EdWeek Staff: The Teachers We Appreciate
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EdWeek Staff: The Teachers We Appreciate

– So am I good to go? – So my favorite teacher was Miss Milam. – Mr. Green. – Mrs. Fahy. – Mrs. Meysenberg, in 11th grade. – And she was my favorite teacher because she really helped me inspire… Oh no, I messed up
already, this is not good. – Mr. Reddington was a
favorite among students. – We all felt like we wanted
to be just like Mr. Swaney when we grew up. – She was a really supportive
and encouraging mentor. – Mr. Sweitzer was absolutely passionate, he was unabashed about
really being enthusiastic. – Thanks Mr. Stakland for encouraging me and pushing me to actually
pursue a teaching career. – He’s the first person I really remember, aside from my parents of course, telling me that I was a
good writer, a strong writer and that was something that
I should consider pursuing in my professional life and
that’s exactly what happened. So thank you Mr. Bradshaw, for that. – She drove a desire to learn in a way that I had never had before. – I guess she’s part of
the reason why I ended up going to school in DC, so yeah, that’s why Ms. Pittman
was my favorite teacher. – She gave me student of the month and then like two months later she gave me student of the month again and I was like, Miss
Milam, you gave this to me like two months ago. And she said, oh I did? Well you deserve it. – And the rest is history. I changed my major to Newspaper Journalism and I got my first job at the Miami Herald and it’s all thanks to Mrs. Gifford. I just wanted to apologize to her for never quite finishing
Crime and Punishment. – We read Martin Luther King and Letters From A
Birmingham Jail in his class and we read Richard
Wright and James Baldwin, which were things we might never have read in the small town where I grew up, so thank you Mr. Wolfer. – She was my favorite
because she cared so much about her students and
what she was teaching. You could tell that she loved the books that she was talking about and wanted us to genuinely understand
everything about her class. – So I really thank Mr. Bescher and his, I think his
example and his guidance really helped me and I
think back on it a lot even in the career that I have now. – He called me a few years ago and said, hey, you wanna go to lunch? And I’d love to see your offices, so it was very cool to show him that I had followed in his footsteps and was inspired by him. – We’re still in touch ten years later and we still talk about
book recommendations and over coffee… Just do that again. – She was not only an amazing teacher, but an inspiration to us all.

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