EF: CAMPUS vs RESIDENCE (differences)
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EF: CAMPUS vs RESIDENCE (differences)

Hello everybody My name is Luana And I have been asked a lot of times about the differences between the EF campus and the EF residence So I thought it would be easier for me to just make a video and clear things out As usual a little bit of background so you know where I’m coming from so I stayed in the EF campus in Oxford and I stayed in an EF residence in Honolulu in Hawaii and in London I would also like to mention that if you are interested in traveling with EF and study languages abroad then there’s a link that I always leave in the descript– in the description box below where you can order a free EF brochure and also get in contact with the company. But now let’s go back to the gist of the video And I will start talking about the campus now first and foremost: what is an EF campus? An EF campus is a building or a couple of buildings That are located right next to the Institute that you will be attending which means you will be walking distance from your classes now what you are paying for is a room in one of these campuses in which you will have a bed, a wardrobe and a desk probably these rooms can be “single” which means private or they can also be “double” Which means you will be sharing with one other person or “multi” which means you’ll be sharing with two or three other students These rooms may have a private bathroom Which obviously you will be sharing with your roommates, but also there are some rooms that do not count with a bathroom so you will be sharing one with the whole floor now none of these rooms have a kitchen What you do have, though, is a shared kitchenette And that is one per floor another characteristic staying in campus is that you have breakfast and dinner included. And lastly, campuses are usually more strict than the residence. There are security-checks of who enters the campus after class hours and after a certain time which I do not remember clearly… I think it’s maybe 10:00 at night or something no visitors are allowed So only people who stay on campus can be on the campus And now let me explain the residence Remember that I said that a campus is a room? well, a residence is an apartment which could also be “single”, “double” or “multi” and obviously as apartments go, you have a private bathroom and a private kitchen A fully equipped kitchen But again, when I say private bathroom I mean that only you and your roommate can use it. Now location wise the residences are usually further away from the institute If you stay in an EF residence then you have no meals included whatsoever but you do count with the kitchen so you can make for yourself Now security wise There is people from the EF staff who lives in the residence so if anything happens to you they are there to help you And when it comes to visitors, there are no limits. Anyone who wants to pay you a visit can do it at whatever time they feel like. so that’s no problem with that. I think that’s it. But if you do have further questions, then leave them in the comments below Or if you are really interested in traveling with EF Then you can send me a private message to my instagram. The link is gonna be below as well. and yeah, that’s a wrap like this video if you liked it And if it helped you in any way shape or form and if you did not like it then do not bother. Subscribe if you want to see more videos of me and hit the notification bell if you want to be notified whenever I post And I’ll see you around, then Goodbye! (adiós)

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22 thoughts on “EF: CAMPUS vs RESIDENCE (differences)

  1. ¿Por qué no haces este video en español? :[ Me gustaría viajar por ef para aprender inglés y me gustaría quedarme con una host family así que si pudieras hacer un video explicando eso en español para mostrarle a mis padres, te amaría. Saludos desde Arg tmb ❤️😂

  2. Hello thank you for posting this type of videos , AMAZING and so informative ! , i only have a question please , u talked about bathrooms in this campus rooms , but why do some rooms have bathrooms and others don"t ? depends on what ? do we need to pay more money for it or its just luck ? an answer will help me a lot ! 🙂

  3. Hola!! Tengo una pregunta, tu eliges compartir la habitación o si la quieres privada o te la asigna EF? Saludos desde España 🙂

  4. Hola, muy buenos tus videos, en el campus de oxford en que habitaciones compartian baño con todo el piso, es que pienso ir, pero todavia no se que tipo de habitacion escoger. Gracias x tu atencion.

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