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EF Première Semaine

The immersion is just mad I am in Brighton since 1 week And I can see my evolution, it is mad My brain think know in english So it change every time my words in english when I need to talk in french During the day I speak in english I read my friend’s messages in french but when I am at phone with a french person it is hard I need to recherch my words in french everytime It is hard to talk in english the morning At the beginning I thought in french so it was hard And also the evening It is more easy to speak in english than morning but you do stupid mistakes because you hard tired like badly conjugate verbs When I use the past or the future the evening it is very hard There are lots of french people in Brighton In one of my course we are 5 and in an other we are 3 There are french people in all of my courses I had course of language and business And english You study the different types of language and the creation of it Languages with signs like the chinese language Anf japanese language And languages with words Also the slang, it is an informal language And the evolution of the words, for exemple 1 quid is 1 pound It is really interesting I am the intensif program with EF Business is kinda hard but really interesting Yesterday I cannot film because I spend my all day in class And my schedule is weird I have break between my courses during 15 minutes but it is too short to film And some day I can’t eat You just can go to the toilet haha And some day I have only to 2 hours of class And yesterday I was too busy So I just filmed different spaces in EF And my class during my short break The people of EF are cool I have a question for you, first option I just film a video about all I bought or 2 option i can film a video about all I bought But also give you tips if you want to do some shopping in Brighton We need to talk about primark because they have incredible dupes of makeup Like Urban Decay and Kim Kardashian So just tell me this in a comment please Because we find good tips with me roommate Like Fries for only 4£

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