EF Vlogger Casting 2019 – On the go with EF #86
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EF Vlogger Casting 2019 – On the go with EF #86

Hey there! As you can see, we’re having a get-together here
because we want to invite you to a casting challenge. We want one of you guys watching to join us
as one of the presenters for On the Go with EF. If you’ve been watching us, you know that we
vlog for EF, the language school organization. Basically, we travel the world, visit new places and vlog
about what you can do, see, eat and experience. What’s a bit special about our vlogs is that you can
learn English and sometimes other languages as well. For every episode, there’s a vocabulary
list that you can check out below. This year, there are four of us, but Liam could not
be here because he’s out traveling. We wanted to invite you guys
to enter our casting challenge. We want one of you to join our vlogging team. Join our vlogging team It’s been fun, right?
Yes, it’s been great. It has.
It’s been so fun. Maria, what’s been your favourite trip so far? Oh my gosh, that’s a hard one
because I really enjoyed all of them. If I had to choose one, I’d say New York.
Yeah? I love New York. Even though I’ve been to the city many times before,
I got to see it from a whole new side. I’d never crossed the Williamsburg Bridge before. That was awesome, and you guys
can watch it in Episode 82. That was fun! And I don’t think I’ve ever seen that
many dogs per square metre in my life. I tried the Magnolia Bakery cupcakes. Everything that I did there had something
special about it. I really enjoyed it. Cool. You know, it’s funny you should say
New York because my favourite was Boston. I got to see the Red Sox. I also went to prepare for Easter in Berlin. Of course, my favourite of the year was
cooking some great treats for all of you guys. And us eating them.
Yeah, of course! How to apply What you have to do, first of all,
is produce an application video. The video should be one to five minutes long and feature you as the presenter;
that means in front of the camera. You should show your charisma and your interest
in travel, languages or cultural exchange because those are the themes we
focus on here on the EF vlog. You can, for example, present a
video about your home country, a trip abroad, a famous or not-so-famous site,
maybe a language you’d like to learn, or even fun facts about your home country. The video should be interesting
and not only about you as a person. Impress us with your creativity! At the beginning of the video, you can present yourself
with your first name and where you come from. All the rest of your personal information you
can give us on the website when you apply. Make sure you mention in the video that you
are applying for the job as an EF vlog presenter for the EF YouTube channel. We are looking for a presenter who
feels friendly, natural and likeable. You have to be able to present in English,
but being a native English speaker isn’t necessary. Submit the video link and your contact
information on the casting website. Don’t forget to promote your video. Encourage viewers to comment and
like your video to impress the jury. You have to submit your video by 1 May 2019
– the sooner, the better. The jury will look at the submitted videos
and choose one lucky winner. The winner will be announced on
13 June 2019 – right here on our vlog. The winner will become a part of the
vlogging team starting in fall 2019, work as an EF vlogger and present some
of the On the Go episodes – like we do! You get to travel and get paid for it,
which is awesome. Speaking of which …
What has been your favourite experience while traveling? I think my favourite experience
was visiting San Diego. If you watched episode number 55,
you know that I went surfing for the first time and I was so terrified.
But it went really well. It was fun. I also got to meet some new friends from
the EF school in San Diego, so I loved it. Surfing? That’s very adventurous. Oh my gosh! That actually reminds me of something.
Do you remember when Liam went bungy jumping? Oh, yes. I don’t know if I could do that.
Good job! Well done, Liam. We’re proud of you.
We are. So, guys, the selection criteria are:
Number one: charisma, how much creativity and effort
you put into making your video, availability and possibility to travel, and that you have at least tried to share
your video on your social media channel. If you want to check out the full casting rules, there’s a link to the casting website
in the video description below. We really hope that you want to join us.
Go for it. Be creative and be yourself. Good luck and hope to see you soon.
Bye! Become an EF vlogger Apply by 1 May 2019

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29 thoughts on “EF Vlogger Casting 2019 – On the go with EF #86

  1. Explore a new contry and vlog and living to des 🤔
    Super cool idea😄. I want to present for the test but my English is very bad. 😭😭😭

    But never give up l really want kitch English, oll this years I watch movies en English, and maybe l going to England for more progress in English.

  2. Omg would be soooo cooll! I already vlogged for EF on my channel when I went to EF New York! Would be so cool become a part of the vlogging team!!

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxCOkNANwuY Hi everyone, I share here my peronal video presenter to partecipate for the Vlog casting

    to become one of the new presenter of EF vlog!

    So please watch my video casting. Bye!

  4. Hey guys! I just submitted my video but didn't get any confirmation e-mail! How can I make sure it's entered! Thank YOU!

  5. Hey travelers! I'm Juliana, and I'm an applicant for the EF VLOGGER CASTING 2019. Could you please helpe make my dream come true? Go check it out https://youtu.be/D3ZqgAsrn10

  6. ah sadly i didn't see this on time haha .. Luckily i'll be travelling to San Diego with EF in 1 month so i have that to look forward too! hopefully i'll be able to work with EF in the future

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