? There's no India and Southeast Asia schools?!?! The literal hotspots for modern day curses and bloodmagic???

  18. Canada is so frikin big Imagine being in the third biggest country and having to travel all the way over to the New York area. There should really be a Canadiane school to. Could be in the Rockies of northern Alberta or north eastern BC maybe. Maybe Nunavut:/

    edit: also what about French canadiens!?

  19. Love your research but what utter bullshit lol yeah white folks went to Japan to teach them, sure Rowling, sure……

  20. I saw an article that the 8th is located in Russia.

    I think the other schools are located in 9) Australia, 10) Middle East Asia or in India then in 11) Westcoast of America

  21. With all the Amazon fires, the Brazilian school won't stay hidden long. Ministry might wanna look into that.

  22. Hogwarts school song:
    Hogwarts Hogwarts hoggy wartty Hogwarts
    Teach us something please
    Weather we be old and bald or young with scabby knees
    Our head could do with filling with some interesting stuff
    For now there bare and full air dead flies and bits of full
    So teach us thing worth knowing bring back what we forgot
    Just do your best we'll do the rest bring what we forgot

    Ilvermorny school song
    We stand as one united against the Puritan
    We draw our inspiration from good witch Moragian
    For she was perceated by common wand less men
    So she Feld from distant Ireland and so our school began
    Oh Ilvermorny Massachusetts we Che-chose it we cho-chose it
    The wizard school so prim your castle wall they keeped us safe the days
    With you a dream you taught us all our magic and now one thing quite
    Clear where we roam where we roam our one true home are one and own
    Is Ilvermorny dearrr

  23. I wish one of the remaining school to be in India. I refuse to believe all Indian witches and wizards are home schooled

  24. I can't believe that is only these few schools! I'm sure it's more of them but maybe not so big or not so known! For example Agypt, Greece, Italy, Russia, Latin America… The Muggle history it selfs proves the existence of magic! Nah maybe J. K. R. had inside Infos but she didn't lern everything I guess!

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