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EF Miami Beach, Florida, USA – Info Video

Welcome to Miami,
the most vibrant city in the Sunshine State and home to Florida’s most
spectacular beaches. I came to Miami because,
I heard a lot of great things about Miami, but also to enjoy the weather, and sometimes you see famous people
that you see in television like TV shows or movies and when you walk to
for example Lincoln Road, you only see
fast and beautiful cars. The EF International
Language Center, is located in the
Miami Beach neighborhood. Its Amazing because at one step,
I have the beach, I have the pool, good person or good people,
nightlife, the class,
perfect for me. Because it is an international school,
with a lot of students from all over the world, and yes, thats the most
important thing for me, because I want to learn my English,
but also other languages which is really nice. The teachers are very friendly,
they are very nice and very understanding. I am in a very small class
and that is pretty good, when you want
to learn something because everybody gets
to speak all the time. You have general classes,
thats your main teacher, there you do grammar,
vocabulary and the main stuff to learn English. Students enjoy ocean views from
many of our classrooms and our residence is housed
in the same beachfront building. When you finish your classes, you go to your room
and you talk to your roommates, Its wonderful because everytime
you are talking in English. Now, I have a lot of
friends from France, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Peru. Our fully-blended approach to
language learning is enhanced by the latest in technology, so you, can progress
at your own speed. At a certain point,
I started to learn English, much better and especially now
with the Cambridge exams, the classes are really really good
and I learned a lot. I have been here for 3 months
and everyday after class, I go to the swimming pool
or to the sea. I have been here for
2 weeks and I think I have been in the water
like everyday. Miami is far from a lazy beach town. This is one of America’s
most active cities. Almost everyday, I am at the beach
or at the pool because, I just like the sun, and the weather in Miami
is always great. I have been to the Everglades,
to Key West and to Orlando. These activities were really great. I have been to the theaters,
to the cinema, I went to Orlando and
now I am going to the Everglades. When most other cities
are going to bed, Miami bursts with life. I went to shopping,
I went to a lot of malls, I went to Lincoln Road of course, I have seen ocean drives,
its really amazing. Come to Miami for
the nightlife, beaches And EF’s innovative
language courses. And return home,
with memories to last a lifetime. Its a beautiful place,
its a life time opportunity, a life time experience
and a lifetime memory. I love Miami, I love EF,
its really amazing, and I would recommend
them to go here. I had the time of my life,
and I really want to go back someday.

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  1. A new book/ebook: "What Foreigners Need To Know About America From A To Z: How to understand crazy American culture, people, government, business, language and more.” Endorsed worldwide by ambassadors, educators, and editors, it paints a revealing picture of complex America to help those who will benefit from a better understanding, including international students. It also has chapters that identify the most common English grammar and speech problems foreigners have. Good luck to all!

  2. Hello Julie! Students are 16-100 years old. But students 25+ go to separate classes. You can study from 2 weeks up to a whole academic year! matt @EF YouTube Team

  3. the classroms are composed of students from one country or every country in same time ? ( sorry for my english ':) )

  4. Hi! I will be there from September and I am 19.
    Do you have problems with drinking like me? 🙂
    Where are u from?

  5. Wait the school is teaching them English? why? I would have thought this was a Spanish language school.

  6. i'm 18 and want to go the next summer because it's too late now. well my quiestion is wich program should i take if i'm 18?

  7. Hello Aiter! The best is if you can call the EF office in your home country, and they can give you advice on this. You find the phone number at EF dot com – good luck! Matt @EF YouTube Team

  8. Hello there! Please call EF Argentina, they can give you all the different housing options in Auckland! The phone number is 011 4821 4900. best Matt @EF YouTube Team

  9. I was in Miami on december 2013 and I loved it! The whole place is just awesome! I stayed on South Beach and I'm definately going back, maybe EF is gonna help me with that;D?

  10. I'm a UK English teacher, looking to move to the USA in the future- so it's good to know that EF has opportunities in both places!

  11. I will come from Germany to Miami this summer for four weeks! I've watched the video and thought, that the time I'm in Miami will be soo awesome an I'm really exited! _
    See you in a few month 😉

  12. Hey EF, I've got a question: My English is really good and I really want to go to Miami with you guys however I want the classes but I question if I will learn enough to improve my English in the 20 hours lesson package.
    What do you guys recommend?

  13. I want gone to miami after watch this video but i am 20 years old so i wait my 21 years and it's in 10 month strongery novenber is the fast because i can become crazy
    Be patient is't my strong so it' no going to be easy 🙂
    And if some one can say me how is it to miami your comment are welcome
    Thank you and i'm from to france 🙂

  14. Hey EF i am a 12year old Danish girl i like EF and me and my mom
    have Been on your webside the problem is that im 12!!.And i have family in the USA Many places like Virginia Santa Monica,Dallas.But im 12 and i Think my english is Good This summer im going to the.U.S.A i Think im gonna come to Miami and come to EF but my question is im 12 and because im. 12 Can i travel With EF im turning 13 the 6th of. May but is there somehow i Can travel im only 12??!

  15. Hello EF, I have some questions: This summer I had planned to go to Florida with international course that is 14-17 years, at this time you can still book or I have to wait until next year? And another thing, if I catch the international course and I am in the airport of Madrid waiting to fly to Florida, there will be more people who speak my language (spanish) in this international course or I will be the only spanish? Thanks xx

  16. Hi, I am 16 years old and will graduate high school in about a month but what I wanted to know was, is this course also for students who are already confident in speaking English but want to get it better or is it just for real beginners?

  17. Are you Portuguese with willingness to try this program but you are still with doubts about learning languages abroad? Go to these links: http://efembaixadores.wix.com/efembaixadorespt or https://www.facebook.com/EFAmbassadorspt/ to get in touch with people that have done this program in the past and ask every question  you have!

  18. The happiest person in all existence, has the least amount of responsibilities, and has lived this way for the longest time. That's why the bathrooms in our condo have quiet flush electric toilets.

    Heaven = Have Fun… Craig 🙂

  19. Hi EF, I'm 17 years old and I really want to do this course in Miami, But i know the age starts at 16, but I'M affraid that most people are much older than me. So can you tell me the average age of this programme in Miami.. And will you be put with a person with the same age in your room, or don't you care about that?

  20. Hi ef I have question
    I'm from Kuwait there no ef office in Kuwait that near office from Saudi Arabia I can join you please reply my fast as you can

  21. Hi EF I think I'll be there for next summer and I wanted to know if the trips in Everglades, Orlando and Key West was included in the price or not?

  22. +Camille Amanda – If you are going on an "EF Language Course Abroad" (for adults and students 16+) all the weekend trips are usually separate. There is an activities office at the school where you can sign up for any trips you want to join (and pay for them separately). But if you are going on the "EF language Trael" program to Florida (a program for 14-16 year olds) some trips and activities are included in the package. It's best to ask the EF office in your country exactly what's included in your package. Enjoy Florida! Matt @EF YouTube Team

  23. I'm from Libya and I've entered the needed information to ask about the prices for EF course in Miami, I think it was three days ago and still no answer regarding the prices. Is there a problem?
    P.S. I know that the tripoli office is closed due to security circumstances and that Libyan applicants should go to the EF office in Malta.

  24. Bonjour, je suis partie récemment à Miami avec EF en août derniers pour 1 mois. Donc pour ceux qui ont des questions à poser, je suis la pour répondre à toutes vos questions.

  25. Hola !! Sin duda las experiencias con EF son increibles, he conocido a gente marsvillosa con la que sigo manteniendo contacto, las clases son super internacionales y el ambiente lo mejor. Cualquier problema te lo resuelven. He viajado con otras compañias y sin duda me quedo con esta. Si teneis alguna pregunta podeis contactar conmigo sin problema☺ Insta: @camii1804 y si hablais conmigo o vais de mi parte tendreis descuento en el curso! Yo también he estado en la misma situación que vosotros asi que estaré de ayudaros:D

  26. Hola!! Soy cecilia y viaje este verano a Los Angeles y mi experiencia fue alucinante. Me encantaría compartirla contigo sin ningún problema y contarte todo lo que hice para que sepas lo que es si quieres ir. Además si vas de mi parte puedes recibir descuentos. ¿Quieres sabes más? Mi instagram es @ceciliadurob también puedes ver fotos sobre mi experiencia ahí. Si viajas espero que lo disfrutéis tanto como yo. Sin palabras de verdad. Ef te da experiencias para recordar.

  27. Questa Estate non sai cosa fare?
    Richiedi un catalogo EF proprio qui: http://my.ef.com/Domenico.Giannino
    Otterrai informazioni per un viaggio studio o addirittura un anno all'estero Negli USA o in Inghilterra e tanti altri mozzafiato luoghi di interesse!
    Viaggiare amplia gli orizzonti, la mente e il cuore!

  28. collins avenue fontaine bleue koken grove very nice city fort lauderdale palm beach cosmopolitun hellallia downton crossing bay side spanich and Haïti j'ai passé des bon vacances même en hiver octobre nov déc ça fait plaisir très chaud talhasse capital florida

  29. Envie de partir gratuitement 2 semaines à Miami avec EF?
    Complétez le jeu concours suivant avec #EF et #HardRockCafe


    Bonne chance à tous !!

  30. On peut pas rêver mieux comme cadeau de Noël 😍
    Tentez de remporter un séjour à Miami !!!


  31. hey i'm lara, 16, from germany and i soon have my middle maturity and i am very interested in a summer / language course because i need a little break from here after graduation. are the flights included in the offers? and do you always find friends?
    I would be very happy to receive an answer
    best regards

  32. Pour tous ceux qui seraient intéressés pour partir avec EF, commandez une brochure gratuite sur ce site :  https://my.ef.com/MD 🙂 !!

  33. Maitre spirituel
    La richesse ou rien
    Tout problèmes de la spiritualité
    Je suis la et ne vous faite pas de soucie

  34. Hello, I am 16 and I will go there in this summer, I have one question,which is , what’s the percentage of the people who is high school student?

  35. Fan de cyclisme ou tout simplement envie de vivre une expérience unique avec EF ? Tentez de gagner
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  36. Aktuell unterstütze ich EF als Ambassador während meines Studiums. Ich war selbst 6 Monate mit EF unterwegs und habe meine Englischkenntnisse perfektionieren können. Über folgenden Link könnt ihr euch einen kostenlosen Katalog direkt nach Hause schicken lassen und bei weiteren Fragen könnt ihr euch gerne direkt bei mir persönlich melden 🙂 http://my.ef.com/brochure_to

  37. Pour les francais j'ai des réductions EF si ca vous intéresse suite à mon voyage avec eux
    Insta : Charlocox
    Fb : Charlotte A-Nbt

  38. Je suis parti a EF Londres, EF Hawaii, EF Sydney. Pour plus d'info : insta : alicia9313 FB : Alicia Fredox
    Commandez votre brochure via : https://betamy.ef.com/?isExternal=1&type=AMBASSADOR&promoCode=AliciDLq9&promoType=Url

  39. I've been there 4 weeks in total in 2016 🙂 and i'm going to San Diego with EF in July 2019 ! If anyone has some questions, feel free to conatact me! or if you want a brochure to get started.
    => https://betamy.ef.com/?isExternal=1&type=AMBASSADOR&promoCode=RoyD'BBl2&promoType=Url

  40. I want to study the language abroad

    Especially in London and I study English

    What is required of me
    Thank you

  41. Heyyy, EF miami, c’est vraiment une expérience magnifique et unique. Personnellement j’ai adoré été j’adorerais y revenir, si vous vous posez des questions par rapport à cette destination contactez moi sois sur insta: hope.nev ou par mail: [email protected]

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