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EF Academy New York – Clubs & Activities

it’s important for students to join clubs and activities because if they are looking to go to an American University that is one of the first things that universities look at is what you’re involved in because they want a dynamic student they want somebody who is getting good grades but is also involved in activities to show their time management to show their people skills their leadership skills and I also love what clubs do to students in terms of making new friends and giving them new and different opportunities my proudest activity is the photography club which is like started by me I teach people how to take photos I participated in the whole business challenge last year in this year last year I made it into the global finals in England that was my first free trip to a foreign country in my life which was pretty nice we do a belives trip the students have an opportunity to travel to Belize to a research station in San Pedro right on the Barrier Reef and it’s led by a research scientist so again it’s not just a field trip for fun however it is fun and it’s it’s adventurous and it’s also physical but the important thing is is that we make the connections to the IB curriculums and some students have even gone a step further they’ve written their papers about their experiences there I think in terms of academics our athletes are some of our most successful students it’s time management if you’re an athlete you’re busy for two to three hours a day after school so if you don’t learn your own time management you’re gonna fall behind on assignments so some of our athletes are our best students because they learn when to do assignments how to study correctly how to prepare for tests our boys soccer team is making a name for itself as one of the best in the state our girls volleyball team has won their section championship three years in a row our boys varsity basketball team won their league championship just this year for the first time so we’ve been really successful and then we’ve got new budding programs like golf tennis which is in its second year I’ve been playing soccer basketball and tennis as well as participating in certain cast projects you go to school for six hours a day and then you can kind of get out and like change environments and start playing soccer or basketball or tennis and with your friends and the coaches are great it’s just it’s a great environment I really love working with kids it’s one of my favorite parts of my job to watch them grow and take a personal interest in which student you know you have a kid that starts in in tenth grade and then by the time they’re seniors I almost regret pushing them so much into clubs and activities because they’re too [Music]

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