Elementary School Rules in Japan (Subtitles Available)
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Elementary School Rules in Japan (Subtitles Available)

Hello World. Where I’m from in Japan, this is what school rules are like. – Good morning!
– Good morning! – Good morning!
– Good morning! In the morning everyone needs to greet the teacher. In the morning, you need to greet the teacher. Special helper please. From now the morning meeting starts. Stand up. Good morning! Good morning! You can’t bring games to school. You can’t bring games to school. We won! Yeah! No good! You can’t eat snacks at school. You can’t eat snacks at school. Oh, so tasty, yeah! No good! Teacher! You can’t sleep during class. You can’t sleep during class. No sleeping! You can’t fool around during class. You can’t fool around in class. Look at this. Wow, that’s funny! No good! You can’t use mechanical pencils or pens. You can’t use mechanical pencils or pens. No mechanical pencils or pens. You can’t wear accessories. You can’t wear accessories in school. Hey, look at this. Isn’t it great? Wow, what is this, it’s super cute! Hey, hey, look at this. Is it cute? No accessories! You can’t dye your hair. You can’t dye your hair. Ai-chan, it’s cute, did you dye your hair? Yeah, you noticed? No dying hair! You can’t bring smart phones or cell phones. You can’t bring phones to school. You can’t bring smart phones! You can’t scribble on the blackboard. You can’t scribble on the blackboard. No scribbling! In Japanese schools we don’t have janitors, so the students have to clean the classroom. Thanks for watching, see you next time, bye! What are school rules like where you’re from? Ready, start! Bring games to school is not… I screwed up! Sorry. Take one, take two. All good? Ready, start! Ahh, wait, wait, wait! More time, a little more time,
so I can see it for like 15 seconds. And have them say, “Oh, this is so tasty!” Aiko laughed, it’s no good, no good, no good.

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100 thoughts on “Elementary School Rules in Japan (Subtitles Available)

  1. No mechanical pencils or pen? ok, make sense in elementary school, but what is about in the high school or university?
    some rules are well known in Germany, but are more and more loosing to use it generally. Some other rules are less or not known here. ( as example with the accessoires or games, even for the pause. )

    Good work and I like the bloopers really too! It nice to see, how easy or hard to work on films or just little clips. I appreciate it really!

  2. No mechanical pencils!!! No Pentel!!! I thought Japanese were all about stationary!! I will not live in Japanese school.

  3. In my school you dye your hair you can, let me put the list:
    1: you dye your hair
    3: accessories
    4:fooling around
    5:yes snacks
    My school allows all this

  4. Ok, first in HK we can eat snacks, we need to bring pens and mechanical pencils, we can have accessories

  5. I would die if I was in a elementary school in Japan btw I’m starting middle school wish me luck

  6. Well I have my hair dyed :3 and i always eat snack in break and sometimes fool Around, bring the phone with me, put accesories, we dont Even have uniform. We basically dont have rules (and we have a Janitor that cleans for us)

  7. In my school u can use regular pencils most teachers hate mechanical pencils and be have to have pencils

  8. I got my hair dip dyed (I’m from Scotland) and I got sent to the head teacher and threatened to cut ma hair lol

  9. I'm England, I'm allowed to: bringing games in, wear earrings and bracelets, being our own pens and pencils in, we can bring in phones but we have to turn them off, put them in a cupboard and get them out at the end of the day.

    We're not allowed to: sleep although this one boy always fell asleep so he didn't get told off 😂, dye our hair but we don't get told off for it, we're not allowed snacks during class but some people just sneak them at break, be silly (fool around).

    We don't have a blackboard but we have a whiteboard which nobody even writes on apart from the teacher and we have janitors 😉

  10. OK at my school we have a janitors but we stopped to clean the classroom I think it’s kind of pointless because now the janitors are just working for no reason like that they could be spending their time doing something else but they’re cleaning my classrooms in my school or the classrooms in my school even though they’re clean like we have to clean out the compost and empty them we have to empty the garbage we have to empty the recycling we have to clean our white boards and chalkboards we have to sweep and mop clean. Up shoes that aren’t in their cubbies one of the desks clean them take the truck out of the chalkboard eraser is like basically everything

  11. At my school you can

    1.dye your hair
    2.use mechanical pencil
    3.have your phone
    4.have Acccesoris
    5.fool around
    6.wright on the board
    😂and when I saw this vid I was like BOI I DON'T EVEN USE THE RULES! 😂

  12. Half of these are American rules except teachers in America don’t give a crap after a while hahahahaha

  13. I remember I was not allowed to have comic books in school but I was a rebel and would read it during lunch breaks and this girl tried to snitch on me and I told her to get a life 🙄 oh and no water bottles allowed either which sucked balls during summer, cuz yknow after P.E. Ur thirsty af n I gotta drink dirty sink water

  14. Here in America, students especially students in High school couldn’t care less about the rule. Lol…. I am one of them 🤡

  15. I Remember Doing This When I was In Elementary,I Got Suspended Many Times.Why Japan why 🙁 why can't we be like the other :<

  16. Oh shoot all the stuff i always do and basically EVERYDAY I DO. dying hair sometimes but the others i do or bring i will be ban from all the schools of japan.
    Btw we have janitors.

  17. So the thing is some of the students actually sleep, fool and hide their phones here in japan lol. Just some of them though.

  18. OMG!It make me wounder that I need to follow all of them if I don't do so, of couse I will punish by teacher..and I'm from Bangladesh..how It's possible..never expect that we are quite same!!!

  19. I would have loved to have lived under the rules of a Japanese school , grown up in school , had nothing but good friends and no enemies.

  20. In my school I have to follow up all rules that they follow. Only we can use mechanical pen and pencil that they can't use.

  21. Oh wow that's how they clean XD
    Cleans Always in room, garden, Backyard garden school
    And always water the plants 😮

  22. And unfortunately all this can be in Indonesia😌
    We have a Cleaning Service that has to clean up all the bad things in the school🤣

  23. Oop my hair is dyed from the tips I can’t go to Japan unless I dye it black again I wanna go to Seoul South Korea 🇰🇷

  24. This is kinda what we do in America

    EDIT: I mean kinda but when we go to school with our hair dyed we can do that in America

  25. Literally just like meh all girl school in Puerto Rico like if u r behaving bad u have to clean the classroom

  26. Mine is
    -Yes snacks
    -No cellphone
    -Yes accesories
    -No dying hair
    -Yes to scribble blackborard but only if no service

  27. 2:02
    you can’t dye your hair
    laying in my bed with my bright yellow hair, eating chips in my pajamas
    Me: Am I a joke to you?

  28. Why cant they wear accesories or dye their hair? I have dyed hair and earrings and my school doesnt care😂 i also use mechanical pencils

  29. At a very early age, they were already taught in how to be basic, simple, respectful, polite and discipline. That's why Japan is different from any other countries in the world

  30. My school's school rules:
    -School brought lunches eat in the school meal area
    -Packed lunches eat in the hall, library or picnic benches
    -Phones at breaktime and lunchtime only
    -Phones to be in lockers during lesson time
    -Walk to assembly in silence
    -If you don't feel well, tell the nearest adult who will take you to the school nurse
    -Be at school by 8:30am
    -Go home at 3:00pm
    -Report bullying to (insert headteacher's name)
    -No smoking or bubblegum
    -Sugar free chewing gum allowed at breaktime and lunchtime
    -If you're being collected in a car, please walk to the top of the road to the school pick-up area
    -Ask an adult if your breaktime snack is appropriate
    -No selling stuff on site
    -Respect nature around the school
    -Teachers on break duty give you detention for littering
    -Most importantly: Have a great day and stay out of trouble
    I don't know if these are strict but I've never broken any of them

  31. We can:
    Eat snacks(break time only)
    Bring phones(use on break time only)
    Use mechanical pencils and pens
    Wear accessories(take off for P.E)
    Idk about dying your hair
    Scribble on blackboard(when teacher lets obv)
    and thats my school 🙂 and also we have no uniform

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