ENGLISH TEACHER #Funny Types of students in English Class | Aayu and Pihu Show
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ENGLISH TEACHER #Funny Types of students in English Class | Aayu and Pihu Show

Hi Friends !!! You know, from today our classes are starting Today we have english class Come let us watch – It will be fun. Please like and share Madam is coming Good Morning Madam Good Morning – Sit Down Where is Piyush ? Piyush is not coming? He is always late. Madam, Madam I am here madam. Shift there What Why are you late? What madam? Why are you late? Am I late today? Yes Madam, see… Talk in English Madam see When I was coming… My foot sliding I fell Got up Then fell Then got up Than coming to school But why did you fell? Madam look There was oil on the road… Huh But there is no oil on your clothes… Oh madam Then I went back to home This is wrong Call it home – OK OK OK Then I was going back to home My clothes washing Rubbing Then coming to school Madam, My English is good or not? Wow You spoke very fluently today… You must be feeling proud of your self. Madam My father is prouding My mother is prouding and we are a prouding family Ok Ok sit down. and don’t be late tomorrow… Ok Ok Madam I am not coming lating tomorrow No No late… Madam My English is very lo lo lo lo ? What is lo lo ? High High Low low This is low… I will take your test today. No madam You dont tell Madam, you didn’t informed, that you will take test today. This is called cheating Speak in english This is English Class… Madam you are cheating It is called cheating Ok Ok Madam you are cheating Yes Cheating Teaching Teaching Cheating What ever it is …. Madam this is cheating Shut up kepp Quiet and finger in your lips… Put finger on your mouth – Madam said Keep Quiet. Don’t speak much – I didn’t knew. Shut up Tell me – What do you call a person, who cannot hear? Madam, you can say anything to him – He cannot listen. Oh God This class is total rubbish Madam this is rubbish This is a rubber Yes madam rubbish. Rub rubbish with this rubber. Right madam. I said – Rubbish You people have rubbish english. OK madam. I understand. What are you doing? Madam, rubbish english. Right Piyush Right Keep Quiet – and sit down on your place. Sit Down Madam Danting Madam, why this? He is so sad. Yes madam, I am sad. Just keep quiet May I ask 1 question ? Madam – Ananas is called Ananas in Hindi and in English? Pineapple Madam, what do we call it in French ? I don’t know Ananas in French Madam, what do we call it in Polish ? I don’t know Shoe polish No – What do we call Ananas in Polish language? Ananas Madam, what do we call it in German? I don’t know It is called Ananas only. Madam, what do we call it in Latin ? I don’t know Don’t make faces… Latin Language Ok – Latin Language It is called Ananas only. Then madam, why do we call it Pineapple in English? It is a rubbish language Yes Piyush is right In all the languages – German, Latin, Polish Whatever she mentioned Everywhere it is called Ananas Why do we call it pineapple in english? Tell tell English is very and confusing language Hindi is very easy… Very good Hindi is our Mother Tongue… Yes Hindi is our Mother Tongue… We will talk in Hindi. But, this is English class. Keep quiet, finger on your lips. Madam but… Why everywhere pineapple is called Ananas ? Even I don’t know I will ask my teacher. Madam, even your teacher would have no idea… Tell me 1 thing first. Who is the teacher? You or me? No No You You Then why are you asking questions to me? Madam, I have doubts so who would clear them? Madam, he is always Right I am the teacher – I will ask questions. Not you and don’t be over smart with me… Shall I become under smart ? Yes madam, under smart. Shut up Take out your English books. Madam, I have not bought English book. Even I haven’t…. Speak in English. Madam they are at home No No Home Homing What are they doing there? They are playing at home and having fun… We are getting bore… In English class. Not fun Just stut up. Madam this is not good. Ruchi stand up. Yes madam. Now you have to write 1 line on the board. OK Which line? Before I come to school, I will check my bag. So that you would not miss your English books at home. Ok Madam. Go go write write What are you writing? Madam, I am writing what you have told to write… Madam, this is called whatsapp language. Very good Just shut up Go back and sit down come come sit sit Sorry madam Now Piyush tell em 1 thing yes madam Convert this line into English. Ok Madam Yes I am ready He did his work and kept doing… He done his work and dana dan dana dan dana dan dana dan Shut up Madam, can I ask 1 question? Yes tell me… Madam – Egg plant. Does not has egg or plant Then why do we call it eggplant? Laughing Shut up Madam, I have doubt, please clear. Doubting clearing Yes Madam I don’t know Madam I have 1 more doubt. Madam – Sandwich Does not has sand also doesn’t has wich Then why do we call it sandwich? It is made of bread and potato It has cheese also. I am hungry also If mummy add cheese – Otherwise eat it like that. Madam, this lunch time also. I am hungry This is out of our syllabus. Keep quiet Madam, please clear the doubts. Finger on your lips. OK Piyush I am the teacher – I will ask question. OK Now make a sentence with – YOU ARE She has asked you – Now me. I AM with the words – YOU ARE I AM For example… YOU ARE from Delhi. I AM No madam – I AM not from Delhi. I am from Rajasthan Yes madam He is Rajasthani Yes madam YOU ARE from delhi. Very good…. Ok – Thank you I am from Rajasthan Then madam why are you teaching us wrong? You are from Rajasthan & saying you are from Delhi. What is this? Madam, you confusing us. Yes madam, confusing Madam, I am not understanding, not learning Madam you are teaching wrong. Just keep quiet Now onward If you will speak Hindi. Then I will fine 1 rupee per word.

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