EF Ambassador Paris – My experience + info – Worth it?? (subtitulos en español)
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EF Ambassador Paris – My experience + info – Worth it?? (subtitulos en español)

Bonjour hey so this video is gonna be about me if Paris I will try to give you every piece of information you need if you want to travel to Paris with the F I’ll be talking about housing transport costs recommendations how much do you actually learn and a lot more I do have to say that I would probably forget like tons of things so I will live my Instagram in the description below so you know you can talk to me and ask me any question that you have okay so let’s start with housing in Paris you have two options you have host family and residence I stayed at the residence which was like amazingly cool most of all because it’s just five minutes away from the school working which you know in a big city like Paris it’s like really really cool the residence is called jo koy Marie he has six floors I think the rooms are mostly for three or four students they have their own bathroom we don’t have a single room which sucks but you know you have the option you also have a really nice camera room with couches big TV with Netflix that you will never use and a common kitchen you know that every student can use whenever they want with regard to the host families I had a lot of friends who stay there they all said it was really cool no problems at all with the family the only problem is that you know it can get a little just up to 40 or 45 minutes away from the school you have to take a train it’s no big deal but you know it’s included in the price and you do have meals one meal a day I mean breakfast not know it’s breakfast and dinner every day and on weekends you have all of the meals just to be clear if you go to a house family it doesn’t mean you’re gonna be alone there’s probably gonna be more EF students with you in the same house do you have a curfew it depends on the host family if you are saying a host family if you have the residence if you’re a minor you do have a curfew which I wasn’t so we remember the time but I thing goes like blam p.m. goodnight if you’re not a miner you don’t have a curfew okay so transport we mostly just took the metro because it was you know faster Metro was like a little less than two euro but we just bought the wiggly card which made it like so much cheaper but the cost of living in Paris it’s not so cheap if you wanna buy food like around in the city the cheapest you’re gonna find is probably a donor you know kebab it’s just like six euro those who happens to be like the greatest meal ever so but you know the average meal is just seven eight and if you go to the restaurant of course it’s gonna be a lot more and if you just buy something in supermarket and cook it it’s gonna be like maybe one or two so how much is a course with EF Paris I have this really cool magazine but it makes I don’t know if you can see that but you know you have every destination with its price what’s included if you want ask for one of these I will leave also a link in the description you can ask for it doesn’t matter where you’re from you coming from Iceland and they will give you that magazine for free recommendations pretty basic go to subtle curve which is a church in a really beautiful neighborhood called mo Macklin no matter you know it’s like a really high place you can see a lot of Paris possible to shun the mass at night and the max is a park right in front of the Eiffel Tower at night the lights kind of in the Eiffel Tower kind of light up you know just it’s it’s truly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen so the big question how much do you actually learn I’ll give you my example when I get to EF Paris I was like a – you know I slash b1 it was my love is what mother was my level was not so great because Aria price for just three weeks and in three weeks I got to be true and when I came back to Argentina where I’m from I serve the b2 exam past like with flying cars you know just three weeks worth it you know okay so like I said in the beginning I’m probably forgetting tons and tons of things again you have any doubt you can talk to me also honcho then again in a few months to Cape Town with the EFT and make an awesome video about that you can thumbs up do people say that this video you can subscribe and yeah I guess thanks for watching

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5 thoughts on “EF Ambassador Paris – My experience + info – Worth it?? (subtitulos en español)

  1. Hey! I looove the video! Me encanta que te hayas animado a compartir tus experiencias por aqui! Estoy muy segura que tenes mucho para contar! Un abrazo, bon voyage and i'll be waiting the next video!

  2. Hey! I'm thinking about going to EF Paris for 7 months, do you think that I'll learn the language in that period of time? Also, could you tell me more about the residence? thank you!

  3. Hey! I was looking for EF Paris experiences and i found your video! Im mexican and im planning to go to Ef Paris for 6 months. Do u think it would be hard for me to learn french if i just know the basics? or do u think im gonna have a hard time at the beginning because of that? and would u recommend the residency instead of living with a french family? because ive heard bad stuff about people that chose to live with a french family. Also.. Are french people mean? hahaha im just curious hahaha thanks anyway! 😉

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