Ellen Meets a Giving Teacher
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Ellen Meets a Giving Teacher

– Our next guest is a
hard-working third grade teacher who just won $150,000,
but what she did with that money got her an invitation
to my show. From Boston, Massachusetts, please welcome
the amazing Nicole Bollerman. Well, you’re just
an amazing woman. First of all,
I love teachers anyway. It’s a very important
and underpaid position. [cheers and applause] So how did you make
the $150,000? – First, can I just say,
I’m so excited to be here. And thank you so much…
– Oh, you’re welcome. – For having me.
– You’re welcome. – And you’re just such
an amazing person. – You’re amazing.
You’re the amazing one. – So I entered
a Capital One Facebook contest called #WishForOthers,
and I made a wish that my third grade
adorable kids could have a book
to take home with them over December break. And I ended up winning
$150,000. – Right.
So you win– [cheers and applause] What did you do
with that money? – I donated it
back to my school. – You gave all the money
back to your school? – Yeah. [cheers and applause] – I mean, you’re struggling
to pay your own bills, and you didn’t keep
a little bit of it. You gave it all to the school. – No.
My kids are just amazing. You know, 90% of our kids
are low-income. Some of them are homeless. They just have such challenges
and adversity, and they deserve so much. And this is just, like, a little bit of what
I could give them. – So then you have a kid
in your class, and he’s looking out the window
all the time. And you say,
“What are you doing?” He’s looking at birds because it makes him
feel peaceful. – So I went and got him
a bird-watching book for kids. And his grandmother called me
and said that this was probably the only thing
he’d get for Christmas. So…
– So then you… – So my mom and I
went to Target and made sure that he had– he and his sister
had something to open. ‘Cause every kid deserves
to open presents on Christmas. – Yep, they do. [cheers and applause] You are a saint. – It feels good to be you,
giving away– – Yeah, it feels good
to help people. It really does. We have another surprise. Look where Jeannie is
right now. Look at this. Watch. – Hi! [kids cheering] – Those are my kids. – Hi, everybody. How’s everybody doing there,
Jeannie? – We are doing so great. Miss Bollerman, these students
love you so, so much. – All right. Does the girl in the front row
have a question? Is that– [laughter] Is she just giving
a shout-out? All right. Well, we love this school,
and so do our friends at Target. For years,
Target has been committed– they’ve been giving $1 billion
towards education so far. They know it’s important
for kids to have
the right school supplies, so Target is giving
700 backpacks filled with school supplies
to each student at UP Academy. [cheers and applause] – That is amazing. – Also–also, Jeannie, every student is also gonna get
a $100 Target gift card. Make sure they know that. [cheers and applause] How many teachers are there? – There are 70 teachers. – 70 teachers?
– Yes. – Well, we have learned
that the average teacher spends at least $500
out of their own pockets on their classrooms, right? And that’s just for supplies
every year. That’s without going
above and beyond like you do. So Target is– first of all,
Target is being amazing. Everything–when they heard
about this situation, they jumped in. Target is giving
each teacher at UP Academy a $500 Target gift card. [cheers and applause] Thanks, Target. All right, I wanted
to give you something too. You love Skittles, don’t you? – I do love–
– You love Skittles. – I don’t drink coffee,
but I eat Skittles. – I see. Right. Well, I don’t know
if that’s helping you. [laughter]
Let’s go over here. I have a gift for you. If you love Skittles… [cheers and applause] I don’t know how long
they stay fresh, but that is an aquarium
full of Skittles. And in that Skittles, we also have for you $25,000. [cheers and applause] – Thank you. – That’s from our friends
at Target. That’s for you being
an amazing woman. – Thank you.
– Thank you, Target. To learn more about
Target’s support of education, go to our website. We’ll be back. [cheers and applause]

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