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EF Challenge

Hi! My Name is Pedro. I’m 14 years old, and from Brazil. What are your hopes for the future? So, I hope that in a near future there will be more people sowing the good, making more friends than animus. Also, I hope that people have less hate in between them because we were created by the same God, so it doesn’t mind if you’re black gay
transaxle because man we all go to the we all go to the same place, so doesn’t waste your time trying to change people since we can’t change them. Therefore, let’s live this life to the fullest, let’s travel and have fun because life is too short to be bother with small and meaningless things. I also, wish to have less corrupt politicians and, an honest government to serve the society consequently, suicides rates will decrease make this world a happier and better place to live. I hope that while talking to family and friends, people can put away their electronics, so they can talk to each other. I hope that people can dream and study more, so they can accomplish their professional careers. Believe in yourself! Be close to people you love because yesterday is gone and tomorrow maybe it won’t come, so live the present! The hope of a world where the human being is more tolerant, has more love for his neighbor, lives longer to serve than to be served and has more love for his brother. Society is increasingly sick, either physically and mentally. We need to resort to medical help. The human being has lost rationality toconserve the greatest commandment of God, which is love the Web! If you do not seek proper help, we will belikely to extinguish our kind, fails our, that above all, the wrong we are! My hope is that all of us, as soon aspossible, seek such help in the arms of the one who is the absolute love, wholoved us first, you gave your beloved son, you gave your beloved son for us: God! Just so, before so much barbarity that is happening, to save the company. This is what I want for the society.

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6 thoughts on “EF Challenge

  1. Aê Pedrão! Manjando no Inglês, hein! Boa sorte nesse concurso. E se não for agora, ainda haverá muitas outras oportunidades. Um abraço!

  2. muito bom pedrão, continua com essa sua força de vontade imensa que você vai longe meu parceiro, tamo junto

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