Entrepreneurship School Patras 2018
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Entrepreneurship School Patras 2018

Patra is full of students and I believe that Entrepreneurship School can be their stimulus for them to start their own business What made me a big impression during Entrepreneurship School was the contact with the mentors with people that are already in the start-up eco-system Entrepreneurship School offers you many assets like mentors, teachers and it gives you so much information that you can take and process with any way you want and create whatever you want I believe that is worth participating even if you have the slightest idea that you want to evolve or make true I am glad that there is an initiative that believes in young people It is very important such initiatives to visit a city like Patras and in general in the greek periphery where there is a very big and active students’ society who seeks opportunities, to improve their knowledge and of course to make their business idea a reality I believe that Patra as well as the students have great dynamics, and it is great that they have this chance Nowadays in Greece is very important that we have such initiatives the crisis and the overall situation needs young people and innovation in most sectors therefore Entrepreneurship School is not just necessary but it can give a whole new future The truth is that in Greece you have nothing to lose there are not many chances therefore the best thing you can do is to do something of your own, something creative In Greece of course there is space for young entrepreneurs to develop we have the culture as well as the knowledge , there are people that have capabilities it’s not the most fruitful ground but we can change that The advice that I would give to the Patra’s School entrepreneurs is not to be afraid to take chances yesterday too early, tomorrow too late the right time is now!

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