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EF Executive Language Institute – About us

An EF Executive Institute
is a very unique school. It gives us the opportunity to focus on
the needs of executives and professionals who are looking to learn English
in a very unique environment. At EF, we run many language schools,
so you can learn assorted languages and study in assorted locations. But what makes our school
unique is that we are able to, in a very small group setting, customize and tailor the courses to
exactly what each individual needs. We design the course in a way
that our teachers meet our students and have an in depth discussion with them
to understand what their needs are, what kinds of challenges they have at work,
and what kind of goals they have for their course. They then completely design the content and
structure of the course around these needs, so it perfectly matches what
they want to get out of the course. Tailor-made courses are courses Which are designed to address the
specific work-needs of the students. In order to tailor make a course,
you really need to conduct a detailed needs analysis to find out
exactly what the student needs both on a general English level
and specific work-related level. The great thing with the
Executive Language Program is that the teachers and I come up with ideas
on how to tend to my needs in the best way. Usually, I can come with a suggestion
of what I want to do. For example, right now,
I’m translating one of my books. They help me do so in a pace
that I’m most comfortable with. If they’re looking to focus on marketing,
we can focus on that. If they’re looking to work on their
public speaking or presentation skills, we can work on that as well with them. So, anything that they need –
from teleconferences to meeting etiquette, to general how-to, such as grammar,
vocabulary and pronunciation – we’re able to do it.
At EF Cambridge, the houses are amazing. The food is amazing, too.
It’s very healthy food. The people are very nice and
it’s a good environment. I came here because I need to
improve my English for negotiations and to close important deals.
I need to feel more comfortable doing this. I think it’s interesting to have people
from different countries and cultures, and to share our experience
in different situations. It’s an interesting way to learn
and to improve your English.

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  1. I d like so much go abroad study English and overcome my terrible level intermediate and achieve my do dreamed C1 but maybe , I can get it here on Brazil.

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