Even My Physics Teacher Couldn’t Open This Puzzle Box! Can You?
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Even My Physics Teacher Couldn’t Open This Puzzle Box! Can You?

What’s up guys! Nice to see you back here on my channel, my
name is Tuan Djeems and today I want to show you a new puzzle box I created. It’s got a brand new mechanism inside of it
which is pretty hard to solve. So I’m very stoked to show it to you guys. Yeah, let’s jump right into it! So, this is the box. It’s almost entirely made out of wood. It’s got just one layer of transparent plastic on top,
which covers three discs. They’ve all got a little dot pointing into
one direction. But since you can’t reach them it’s hard to
make them point one way. They are able to move though. On the top and on the bottom of the lid are
two numbers, 12 and 6. And on the side we’ve got a text: “I just
want you to know that i’ll never forget you.” And on the other side there’s one push button,
but when you press it nothing seems to happen. And if you listen closely there is something
moving inside when you tilt it. So, how do I open this box? Allright, the text on the side is a hint. It’s not just a cheesy text, it contains three
numbers which you need to open the box. The top is supposed to be a clock, that’s
why there’s a six on the bottom and a twelve on top. The little dots should be put to three different
times in order to open the box. So for example, this dot right here is now
pointing towards the one, so this clock is on one o’clock. So the hint. It’s pretty easy if you listen. I just ‘wan’t you ‘to’ know that I’ll never
‘for’get you; One, Two, Four. So we go back to the lid, but as I allready
told you it’s nearly impossible to put the discs into the right position. So what we need here is a tool. I don’t know if it’s visible, but the little
dots are actually nails. They are made of metal. So what we do, is we take a magnet to put
all the clocks to the right time. One o’clock, two o’clock and four o’clock. Well if you listen closely, you can hear a
ball rolling inside of the mechanism. Right now it’s at the bottom, so now I’m able
to push the bottom, which opens the lid. Like that. And that’s how you open the box. There’s a little layer of transparent plastic
inside the box as well. This is what should have made it pop open,
but it’s a little old. Okay, so let’s show the mechanism! The ball is now all the way to the left side. So when I press the button, nothing happens. The box stays locked. But when I take my (ooh) when I take the magnet
I rotate the discs so the ball can roll to the other side. This is one… two… and four. I can press the button and this little metal
piece moves along, but only when the ball is in between them. When I roll the ball back, it’s locked again. So that’s how you open it. Let me close it again. So, that’s how the box works! If you liked the video don’t forget to give
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subscribe to my channel and follow me on Instagram for the smaller projects that I am not uploading
to youtube. Also I’m going to open a webshop. I’m going to sell these puzzle boxes. The old one (if you don’t know what I’m talking
about, check the link in the description) and an improved version of this one. Ehm, just keep an eye on the shop and you’ll
see when it’s ready. Yeah, I guess that’s it for today! See you guys next time. Enjoy your day, ciao!

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100 thoughts on “Even My Physics Teacher Couldn’t Open This Puzzle Box! Can You?

  1. Yoo guyss! As I allready mentioned, the box in the video isnt perfect yet, so I made a version with only one working combination, where the magnet is included and with a better hint. It's also up for sale, check the Etsy link in the description of this video! Check it on my channel, cheers!

  2. Hi, i Think this is wonderful!
    I wanted to Buy this for a friend but its a bit pricey for me for now but hopefully in the future I might
    I Think its nice that you made some improvements on it but when i checked your shop i saw that you removed "I just Want you to know that i Will never forget You"
    I thought that was both a clever and meaningful idea. At least it could be a really good gift for someone you care about a lot

  3. Hey, don't be disheartened by how almost everyone is pointing out the flaws (some of which might be rude). They're helping you make a better one. So, congratulations on making this one successfully and all the best on making an improved version!

  4. You don’t know how to make a noise but I just got to the point where you got it and I just didn’t think it was going well for you I just got your text I got it and I just don’t think you can do that and you have to do that you have to work on it.

  5. Man just let the people say anything they want ,the idea was superb ,genius bit I also think u should said him to use the magnet

  6. brilliant mechanism but
    I could have opened it without even understanding the hint cuz I could feel the ball moving n passing inside
    hope u understood what I said
    coz I'm but high 😂

  7. It's a bit of a cheat if you made it. And it is probably not a good idea to broadcast the solution before selling it. But good luck, but make the buyer pay for the puzzle and the solution first.

  8. CUTE!!! Yes I figured it out but because I thought the I was a number and so that was a bit of a fluke, I got the other numbers though 🙂 xx

  9. "Even my physics teacher couldn't open this puzzle." LOL. Teachers aren't the smartest. They can teach how, but not always know how to do.

  10. Did anyone else think the numbers elicited from the text would be 3, 3, 6? The 'w' in "want" and the 'w' in "know" are VERY 3-ish to me on their sides, and what clued me in to looking for more numbers at all was that the small but capitalized 'G' in "forget" looks very 6-ish, and why is it written in capital script when it is in the middle of a word? Oh! It's clearly a 6! That was my train of thought, which to me is even MORE intuitive because if those WERE the clues, those numbers are literally written right there, in order even! And pointing the dots directly right, right, and down, may be a little less nebulous in practice in solving it instead of trying to imagine correctly where the 1 2 and 4 are. But I like his as well, his is even MORE difficult, in my opinion.

  11. You should have a little mechanism on the side that's a simple puzzle that, once opened, gives you a magnet, to move onto the next step, of figuring out the hint and setting getting the ball through the maze

  12. A physics teacher is just as good for solving this a math teacher, english teacher, art teacher, or gym teacher.
    It’s outside of their field.

  13. I shall not say that ur trick of opening box was good, but of course, ur mechanism of making the box was perfect..

  14. Cool concept but it has some major flaws. First is those spaces between the disks. This would allow for it to be solved just by flipping it on its side and rotating the disks 180 degrees top to bottom. Second issue is all the disks effectively have two true gates (ie two correct positions as opposed to just the intended one). This makes the odds of a blind or accidental solve highly likely.

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