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Hi everyone, it’s Mini! Today, I made these Pocky-shaped (and Pretz-shaped) pens! All you need are dollar store materials, and it’s very easy to make So definitely try making it! Let’s get started! First get some actual Pocky It’s easier to make with an actual one in front of you Now get a pen refill It’ll be easier if it also has a cap This refill is kind of short So I’m going to add some additional length I’ll be using a bamboo skewer Measuring the length and cutting it with scissors BTW, I made the cap the exact same length as the non-coated part of the Pocky That’s why I will be gluing on the skewers on both sides Let’s glue them on with a glue gun Now it’s about the same length as a Pocky Now get some clay ready I’m using Modena clay Cheap clay at a dollar stores works just as fine Spread it out thinly Then, place the extended pen refill on the clay And roll the clay on Start off with extra clay, and remove the excess as you roll it up After it’s all covered Let it sit for it to dry Now let’s make the Pretz pen PR-etz? Pr-ETz? Or is it Pretz? How do you pronounce it? Pretz! Pretz has no “handle” per se So I just glue on one piece of a skewer Cover it with clay the same way like last time And let it dry It looks like this! Make sure you can actually remove the cap off Let’s move on to the coloring This is for the chocolate on the Pocky Next… Oops! Mixing in some wood glue The glue will add some thickness to it, so I highly recommend it Paint this all over the pen Now I’m making the color for the noncoated portion of the Pocky I mixed “yellow ochre,” “white,” and regular “yellow” It’s too bright compared to the actual color So I added some brown This color looks good Let’s paint Moving on to the Pretz Using the previous color as a base I added some more yellow and white After the color is done, paint on the clay/pen Pretz… P-REtz… Something’s not sounding right Let’s also wait until this is dry *An hour later* Now that it’s dry, let’s keep going I want to recreate the burn marks with brown I want to recreate the burn marks with brown
*These here!* Observe very closely at the number and direction of the marks This pattern was harder to recreate than I thought They look like footprints I’m drawing them with small dabs Now color over it once again… And trace over the marks with a toothpick This takes some time But the extra effort here will make it look even better After finishing this, I also did the same for the non-coated portion of the Pocky So, what do you think? Since we made it, let’s try using it! I at first thought it might be too thin It was easy to hold on to and write with BTW, the Pocky and Pretz have different ink So I can use them both! Thanks for watching! I will be uploading more videos, so please subscribe and click the bell icon for notifications! I’ll see you in my next video! Bye-bye!

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59 thoughts on “[English subs] SCHOOL SUPPLIES DIY : POCKY CHOCOLATE PEN

  1. おひさしぶりです!私も以前からYouTubeなんとなくで出してみました。

  2. 先生︰こら!学校にお菓子を持ってくるんじゃありません!


  3. こんなリアルなの持ってたら一時間目でお腹なっちゃう。


  4. ポッキーのやつ、チョコの部分にマニキュアのマット仕様のトップコート塗ったらもっとリアルかも、、
    動画投稿お疲れさまです (*´∀`)♪

  5. Why can't you put the English subs anymore? I have to ask my friend to help me translate! And she doesn't even live with me!

  6. これは作れなさそうだー💦

  7. ポッキーのぽってりしてるやつ(ダブルフロマージュみたいなやつ)だったら普通のポッキーより短いから竹串くっつけなくても作れそう!

  8. こういう全面色を塗っちゃうやつってどうやってかわかせばいいんですか?


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