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EF Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Info Video

Welcome to Canada,
the second largest country in the world, stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean
and all the way up to the Arctic Ocean. Its biggest and most
cosmopolitan city is Toronto, Ontario, with 5 million people
in the greater city area. Students come here from all over the world,
adding to the city’s cultural diversity. They can enjoy an eclectic mix
of neighbourhoods and architecture. From a boat cruise on Lake Ontario
to a stunning view from the CN Tower, there are many different sides
to this exciting city. There’s so much to see and do, from cool winter sports
to a hot nightlife. EF Toronto is perfectly located
in the bustling Queen West District with its cafes and shopping
and great student life. The staff at the welcoming reception
will show you the school’s facilities. Students have access to an
activities office, a library, a quiet study area
and three multimedia language labs. The spacious student lounges have
computers and free Wi-Fi access. If studying makes you hungry, there’s the friendly cafeteria
serving international food. The school itself is a beautiful building
with lots of natural light, high ceilings, wooden floors, and it’s close to
all the amenities in Toronto. Toronto is a very multicultural city
so there’s lots of great neighbourhoods with food and festivals
and music from all over the world. EF’s unique curriculum caters to students
of all levels and abilities. Our advanced interactive
teaching method, the Efekta System, ensures you maximum progress
in your learning. This is regardless if you’re
on a two week intensive course or a nine month
Academic Year Abroad programme. Here at EF Toronto we use the
communicative approach. What that means is that students
work together to accomplish tasks to practise and use the grammar
and vocabulary they’ve learnt. For example,
students might do a role play where they create a dialogue
and then act out that dialogue. All of this can then be applied
to everything they do outside of EF in their jobs, in their studies,
in their future life. I’ve improved my English, a lot.
And now, I’m in a level five Cambridge class – it’s difficult,
but I’ve improved my English a lot. Students often take an internship
during their EF programme. This allows them to put their language skills
to practice in the workplace. Choose to stay in a Host Family,
or in one of our residences around the city. Choosing to stay with one
of our host families is a great opportunity for students to
keep practising their English even when they’re not in school. Here in Toronto we offer four
different residences, all four centrally located. Our residences are a great
opportunity for our students to make friends from all over
the world. An essential part of learning is having
new experiences outside the classroom. In summer discover all the sports on offer,
like bike tours on the islands or canoeing on Lake Ontario. Exploring Canada is a gorgeous experience. From November to March
you’ll enjoy skiing, skating and all the other fun you can have
in a winter wonderland. Become a fan of one of
Toronto’s seven pro sports teams. Watch a great game of ice hockey
with the Toronto Maple Leafs or the Toronto Marlies. Students come and see me to
go on trips to New York for example, or French Canada, which is a very nice one.
They get to know Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City
– also a must see is Niagara Falls. If you like a little shopping
step inside one of the biggest malls in Canada and be spoilt for choice. It’s also nice to just hang out
with new friends from other countries. Go to China Town, the street markets,
or one of the trendy student cafes. I love it. I think it’s so multicultural,
there are so many nationalities. And no matter what you like,
what you want to do and what you’re looking for
– you can do everything, so everybody can come here. Toronto is a city that embraces
the arts, theatre, culture and music. At night, the city comes alive
with the best nightlife in Canada. How could you tire of a city
with more than 1,000 festivals, celebrations and events
all year round? Come and get a taste
of the diversity that is Toronto. It’s an experience you’ll never forget!

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59 thoughts on “EF Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Info Video

  1. @jplgjplg mid spring, Toronto get's pretty hot and smoggy in the summer, fall is also a good time

  2. Hi, can anyone tell me which of this 2 seasons is better to go there: January-March (winter) (is it very cold in winter for a SouthAmerican person?) or July-September(summer)? and the weather in each one. Thanks.

  3. What a beautiful program at you!
    With pleasure too with you would learn!
    Unfortunately I have enough money for implementation of this dream…
    It is necessary to envy only to you from cold Russia=)
    I wish good luck to all students passing this program! And many thanks to her organizers!

  4. Hello Miguel, actually EF Toronto only teaches English. But you can study French at EF Paris or EF Nice! Best Matt @EF YouTube Team

  5. Je serais intéressé par ce voyage mais j'aimerais plus d'information, y a quelqu'un qui a déjà fait le voyage qui pourrai me conseiller?

  6. ي زين المدينة ذي تورونتو والله ان شاء الله اروح فيها ادرس

  7. انا فيها الحين وانصح اي واحد يبغا يجي ويبغا يشوف شي غير اللي يشوفه دايما يجي بعد الصيف عشان يشوف الثلوج والوناسه الحين الجو عادي جدا والمدينه جدا عاديه

  8. Hola [email protected]! Si estáis aquí ya sabréis o estaréis apunto de saber lo marivolloso que es ir con EF de viaje, yo tuve mi experiencia este verano y no pude quedarme más agusto, y me gustaria compartir mi experiencia con vosotros, resolver cualquier tipo de duda que tengáis y si estáis apunto de reservar no dudéis en contactar conmigo soy Ambassador de EF y tenéis un descuento de 100€, un besito y espero que disfrutéis mucho mucho de lo que es estar con EF! Mi Instagram es @ceciliaambassador o @ceciliadurob no dudéis en enviarme un direct con cualquier duda o ver fotos de mi experiencia hay 😊

  9. Hola! Sin duda las experiencias con EF son las mejores, la gente es genial y las clases son super internacionales. Pase el mejor verano de mi vida con ellos, cualquier pregunta no dudeis en decirme:3 Insta: @camii1804. Si habláis conmigo o vais de mi parte teneis descuento en vuestro curso! Encantada de ayudaros

  10. Hola!! Soy cecilia y viaje este verano a Los Angeles y mi experiencia fue alucinante. Me encantaría compartirla contigo sin ningún problema y contarte todo lo que hice para que sepas lo que es si quieres ir. Además si vas de mi parte puedes recibir descuentos. ¿Quieres sabes más? Mi instagram es @ceciliadurob también puedes ver fotos sobre mi experiencia ahí. Si viajas espero que lo disfrutéis tanto como yo. Sin palabras de verdad. Ef te da experiencias para recordar.

  11. Questa Estate non sai cosa fare?
    Richiedi un catalogo EF proprio qui: http://my.ef.com/Domenico.Giannino
    Otterrai informazioni per un viaggio studio o addirittura un anno all'estero Negli USA o in Inghilterra e tanti altri mozzafiato luoghi di interesse!
    Viaggiare amplia gli orizzonti, la mente e il cuore!

  12. Sympa la vidéo, il y en a de plus récentes sur Toronto, je vais bientôt sauter le pas, j'ai peur mais hâte car j'en ai besoin, l'amélioration de mon niveau en langue est ma motivation et bien sûr découvrir une nouvelle culture, faire des connaissances des quatre coins du monde j'imagine que c'est une expérience amaziiing :p petit coucou from Guadeloupe ^^ à très bientôt je l'espère

  13. Je suis parti avec EF il y a deux ans et j'avais adoré ! Ce fut une bonne expérience et j'ai beaucoup progressé en anglais ! Pour ceux qui souhaitent partir avec cet organisme, je peux d'ailleurs vous parrainer.
    Vous pouvez faire une demande de brochure gratuitement sur ma page ambassadeur ! https://my.ef.com/Erwin.Houngues
    Peace 🤙

  14. Hi there!!! Just want to share my videos with you about Toronto and southern Ontario. Check my channel you won't regret!!!

  15. Aktuell unterstütze ich EF als Ambassador während meines Studiums. Ich war selbst 6 Monate mit EF unterwegs und habe meine Englischkenntnisse perfektionieren können. Über folgenden Link könnt ihr euch einen kostenlosen Katalog direkt nach Hause schicken lassen und bei weiteren Fragen könnt ihr euch gerne direkt bei mir persönlich melden 🙂 http://my.ef.com/brochure_to

  16. Je suis parti a EF Londres, EF Hawaii, EF Sydney. Pour plus d'info : insta : alicia9313 FB : Alicia Fredox
    Commandez votre brochure via : https://betamy.ef.com/?isExternal=1&type=AMBASSADOR&promoCode=AliciDLq9&promoType=Url

  17. Saluuut ! je suis partis 5 fois avec EF si vous avez des questions n'hésitez pas et contacter moi :
    facebook : clementine riffe
    instagram : clemriffe

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