EF Barcelona – Info Video (Spanish version)
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EF Barcelona – Info Video (Spanish version)

Welcome to Barcelona,
the Mediterranean city whose skyline blends
ancient cathedral spires with modern skyscrapers. Up close, you’ll experience
how the fusion of modern architecture and the eccentric masterpieces of
Antoni Guadi reflect the city’s free spirit. Barcelona is an amazing city.
There are many things here. For example, there is beach,
there are many amazing, very large and very
special discotheques. Of course, there is always good weather
whole summer here. The food of Spain is very very good too.
Of course, I like tapas very much.
I love it! The EF International Language Center is
situated in the heart of the city on the famous Balmes Avenue steps from the city’s
major monuments and a short subway
ride from the beach. Well, we have a complete range of
courses. Starting from two-week courses which
are actually for summer students who come to
visit Barcelona. Make new friends,
have fun and learn till courses which are
bit longer, and are of either six
months or nine months in the academic
year and well. Of course, with this they obtain
a very good level of Spanish and get in the university to pursue a
career in Spanish. EF’s blended learning method
and small class sizes means you’ll learn Spanish by interacting
with your classmates and surroundings. Hello, How are you? Immerse yourself
in authentic Spanish culture by staying with a local host family. I have students from all
around the world. Many students have come from
U.S, Canada from Finland also. Many have come from
Scandinavian countries. Of course, there are many activities
that you can do in school. Because there is a team that organizes
everything for you. it’s very very nice.
it’s very good. because of course you can do
many things, without thinking or without looking
for information. Barcelona is an international city
with world-class beaches. After class, head to the beautiful
coastline to relax, swim and explore. Costa Brava is more
beautiful than Barcelona. Of course, the beach is cleaner Slowly I have improved
and now I speak like this. And I have been here for the
last three months. And I’ll stay for one more
month here. I’m sure I’ll come back because
I love Spanish. Make no mistake about it,
with dozens of fiestas every year, Barcelona is a city that
knows how to have fun. Yes,
the fiesta of Barcelona. Oh this is a special thing
because here people are really
crazy. Come to Barcelona for it’s
unique Mediterranean culture and seamless blend of
ancient and modern and return home with
Spanish skills and memories
to last a lifetime. I am very happy that,
now I can speak Spanish, And of course,
I can use it all my life. It is very cool.

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  1. bello este video ya que asi me puedo dar cuenta como son las culturas de otros paises y me voy a inscribir a este programa

  2. When you choose for the residence, do you cook for yourself with the other students or eat out every day? Does anyone know?

  3. Alguien que me quiera adoptar mi sueño es aprender idiomas pero mis recursos no me lo permiten soy de Ecuador y tengo 20 años

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