Energizers in the Classroom
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Energizers in the Classroom

Hello, everyone! Today I wanted to discuss energizers in the classroom. You should be planning energizers for every lesson between 1st and 5th grade, and I would even go as far to recommend energizers in all lessons even those in sixth through twelfth grade. because energizers work.
They are evidence-based and they can actually add (value) to lessons. So, what is an energizer? An energizer is a classroom-based activity
that integrates physical activity with academic concepts. Sometimes we can use this to actually teach a grammar point such as present continuous tense. Other times, we use energizers to inject energy into the lesson because maybe students are asleep during first lesson on a Monday. or maybe it’s right before lunch and they really want to eat. So, energizers are a good way of regaining focus
and getting students back on track. On the topic of energizers, let’s go ahead and watch an original energizer from Mzia in School #2 in Dmanisi. Let’s watch! I like this energizer for 3 reasons. The first reason is that energizers give students the opportunity to be active. As you know, students sit in classes all day. Energizers are opportunities to let kids move and still learn. By adding this physical activity, especially for younger students, you are creating a reason for our students to be excited about English. The second reason I like this energizer is that it combines songs and physical activity. There are numerous studies that songs and rhymes help primary schoolchildren learn languages better. Singing songs is great, but when you add a physical component to songs, you can better build that connection between the word and action. The third and final reason is that this energizer has a definite end. Students know they get to dance and move for the duration of the activity, but when the energizer ends, it means back to work. A very smart move for Mzia because she is able to control the class through the energizer and she doesn’t have to request students to sit back down at their desks. Do you use energizers? If so, I would love to hear about it and maybe see a video! Goodbye!

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