EPIC CAR CRASH PRANK!!! | Prank Academy | Episode 10
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EPIC CAR CRASH PRANK!!! | Prank Academy | Episode 10

What up, guys? So, I am currently in
downtown Los Angeles. And today we’re gonna
be doing something different on the
Prank Academy.
We’re gonna be
pranking Jeana. Jeana thinks
that we’re doing
an epic public prank with fellow YouTuber
Kandee Johnson. But what Jeana
doesn’t know is we’re gonna put her
in the scariest
taxi ride of her life. Jeana, I’m terribly sorry
that I just did this to you, but I’m not really, ’cause of all the
crazy, mean things
that you’ve done to me. I’m gonna… (LAUGHS) Hey, cut it out! JEANA: Your teeth
look so white! How is it so dark? (CLUCKING) It’s payback time.
I can’t wait, let’s go! I’m Jesse. I’m Jeana. You’ve seen us
prank each other
onPrankvsPrank.JEANA: And now we’re
teaching our friends
how to prank. This is… (JESSE READING) All right. Thank you,
Kandee, for doing this. Are you prepared
to prank Jeana? Yes! I think so.
I don’t want her to hate me. She’s gonna hate me.
And she’s probably
gonna hate this whole crew
that helped us
pull this off. Perfect. (LAUGHS) So, I’m gonna walk you
through the idea
for the prank so you understand. Yes. Walk me
through every step, ’cause there’s
a ramp over there. There is a ramp over there. Why is it there? All she knows is that
you’re going to a mall, you’re gonna be
giving people makeovers that are terrible,
for free. Okay. Okay. So, you’ll already
be in the car… I’ll be in the car? Yeah, to pick her up
in a taxi. She’ll get
into a taxi with you. And you guys are gonna
come to this location. Okay. We have another car, which is gonna have
a stunt driver in it
as well, which is gonna
cause an altercation
with your guys’ taxi. Once they get into here,
that’s when it’s gonna
get crazy. So they’re gonna
do things like crash into each
other a little bit. A little bit? Like, what? They’re gonna
drive really fast
through these tunnels. Through the metal things? JESSE:They’re gonna
go driving through
there, really fast.
And at the very end,
there’s a wall that you’re
gonna bust through. Which is safe!
It’s just drywall! What? Jesse! (CHUCKLES) Then, for the finale,
your guys’ taxi is gonna ramp off of that
into those boxes. (LAUGHS) Are you pranking
me with this car? (LAUGHS) No. This is
what’s happening. No. There’s a ramp…
Things over there…
(LAUGHING) You’re gonna be
more scared than her! I’m gonna be totally
more scared! (LAUGHING) Are you ready? I don’t know, Jesse!
I don’t know. Thank you so much
for doing this and
helping us get Jeana. I love you guys, so, yes. I hope Jeana still
loves me after this. She might not.
She’s gonna be
really upset. (VOCALISING) Okay, Kandee,
this is Lori and
this is Ryan. These are our stunt drivers. Hi! Hi. Jeana actually has
a phobia of being in cars driving
fast and swerving. She does? She does. Oh, great.
But did you go through the little narrow area
there already today? How fast are you going
to be going through there? We’ll just have to
play that by ear,
won’t we? You guys are giving
me horrible answers! Okay. What about
the ramp thing? Like, do you do
that all the time? I’ve done jumps before. I know how to
stunt drive very well. And you’re not
scared about the ramp? I’m not scared at all. Then the car’s gonna go up and just land flat
on those boxes, or sideways?What’s the goal?Yeah.It’ll be a soft landing. You’re gonna have a blast. I am? Yeah. Yeah. If you are terrified,
it’s just gonna sell it
better to Jeana and she’s gonna get
even more terrified. (LAUGHING) Dun-dun-dun! Are we breaking
the locks on the taxi
so she can’t get out? Yes. I already did that. JESSE: All right. What? So, get in the car.
Let’s go, Kandee. Maybe we’ll just
talk a little more. So, we did a really
good job hiding the
cameras in this vehicle. We brought in a specialist. We hid two cameras
up in the sun visors. We have one right
in the centre that looks like
a safety camera that a lot of taxi
drivers usually have. And we’ve got
one in the back, so Jeana shouldn’t
suspect a thing. All right. So, we’re
about to go get Jeana. You’re gonna hop
up in this taxi, you’re gonna go pick her up,
and this is thePrank Academy,so you have
a couple of objectives
to get you through. To pass. Okay. What do I do? All right. So,
your first objective is to get her and to
keep her in the taxi.Okay.Your second objective
is for her not to know that
anything is going on.So just sell the fact
that you have no idea.
KANDEE:No clue.
I don’t know what’s
happening, either.
Right. And the third
objective is to just
intensify the scare,which I feel you’ll
have no problem doing.
KANDEE:I’m gonna
be terrified!
You’re already scared now.I’m already scared!All right, Kandee. Oh! I trust you, Jesse. Good luck. You got this.
All right, let’s do this. Here we go.
We’re a minute away. We’re a minute away? Okay. Not even. There it is. Okay. Perfect. I’ll just tell her
we’re outside in
the yellow cab. We’re in the red.
Tell her to hurry. There she is. Oh. I was just texting you. Hi. How are you? Sorry, I didn’t see you. Is this where you
guys are staying here? Yeah. Oh, my God. How are you? (CHUCKLES)
Oh, my God, my cat
ran out of the door when I was trying to leave. Oh, no! No, he’s inside now, but… Oh. He was escaping? But I was trying to leave
and he’s running out. You look so pretty! I didn’t finish my makeup. I was so glad that
you were running late, ’cause I didn’t
even start then. I feel like I’m
always running late. Are you belted up? No. ‘Cause we have an
officer right here, if you can please
belt for me. Jeana’s in the cab
right now with Kandee. I’m super-nervous. I’m scared for
them a little bit. I’m watching from
the top of this roof. I have the best view.
This is gonna be crazy. I’m so happy. Jeana, this is
the biggest prank
I’ve ever pulled on you. It’s going down now. Bam! And I wasn’t even
thinking about it
on speaker phone, but then a cop was
right in front of me,
and I was like, “Oh, my gosh.” Instagram picture. Two days.
It’s been two days. Of course I got
in the wrong lane. Oh, are we… This is really…
I’m sorry, I’m getting… I get a little frustrated
sometimes, but… It’s okay.
Look at that guy. Even this makes me mad. It’s like, “Dude!” Why is his door open? Yeah, you know?
Anybody could
just hit him. I hear them. It’s not as hot as it was. I feel it may be the rain
helped cool it off. I hear them.
I hear them. Shit. This morning, on the way,
I stopped to get a blended red velvet, hot chocolate
thing, then I was like… Come on! Where do you get that? Go! At the… (HORN HONKS) What the…are
you doing? LORI: Go! (HORN HONKS) She’s yelling.
She’s yelling. The taxi driver’s
doing a good job. LORI:
You know what? He just saw the people there
and couldn’t go or something. The… I’m
after this guy. Maybe he’s just
having a bad day. (SCOFFS) Screw you. (HORN HONKING) He’s getting kind of… Of course he’s
following me pretty tight. Are we going the right way? JESSE:Oh, here they go!
Here they go!
Here they go.
Oh, shit, here we go.
Here we go!
Here we go!
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Get out. Let’s get out. What’s his problem? I don’t know. Let’s get out. Can I get out?
I want to get out!
I want to get out! Let’s get out!
I want to get out
of the car! Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! Here we go! Oh, my God! (DISTORTED AUDIO)
Oh, my God! (SHRIEKING) Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! (SHRIEKS) (JESSE LAUGHS) KANDEE: What are we doing? (SHRIEKS) Oh, my gosh! Can we get out of the car? (JESSE LAUGHING) This is not right. Oh, my God. It’s not right! No, no, no, no, no, no!
No! No! Shit! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! (SHOUTS) KANDEE: We can stop!
Stop! Oh, my gosh! You can totally stop now.
Oh, my God, no! (LAUGHING) They’re
going for the jump. You’re going on that, dude! No, no, no, no! No! (SCREAMING) JESSE:Oh, my God!(SHRIEKING) JESSE:Oh, my God!
Oh, shit!
(SCREAMING) (JEANA GASPING) Are you okay? Oh, my gosh. (LAUGHING) (LAUGHS) Are you okay? Are we going to the mall? No! Was there a ramp? Yeah, you went up a ramp. I saw it.
Like, oh, my God. Oh, my gosh! Were you scared? I was…scared. I think we scared Kandee
more than we scared you. JEANA: Did she know? Kandee knew that
we were getting you in a crazy taxi ride,
moving around, and she saw the ramp, and we told her that
you’d land in the boxes. Were you here earlier? KANDEE: Yes. That’s so…up! (LAUGHS) He knows…
I was in a car
accident before! That’s so…rude! (LAUGHING) In the beginning,
I was scared, and I thought that
some dickhead
driver was there. I was scared when
we were going
through the wall. And then I just was like,
“What’s gonna happen?” You didn’t even realise
you were on a ramp? Did you feel
yourself in the air? Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s the worst
feeling in the world. I had my cell phone on
my lap, and I’m just like…
(IMITATES SCREAM) And my phone is like…
It felt like I was in space! (DISTORTED AUDIO) (SCREAMING) And I was like,
“We’re gonna die!” JESSE: Oh, my God. You guys jumped
from that ramp,
and just think about… Were we in the air
for that long? JESSE: Yes.Where that box
is first destroyed
is how far you
flew in that car.
JEANA:What? Wait, wait.That was the scariest thing.Yeah. So that’s the ramp.That looks about 30 feet
you guys were in the air for.
Oh, my gosh. All right, so these
are our stunt drivers,
Lori and Ryan. And Lori,
of course, you met her.
She was your taxi driver. Did she do a good job
selling the fact that… Thank you for keeping us
alive on the jump! Absolutely! Anytime. You both did an amazing job. You scared
the hell out of ’em,
so it was a success! At one point,
she made me
wear my seat belt, but it was so natural. We were passing a cop car,
and she’s like, “Can you put
your seat belt on?
The sheriff.” And was, like…
I didn’t think
anything of it. KANDEE:You didn’t?JEANA:I know! I was like…KANDEE:She is so good!You know what else was scary?Those little pillars
that we were driving through
were so thin,
and she’s like…
There’s so many
bumps in there! The bumps and I had to pee!
Bumps and I had to pee! (LAUGHS) Pee? This is thePrank Academy,
and we want to give you
your grade, so we’re gonna go
over your objectives
that you needed to succeed to pass
thePrank Academy.Does that make sense? We’re gonna go over
Kandee’s objective that… (LAUGHS) We’re gonna go over
Kandee’s objectives that she needed to do
to pass thePrank Academy.So, you’re gonna tell us
how good she needed to do… Wait, can you,
like… This is why I always
did the objectives. I’m gonna go over
the objectives that Kandee needed to do
to pass thePrank Academy.And your first
objective was to get Jeana in the car
and stay in the car. Kandee’s second
objective was to convince you that
there was nothing going on. Your third objective was
to intensify the scare and really sell it
to Jeana so she would
get scared as well. How are you? (BOTH SHRIEK) (SHRIEKING)
Oh, my God! Oh, my… (SHRIEKING) Now it’s time to
give you your official
Prank Academy
grade. You have passed
thePrank Academy!Congratulations! Yeah! Bam! (LAUGHS) Sorry, Jeana. “Sorry.” (LAUGHS) Thank you for
watching the
Prank Academy.
If you enjoyed
this episode, please
smash the thumbs up button! Huge shout out
for Kandee Johnson for helping me prank Jeana.
You did an amazing job. We’ll see you
next time. Peace! I wanted to get you back for all the really mean
pranks you’ve done to me. Mean? Mean? You almost killed me today! (CHUCKLES) But you’re fine!

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