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– Hey, can I mooch a pen? – Oh, sorry. I don’t have one. Yo. Emily says she needs to mooch a pen. – Emily wants to smooch a pen. – Dude! Emily wants to smooch hard on Ben. – Nice! I’m so down! (Mission Impossible type music) – Dude, we did it. – We finally made it out of boring class. – What do you think we should do now? – I don’t know. Do you want to see a movie? – Dude, I don’t have any money. I was thinking we should go back to your house. – My mom’s home? We’ll get in trouble. – Dude, I’m bored. – Want to go back to class? – I mean, we are learning conjugations in Spanish class. – ¡Me gusta español! ¡Vamonos! – High school! – (sighs) No one’s gonna wanna ask me to prom with this zit. – Try these. (school bell rings) – Hey, do you want to go to the dance with me? I wanted to go with a cute, strong boy like you. – No. Dances are stupid. Why would I do that? – Hi-i-i-i-gh scho-o-ol! – Hello, class, I’m your substitute teacher, Mr. Jackson. What does your normal teacher usually have you guys do on a normal basis? – Oh, um, I think we’re supposed to watch a movie in this period. – He usually orders us pizza on Tuesdays. – Actually, I don’t think we’re supposed to be here. Class is canceled. – Oh, really? Well, class dismissed. I see y’all nerds later. Come on up. Get y’all’s asses up. See y’all. Y’all be safe now. – Quit cheating off my test. – Give me your lunch money, loser. – I don’t have any cash, Max. Do you have a PayPal account? – I don’t have PayPal. I just have Venmo. Damn it! All right, fine. Here’s what we’ll do. I’ll pay for my lunch. But then you’ll venmo me double the amount. That way, I’ll still have a profitable gross margin. – Okay. Sure. Um, I think it’ll take like two to five business days to transfer to your account. – Fine! Just remember there’s a three percent service charge. Beat it, loser! Ugh! – When I graduate, I’m gonna be famous. – I promise you, class of 2018, if you vote for me as class president, I will mandate longer lunch breaks, better food, and no homework! Vote for me. Don’t sweat a thing if you vote for Nancy Chang. (excited cheering) – Come on. Come on, now. Settle down, children. Nancy, you know that you can’t do any of it. – I don’t care, Principal Bickerson. I just want this on my college application. – (chanting) Nancy Chang! Don’t sweat a thing if you vote for Nancy Chang! – Pop quiz. – Oh! Oh my gosh! – Here. Let me help you. Oh, Catcher in the Rye. I love that book. Sometimes I think of myself as Holden. – It’s my favorite book. You’re actually really nice. – Uh, um… – Hey! – What a weird nerd, right? Catcher in the Rye? Who even knows how to read? What? (chuckles) I still think of myself as Holden. – Dude, I totally failed that test. (chatter) – Hi, are you interested in public relations? – Oh, actually, I was wondering if you knew where the “getting famous by doing nothing but looking pretty” booth is? – What? – You know what? Never mind. Bye. (overlapping chatter) – I’m, like, freaking out right now. You have a lot of followers, which means that I love you. – Do you want to date me? Check Yes, No, Maybe, Different sexual orientation, Maybe under different circumstances, It’s complicated, Shower more and I’ll think about it because you smell like fish, Depends on family background, Must love Bobby Flay, Maybe we can be friends, or You’re like a brother to me. – Hey, y’all, it’s me, Mr. Jackson. Thanks so much for subscribing and a huge thanks to Clearasil for sponsoring this. Clearasil Ultra works fast. So try it, kids. To see behind the scenes from this video and this… – Ow. (laughter) – We’re even. – How does that hurt? – We’re even. – Don’t– I’m watching your hand. – …click the box on the left. And to see the Clearasil Let’s Be Clear Playlist, click the box on the right. – We work at Clearasil. We know a lot about acne, but not that much about teens. So we’re just gonna guess what you guys like. – And as always, if you’re on a mobile or touchscreen device, all those links are in the description box below. – And don’t forget, guys. This Friday, August 26 at 5PM Pacific is Smosh Live. We’re so excited. It’s gonna be insane. Check out the link in the description below for more details. It’s going to be awesome, and probably gonna mess up.

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100 thoughts on “EVERY HIGH SCHOOL EVER

  1. My school is so private that the only thing you can trick your teacher with is the seating plan

  2. 0:39 in kindergarten me and my friend would try so hard to get out of school! We even tried to dig a hole under the fences with spoons from our lunches at recess

  3. Quick question: at what age does American high school start? Here in Norway it begins at age 15/16 and end at age 18

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  5. This is my first time watching smosh since 2013, what happened to Ian and Anthony? This is so hashtag not my smosh…SHUT UP!

  6. My therapist: "Don't worry, Nancy Chang can't hurt you."


  7. Nah man, in my school if we have a substitute teacher then our real teacher will tell them what we are doing so we have no control over them

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  9. 3:51 literally EVERY YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL the same boy would pass me love notes asking to be his girlfriend. He couldn’t understand that I’m gay and not interested in him

  10. The class president was my friend once he said he would get a cinema and a vending machine and other dumb things nothing happened

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