EF Language Travel (ages 14-18)
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EF Language Travel (ages 14-18)

Get away, get ahead and get out there! It’s time to uncover adventures
and discover yourself. It’s time to take off
on an international Road Trip with EF Language Travel! Hey! I’m Mark. Come and join my crew
for fun times abroad, You’ll get to know everyone
right away and I guarantee you’ll have an awesome time! Plane, train or bus
It doesn’t matter how you get there just don’t miss out! The EF Global Village –
is where it’s happening So here’s the deal,
We take over a city and make it our own. Don’t believe me?
Check it out…. We’ll sort out your schedule
and tell you what’s going on both in and out of the classroom,
so there is no hassle! For your first taste of freedom
away from home, we want you to be comfortable. You can stay in a few
different places – with a family,
on a resort, or in a residence. Class – may be boring at home,
but with us it’s not. The secret? It’s all about ‘doing it’
not just learning it. Along with learning essentials
like grammar and conversation, We take you out and about. Discover new situations
and get involved with Action Learning. You will get given tasks
to do outside of the classroom, and keep track of them
in your EF Passport. Go crazy with creativity
during your group project. All of this, along with the
EF Cambridge English Level Test that assesses your language skills, make for a learning adventure
with progress you can prove! Here you get to speak, get to know
people, get to know things that you just can’t learn from the books. And I think it’s better! For the freedom to
explore your passion try our Action PLUS courses. Become a football star, strut your stuff on stage. or design new fashions. Come on, it’s time to
head to the Beach Club. Then later we’ll have an
international sports tournament in our Arena. Then back to the lounge
we can chill out, catch up with friends on-line, off-line
whatever… Wherever you are in the
EF Global Village, our staff will be around to help
make sure you have the best time. Whether your buzz is
outdoor actions, shopping trips or our mega-parties we do it all – big style! From city excursions to
beach barbecues, we’ve got it all going on! So there you have it –
the ultimate way to spend time abroad. Leave the map at home
and let us lead the way. It’s all about making new friends, trying new things
and capturing the moment.

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48 thoughts on “EF Language Travel (ages 14-18)

  1. @Skaijose – EF has courses in many, many countries including Malta, UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain… This video was filmed mainly in Malta & the UK. Take careatt @EF YouTube Team

  2. @678rand – EF has special "junior" courses for students 10-14 so you could go on one of these programs, it'd be perfect for you. I don't know what country you are from, but you can find all the phone numbers of the EF offices on the main page of our YouTube channel. Enjoy! Matt @EF YouTube Team

  3. @MELI19ish – We recommend that you go to Beijing when you are 16, maybe this year it's better to go to England, Malta, USA or Australia? Good luck with your summer plans! Matt @EF YouTube Team

  4. @jeppebest – Yes you can, to Dublin and Cork. Best is to call the EF office in your country to ask if they have groups going to Ireland! But most countries yes. Best Matt @EF YouTube Team

  5. @fofofo1fofofo – Yes! If you are 10-14 or 14-17 you can travel with a (Russian) group on the EF Language Travel program, and if you are 16+ you can also choose an EF Language Course Abroad. Best is if you call EF Russia to get advice – they speak great English also. You find the number at ef dot com – Good luck! Matt @EF

  6. @fofofo1fofofo – EF will assist you in that, but it's best if you call EF Russia about this, the number is (495) 937-3878. Good luck! Matt @EF YouTube Team

  7. @CrazyBananahs123 – If you are 18 you can choose between the EF Language Travel program (14-18 years old) and the EF Language Courses Abroad Program (16-18, 18-24 years old). Maybe you feel more at home on the Language Courses. If you want sunshine, consider Miami, Malta or Brighton. If you want a big city try London or LA. You will find a lot of interesting, friendly and good looking students everywhere! Call your nearest EF office to discuss what is best for you! Matt @EF

  8. @ichalovevegas23 – No but many other nice cities in the UK! Please call EF Indonesia to learn about the Indonesian groups traveling this summer! Matt @EF YouTube Team

  9. Is there alcohol at the parties? I don't think my mom would be that happy if alcohol at the parties are allowed 🙂

  10. @annastenbakken – Hello there! At EF parties there is no alcohol, and students are also not allowed to drink alcohol at other places. But the EF partis are still fun! Did you see the video about EF Summeranza? You can search for it on YouTube! Best Matt @EF YouTube Team

  11. @EF thank you for the answer and just in case you know it, I DON'T DRINK, I was just asking, haha 🙂

  12. EF Holland doesn't offer this program called "EF Language Travel" but they offer a very similar program called "EF Language Courses Abroad" for 13-15 and 16-18 year olds, so please call EF Holland for information! You find the number at EF dot com! Matt @EF YouTube Team

  13. It doesn't get cheaper, does it? I mean the prices, because its really expensive, and my mom said i could either choose between language travel and no holiday with my family or language courses abroad and a holiday with my family, but language travel seem more planned. I mean you can live on a resort and travel with a group. I really want that. Whats the difference between language courses and language travel?

  14. Hiii! Please can you answer me? I'm from Spain and I want to do "EF Language Travel" to San Diego or Santa Barbara, is it possible for me or should I search another programme? Thank you!

  15. Hello Sharon! EF Spain does offer EF Language Travel to Southern California, but I'm not sure exactly what town they offer in Spain. Please call EF Spain and ask! The number is 900 10 22 09. Good luck! Matt @EF YouTube Team

  16. Hello! I really want to go *_* . But I'm from Philippines and now I live in Spain! Can I go? :(( . seriously, I WANT TO GOOO ! >.<

  17. It must cost a lot of money to do that, right ? 🙁 I was interested but I can't find any prices on the website .o. …

  18. hello there, as I replied under the other video our host families live in houses, so not really in the city center – but you can visit the city center on trips…

  19. if living with a host family, can we stay out as long as we want? 
    do we have the freedom to go anywhere in the city when there is no school?
    there is no EF residence in Malaga?
    Thank you! I appreciate answers!
    (btw i will be taking the 14-18 year old program)

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