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EF Bournemouth, England UK – Info Video

With its seven miles of golden sandy beaches
and acres of well-tended gardens, the vibrant, cosmopolitan town
of Bournemouth has it all. It seems to be a perfect city
and it is a perfect city. You can go to the beach,
to the Bournemouth Eye, to The Square… It’s so big and you can do a lot of things. I think Bournemouth is a beautiful place.
You can relax here, and meet new people. EF International Language Centre is located
on the south coast of England, just a ten-minute walk
from the town centre and beach. It is the best choice for students
wanting to combine a seaside atmosphere with a British university town experience. My favorite class is Conversation Class because
I can talk to a lot of people from different countries. There are iLab computer room classes
and tablet computer classes to let you access the latest in
language learning technology. Through our highly adapted
and personalized teaching methods, you can be assured of the best-suited
level for your requirement. The school’s patio area offers you
a great place to lounge and you can enjoy your snack
with students from all over the world. We have learnt a lot of things and we have lived
different experiences and different things. Choose to stay at EF’s residence
or live with a local host family and enjoy the English way of life. I have been doing students for EF
for many years, it’s lovely. Some of them phone, some of them text.
I send many Christmas cards. There is something for
everyone here in Bournemouth, from stunning scenery
to buzzing nightlife. Visit one of the most fascinating
museum houses in England, the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum. Enjoy a game or two of bowling
at Bowlplex Branksome and Tower Park. Come face to face with tiny terrapins,
sharks and piranhas at the Oceanarium. You can meet with friends
and take a walk around the town, or go to one of the many restaurants
and cafes near the school. Discover 1000 years of history at Corfe Castle,
towering over a beautiful English village. The beach I think is very beautiful.
It’s very clean. And when the sun is shining
it’s good to be there. No wonder that Bournemouth is voted
the UK’s best beach destination. Be a part of Bournemouth Air Festival and
witness an astonishing display of flying stunts. I love the Bournemouth balloon,
with a very good view. At night at 10 pm on Fridays
there are a lot of fireworks and you can have a party and you
can make a camp fire with your friends. Bournemouth offers a selection
of everything you could ask for. Come here and learn English language
among native speakers and take home the memories of a lifetime.

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  1. unfortunately the British could not make anything thing any more,they are more and more depend on their education like this ..for a great country like British they should cherish their manufacturing instead of their service.

  2. Hola !! Sin duda las experiencias con EF son increibles, he conocido a gente marsvillosa con la que sigo manteniendo contacto, las clases son super internacionales y el ambiente lo mejor. Cualquier problema te lo resuelven. He viajado con otras compañias y sin duda me quedo con esta. Si teneis alguna pregunta podeis contactar conmigo sin problema☺ Insta: @camii1804 y si hablais conmigo o vais de mi parte tendreis descuento en el curso! Yo también he estado en la misma situación que vosotros asi que estaré de ayudaros:D

  3. Hola alguien q haya ido en enero podria contarme la experiencia?

    Hi someone who went on january can tell me their experience?

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