ENG SUB《超星星学园 Super Star Academy》EP21——主演:肖战,王玉雯,白澍
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ENG SUB《超星星学园 Super Star Academy》EP21——主演:肖战,王玉雯,白澍

=Super Star Academy==Super Star Academy=Episode 21 The champion of the New Super Star Competition carries bricks here. It’s a little wasteful. You flatter me. Young boy, if I want to harm you on purpose, I won’t just walk in like this. What do you want to do? I want to have a good cooperation with you. Who are you? Ophiuchus? You know much. You write it on your arm.=Ophiuchus=
You write it on your arm.=Ophiuchus=I’m afraid we don’t want the same thing. I want to ask you, why you escaped easily after the match ended? Because of you guys. Isn’t it your good fortune? I ask you again. Aren’t you surprised about Fang Tianze’s Roaring Skill? You know it? Wan Shicun, you know the occult spell of the Fangs while they are trying to kill you. We also know who are you. How can you leave here after knowing so much? Young boy, you’d better distinguish friends and enemies. I can give you a benefit which you can’t refuse. To be the heir of the Fangs and oust Mrs. Fang. Why do you help me? So, Do you agree to it? Ha ha. Why did you beat Fang Tianze intensely that day? After half a month’s absence, all you want to say this to me? Where did you go this fortnight? I’m afraid I can’t tell you too. You don’t say anything. Why do you ask me out? I want to ask you two questions. What? The first question is… I think I’d better not to ask. The second question is, If someone owes you something, will you get it back? Of course. And what if everyone sees you as a bad guy just because you’re doing the right thing? Why everyone is being so unreasonable? It is hard to say. Sometimes, debt for a longtime, it is less possible to get back. Gradually, The debtor takes it for granted that those things belong to himself. And all the people around will acknowledge that. I don’t care about the fucking logic. Debt should be paid. Forget about what others said. Although the whole world is stopping you, you need to get it back. Yes. This is principle. I get what you are trying to say here. I feel better now. What about the first question? Wan Shicun, you… The first question is, do you love me? Goodbye! Bye-bye. Hello. I’ll be there right now. OK? emm… OK. Fine. Goodbye. Ah.=The Succession Ceremony of Shi Fang Group=Oops. Mrs. Fang. Mrs. Chen. Hi, Mrs. Huo You’re so blessed. Yes. Look at your child. He is so excellent. He is a good-looking young man with career. He can be someone in the future. He’s going to be in charge of the Group. I am envied. Same here. You flatter him. He just takes what family gives him. It’s not talent. Anyway, please enjoy yourself. Mrs. Fang, congratulations! Ahaha. Thanks for your supports. Mrs. Fang, You are a tough woman. Finally all your works pay off. your child becomes a man. Congratulations. Thank you, Uncle Wu. Mrs. Fang, please excuse all my offenses over these years. Only fairness and virtue convince people. If anyone mentions it again, Four Elders, you must stand by my side. Of course we will. Working without selfish motives is our duty. Enn. I wish them happiness forever and have child early. Wedding is on the evening. O-haha. Cheers! Come on everybody. Cheers. OK Tianze, we are attending the ceremony in a while. Are you nervous? A little. Do you think the gown I give you fits you? Yes, it is. But… Why do you mean by getting me this ring? Whops. You got me here. It is because I want us to have couple rings. You’re so annoying. Where is Shen Hao? Why are you asking him? At this time, what possibly can two man do in a room? Huh. President Li, It’s been a while. Yes. How’s your business these days? It’s fine. Madam. I have something to do, please excuse me. Please. What’s the matter? Hurry up, I’m busy today. I am thinking that if something doesn’ t belong to you, you shouldn’t expect to have it. What do you mean? OK, Let’s put this straight. Is there something wrong with Tianze’s ability? What? In his serum, I found a factor that does not belongs to him. Serum factor? I don’t understand what you are talking about. Are you still playing dumb? In his body, there is something artificial. You need to tell me is the medical for disguising the Roaring Skill? Disguising? Huh. Hilarious. Why do you be surprised about the Fangs’ heir can use the Roaring Skill? If he isn’t Leo? If he doesn’t possess the superpower bloody at all? President, I have to remind you of your words. You’re hinting that Tianze isn’t the child of Moyan? There is lots of rumors about Tianze, I’d rather not believe it. But today, I do hesitate. I hope you can cancel the ceremony. Cancel the ceremony? I have been waiting for this day for 18 years. Why would I listen to you? If this problem was exposed to public, there would be hell to pay. Will you do that? You’d better behave yourself. Are Cheng Zhi’er and Shen Hao preparing with Tianze? I don’t believe that they don’t get us around. It’s rare to see you alone. All your boys didn’t get the invitations,right? He’s not alone. Are you blind or not able to count? There are many invitations in our family. But such an occasion, it seems grand enough that both of us are attending. Whew, President Fang. Are you coming to say hi to your old enemy? Have I ever admitted that you are my old enemy? Have you seen Cheng Zhi’er? She isn’t with you? How about Shen Hao? He should be with you, too. Ah! Shen Hao isn’t with you? You don’t get it. Shen Hao has a bad taste.=Fang Tianze=Fang Tianze. Wan Shicun? Is Cheng Zhi’er with you? I wouldn’t call it like that. She is on my hands now. You… You’re a scoundrel! What are you doing now? Are you touching her? Idiot. I say I have caught her. She is kidnapped by me. What if you stole her phone? OK. I will call you back. Fang Tianze, are you afraid now? I don’t think so. There are a lot of mosaic. The net speed is too slow. The signal is bad. Hey. Hello. Wan Shicun! make it only between us, not to others. I am doing it. You need to take a closer look. They all have bombs with them. You! What happened? Look! This sound is distracting the security for you. Till the next explosion, Wan Shicun! I’m afraid it will make you regret all the life. Whatever you want, make an offer. I want you to save them in person. Only your fingerprint can defuse their bomb. Where are they? Not so far. Get out of hotel and go east straightly till the East Elm Road. In due course, I will contact with you. I give you 10 minutes. Game, start! What just happened? I have no idea. The party ought to start at 12 o’clock. Yes. Finish all things and eat lunch quickly. Be patient. Wait a minute. Wait? No offense, but Fang Tianze is about to appear surprisingly with Shen Hao and Cheng Zhi’er. You two, are left behind by them. Nonsense! Maybe it’s the fact. Hey, look! Oh, fuck. Why do they put VCR there? So mysterious. Hello. Not so bad, You are faster than I think. There are three minutes left. I think, we can have a talk. Where are they exactly? Tianze, take it easy. Look back first. I think I need to tell you that all your behaviour can be seen by all the guest at the party. You’re the leading role now. In front of you is a three-fork road. It leads to two different warehouses, one is to Shen Hao, the other is to Cheng Zhi’er. Time only allows you to rescue one person. But it’s you, I think you can do both. Huh. Fang Tianze, it’s time for you to make a choice. Ok, I know what you want to do. Master, forgive us. What do they want? I think something’s wrong. Start the party! Don’t mess around. I’m so hungry. Turn it off! Yes. Two person? They are twins? What’s… that? Is it CGI? This… This is the Separation of Gemini. How can he do that? He is Leo, isn’t he? But I’m sure I saw his Roar Skill at the competition. This is just a little joke. We’d like to provide ceremony mood. OK. Go on, continue our party. This is… This is Fang Moyan’s harmonica. You said it lost. Impossible! That’s not ture. It is a fake. Fake! Ah, Fang Moyan’s laser anti-counterfeiting mark. It’s true! It’s true! Is Fang Tianze Leo or not? Did Fang Moyan have offspring or not? Shut up! Security, expel him from our party! Wait, I‘d like to listen what he wanna say. It isn’t up to you. Hum. as the Elder, all our duty is posturing at some occasion. But we have absolute power over one thing, that’s the inheritance of Chief. Now, Tianze’s identity is suspicious, We should judge it without selfishness. Justice naturally inhabits man’s heart. Well. Let me unravel the mystery happened 18 years ago.

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  1. It took me a while to understand what the real leo wanted
    He want him to divide into two and expose fang real identity

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