Education Week’s 10 Big Ideas in Education 2019
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Education Week’s 10 Big Ideas in Education 2019

– It’s that time of year for
Education Week to announce its 10 big ideas in education. When we thought about what
those big ideas would be, we turned to our reporters. What did they think
could define or redefine education in 2019? What did they think could
change the K12 conversation or the experience? Here’s what three reporters had to say. – Of all the research I’ve come across as an education reporter, I’ve always been struck
by the number of studies that show that black
children whose parents serve in the military, score much
higher on tests than their peers It’s hard to believe considering
the fact that these kids move more than six times
before they graduate from high school. I was one of those kids, so
getting to the bottom of this paradox was personal. – Last year, like so many
of you, I saw teachers take politics by storm, they
protested, they walked out, and they made it pretty
clear that they didn’t feel like anyone had their backs and it got me wondering, why
do teachers feel that way? Why do they feel like they
can’t trust so many people and so many institutions,
and who do they trust? I think those are big questions
for teachers going into 2019 – After 14 years covering
special education, I started to ask myself,
is the system broken? Teachers, parents and
students are all working hard, but they’re hampered by
some structural barriers in the Individuals with
Disabilities Education Act. But with new law makers in place, is this the year that we’ll
start to see some needed changes to this essential
civil rights law?

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