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EPISD Education Minute

natassia:BOWIE HIGH SCHOOL… OFFERING A NEW WAY TO LEARN. “I picked that because I thought it would guide me to the path of becoming a doctor.” natassia THE SCHOOL… KICKING OFF ITS NEW SMALL LEARNING COMMUNITY ACADEMIES… “when i found out they had the sports science academy, i got more excited because that’s what im more looking forward to.” natassia A $ MILLION GRANT FROM THE TEXAS EDUCATION AGENCY HELPED EPISD SET UP THE ACADEMIES AT BOWIE WHICH WILL FOCUS ON THREE HIGDEMAND AREAS OF CAREER PREPARATION : SPORTS SCIENCE, GLOBAL INDUSTRIES AND STEAM NEW TECH PROJECBASED LEARNING. “we want students to graduate with a diploma but also some type of career education technology in hand so they dont only graduate with their diploma but also college hours.” natassia STUDENTS WILL GRADUATE WITH A MINIMUM OF

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