Ellen Meets An Amazingly Motivational Teacher
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Ellen Meets An Amazingly Motivational Teacher

All season long, we have been introducing you to amazing
educators who are changing kids’ lives. Our next guest is no exception. He starts every class with a mantra to
get his students ready for the day. Take a look.>>I am number one.>>I am number one.>>I am number one.>>I am number one.>>I have everything it
takes to be number one.>>I have everything it
takes to be number one.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Scholarship.>>Scholarship.>>We all get.>>Scholarship.>>We all get-
>>Welcome Michael Scruggs. You’re a fantastic human being. You start everyday with a mantra and
you’ve been doing this everyday for eight years.>>Everyday for the past eight years. Now mind you, I have six classes and
I teach high school, so I’m running around all day long.>>Six times a day.>>Six times a day is the best way to
get some exercise, some cardio in.>>Sure is.>>Yes.
>>You should make them run with you, you should have a chain.>>Let me tell you this, now some of
them will jump up and run behind me.>>Good.
>>And I’m like hey, get it all out now cuz when instruction
time come, I want you sitting down and paying attention.>>Yeah.
>>So it’s all good.>>So you wanted to get that out there
because they will take that in and they will remember those words and
I think our thoughts create energy.>>Most definitely, the power of life and
death is in your tongue and what you speak shall come to pass. My thing is, I want my students to know,
not everyone can be the number one lawyer, the number one doctor,
number one police officer. But whatever you put your mind to, you
can be the best at anything you can do. And to see now,
my former students who are firefighters, who are teachers,
who are in the professional world. Have graduated from college, and they still recite this and
they believe that they’re number one. Believe me, something big is happening and
I am excited.>>Yeah, yeah.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Yeah, yeah.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>You’ve got that energy.>>I love it.>>Listen, it’s good for all of us to
hear those words, but especially those students cuz they come from families and
neighborhoods that are really tricky. And so even more so for them, right?>>Right, you would be surprised, a lot of people would be surprised
at what teachers see every day. I tell people all the time,
teaching is a calling. You have to realize that
you have to be selfless. And I have students who come
from some bad neighborhoods, and who come from bad homes. And I could even attest to that,
because I grew up in the inner city. I grew up in a single-parent household,
and for them to see their teacher who has a bachelor’s degree, a master’s
degree, and I can relate to them. It gives them hope that hey,
if he can do it, I can do it too.>>Yeah, you took two students that-
>>[APPLAUSE]>>This is what’s really spectacular. I mean,
everything that you’re doing is, but there are two students that
you actually drove to college. You helped them out?>>I had some former students of mine who,
they didn’t know they could go to college. And somebody would be like,
they don’t know they can go to college and they’re seniors. They didn’t know they could go to college. What I did, I will host ACT workshops,
I will do financial aid workshops, just to teach them, hey,
you can go to school. You can apply for school,
you can apply for college. And to see them get in, that’s
the most amazing thing in the world, and four years later,
to go to graduations. Now that’s amazing to me.>>Yeah, that must feel really good.>>It does.>>I would love, actually you know what,
I want to meet one of your students. Kylen come on out here.>>My God!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>My God!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>My God. My God. My God.>>Hi there.>>How you doing, Ellen?>>I’m good, how are you doing?>>I’m great, nice to finally meet you.>>All right.>>My God, that is crazy. That is crazy.>>Yeah.>>[LAUGH]
>>Yeah, Kylen’s here.>>Man, my boy is here.>>Yes, sir.
Yes, sir, I’m here.>>That’s crazy.>>What year were you in class with him?>>Back in 2010, so about seven years ago. I was in Scruggs’ 12th
grade US History class.>>And
he’s the reason you went to college.>>Yes, he was a big factor
in me going to college. He was always in my ear from my 12th grade
year cuz I was not the most motivated student-
>>At all.>>In school [LAUGH] I was not
the most motivated person in school. And Scruggs was always in my ear,
especially with his motto, you are number one, you have
everything it takes to be number one. And it always stuck with me. And Scruggs always kept his hands on
me and made sure that I was okay and I had everything that I needed. Even when it came to college, gave me a
wonderful recommendation letter, supplies, anything that I needed. Even offered to drive me
to school several times.>>Yeah.
>>Unbelievable. We have to take a break. We’re gonna talk more
with you two after this. We’re back with Michael and
one of his former students, Kylen, and is it your wife or
your girlfriend in the audience?>>My girlfriend, Zoe.>>Hi.>>Hey there.>>This is like family though?>>Yes,
Scruggs is a big part of my family. He knows everybody from my grandma on down
to my four-month-old daughter, Chloe. He calls and makes sure that she’s okay
and she has everything that she needs. My grandma makes him his own
cookie pudding on holidays. [LAUGH] That’s how I know
he’s family right there.>>Cookie pudding. [LAUGH]. That sounds good.>>It’s the best, it’s the best.>>That sounds very,
very good right now, cookie pudding.>>Yes.>>Michael, we feel everybody
needs more teachers like you. That’s why we like celebrating anytime
we find a teacher like this, right? I mean, this is the most important thing.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Thank you.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>So Shutterfly cares about supporting
teachers who are sharing life’s joy and they want to give you $20,000 so
you can continue.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>My God.>>[APPLAUSE]>>So that’s for you. And Kylen,
you mentioned you have a baby girl.>>Yes.>>She’s four months old.>>Chloe, yes, ma’am.>>We have our Mother’s Day show
that unfortunately you missed. But we gave away thousands and thousands
of dollars of baby gifts for Mother’s Day. We’re gonna give you every single thing
that we gave away for Mother’s Day.>>Wow.

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