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EF ❤ Seattle

I always wanted to study
on an American college campus. Now I live on campus. In the morning, I just get up and walk to school
because the EF school is inside the college. We have really good English lessons
because the teachers are really great. In my class we are about 12 students,
so we get to talk a lot. The classes are interesting,
and in some classes we use iPads. We also have some special subjects
that we can choose ourselves. What is great about the campus is that
you get to meet a lot of American people. It feels like I’m practicing English
all the time. I have a lot of fun on campus.
There’s always so much going on, like festivals and all kinds of
student clubs you can join. And of course all the sports, like college sports. I’ve never been so active in my whole life. The campus is in a university town
near Seattle called Olympia. It’s small, but it’s very funky. We go to town a lot – we go shopping
and we hang out at the cafes. And we go to this diner to eat.
It looks like in the movies! My classmates at school
come from all over the world. We have become so close. I feel like they are my best friends
in the world. I really love them. The staff at school organizes a lot of trips
so we can visit many places. Some weekends we go to Seattle
and it’s just the best city. The skyline is really cool with all the
skyscrapers and the Space Needle. We go to the food market
and we go to the fashion boutiques. And at night we go out. I’m having the time of my life here. I have learned so much
– also about myself. Coming here is the best thing
I’ve done in my life.

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15 thoughts on “EF ❤ Seattle

  1. I miss EF Seattle so much, it has been the best experience I've had in my life. I learned so much, the teachers and staff over there are great 💗

  2. Hola!! Soy cecilia y viaje este verano a Los Angeles y mi experiencia fue alucinante. Me encantaría compartirla contigo sin ningún problema y contarte todo lo que hice para que sepas lo que es si quieres ir. Además si vas de mi parte puedes recibir descuentos. ¿Quieres sabes más? Mi instagram es @ceciliadurob también puedes ver fotos sobre mi experiencia ahí. Si viajas espero que lo disfrutéis tanto como yo. Sin palabras de verdad. Ef te da experiencias para recordar.

  3. Pour les francais j'ai des réductions EF si ca vous intéresse suite à mon voyage avec eux
    Insta : Charlocox
    Fb : Charlotte A-Nbt

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