Ellen and Will Surprise an Amazing Teacher — EXTENDED!
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Ellen and Will Surprise an Amazing Teacher — EXTENDED!

– Will, uh, heard that there
was somebody in the audience he wanted to meet, right? – Yes, there’s someone here
I want to meet. Her name is, uh,
Shani Glasby. – Shani–
[laughter] She was in
“The Price Is Right.” All right. – Hi! [cheers and applause] – How are you?
– How you doing? [inaudible chatter] – Hi, Ellen.
– Hi. – Hi, Ellen.
– How are you? – Here, have a seat, Shani.
Have a seat. – All right, [laughter].
– Hi. – Hi.
– Do I have–do I have a mic? – You have a mic, here. Oh, you have to switch chairs.
– Okay. – All right, we’ll switch.
Okay. – There’s a mic in that chair.
– There’s a mic in that chair. Okay.
– So we’ll– we’ll attach her to that mic.
– Sit there. Wait, but, no, then maybe
you should sit– – Okay, and then I’ll sit here. – And next to me,
maybe you should go– maybe you should–
okay. – What happened
to the mic? All right, well.
– You got– – All right.
– Wait, hold on. – We’re out of time.
[laughter] Be kind to one another.
Bye. [laughter] – All right, here we go.
– Okay, you got it? Yeah, this’ll work.
– There we go. – All right, surprise.
This is a planned surprise. – That went well, Ellen.
– All right, right. You’re gonna go here now.
– Okay, we’ll go back. All right.
– I’ll go here. – You got that, yes.
– All right. – All right.
Whoo. – Oh, my gosh. We figured that out.
– Geez. – Oh, man.
– I’m exhausted. – Me too.
That’s the most I’ve worked in a long time. – You are so high maintenance.
– Oh, see, I can’t help it. – Hi, Shani.
– Hi. – Hi.
Tell, uh, tell everybody why you wanted to meet Shani. – Well, so, Shani is–
is a third grade teacher, and, uh, you know,
I’ve been checking you out. I got–I got my folks
checking on you. – Oh, okay.
– And, uh, Shani, the– their–her children
didn’t have afterschool programs at the school,
so she put it together herself. And she–how many–
how many kids is it in the program?
– It has 28 kids right now. – 28 kids.
– So it’s a step– explain what step is. – A step team
is basically a group of people who get together
and they use their entire body as an instrument.
– Mm-hmm. And the make sounds and rhythms
with hand clapping foot stomping, you know.
– Ooh. Things like that.
– Ooh, stop playing. Stop playing, girl.
Stop playing. [laughter] – All right.
– You know, so I saw– I saw this story and, uh,
so Ellen and I talked about it. So we–we want to be a part
of helping you out. – Oh, my gosh. – Why did you start this
in the first place? – Well I started it because
the kids in our school– we have a Title I school,
and so the children just go home and go to school
and that’s all they do. And so I wanted to do something
where they felt like they belong.
– Right. – And I really wanted
the kids to learn how to believe in themselves. So I just started something
where the kids can just work hard,
get good grades, you know,
have good behavior. And just something
that makes them feel like they’re
a part of something. – What’s amazing, Shani,
is that, you know, and even though
you don’t need instruments you’re using your hands
and your body as instruments it still costs like $70
for a pair of shoes to do this, right?
– Yes. And like a lot of teachers
you were using your own money and spending your own money
to help these kids so that they have shoes, right?
– Absolutely, yup. – You have to do
what you have to do. – All right, well– so you don’t know this. We surprised you
calling you down here. We also surprised you because
your kids are here. So we’re gonna watch them. [laughter] [cheers and applause] [cheering] – Come on. – Oh! Oh! – For Ellen! [clapping in rhythm] [clapping and stomping
in rhythm] – Ellen. all: Be generous. Be kind to one another. [cheers and applause] – Oh, my God. [cheers and applause] – Shani, uh,
our friends at Shutterfly think you’re a game changer
as well and they want to give you
a check for $10,000. [cheers and applause]

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