Enhancing long-term memory by using Anki in classroom
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Enhancing long-term memory by using Anki in classroom

I have tested the tool Anki in my courses of Organic Chemistry to help my students to learn and memorize… As many other subjects, If the knowledge, studied in previous years, are not acquired, that can create lots of difficulties for future learning. To avoid forgetting, Anki suggests an intelligent process to repeat This tool is based on two principles : First, the active recall By using flashcards with a question on one side and the answer on the other, learners force themselves to try to recall the information. before checking the correction The second principle is the spaced repetition : Anki manages the review schedule from the students answers. If the student doesn’t find the right answer the question will be repeated in a short interval, for example 10 minutes But if he finds the right answer the time interval between reviews gradually expands. Before using Anki in class, I think it’s important to take a few minutes to talk with the students about brain function to learn and memorize. when they discover Ebbinghaus curve, the students are always surprised to see the speed that we can forget non repeated information As teacher, The use of Anki in class allows me to set up workshops: a group works independently on Anki to review the lesson, or the previous knowledge to master Then, the students can also use Anki outside the classroom. The questions can be created by the teacher, and also by the students or shared on internet with other students or teachers in France or elsewhere.

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