Egypt’s Education Minister on U.S. Partnerships
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Egypt’s Education Minister on U.S. Partnerships

– The most significant example of that is the National Presidential project, called Egyptian Knowledge Bank, which is a major ingredient
in a bigger vision to reform education or
to transform education. This puts content, extracted from the best
sources around the world, many of those are US-based companies, in one place, but the key
thing is make that available to every citizen in Egypt free of charge. So the state is covering the cost of that, and from federal money,
from federal budget, making it available to every system. So it’s, every citizen gets open access of state-of-the-art content to everyone. Kids, parents, teachers, people who are professionals, everybody. As I said, the word
partnership is important here. We’re not, it’s not somebody
buying from a vendor, just a product. We are both sharing a
vision, sharing a problem, trying to solve it, and they get equally excited as we are about solving the problem,
so the US-based companies are now Egyptian-based
companies, in a way. They work on the ground. They work with the teachers. They connect directly with them. It is the partnership
among all these companies, they work together, not
separately, towards a unified goal, and that, I think, is a unique
feature of this project. So, we’re very excited about, we’re trying new solutions, new ideas. We’ve been learning from the attempts to train teachers and
reading their feedback, and adjusting accordingly, and so on.

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